Neal Caffrey. White Collar

Peter figures out Neal isn't dead. White Collar Au Revoir


Neal Caffrey's greatest con: He fakes his own death. But, Peter caught him twice. And, he does again. Peter Burke figures out that ...

White Collar - Neal Caffrey Impersonates Peter Burke


Matthew Bomer starring as Neal Caffrey in S02E15 of White Collar has to impersonate Peter Burke to get cooperation from a ...

White Collar s3e15 'Stealing Home' -- Amazing Pool Scene


To my recollection, the best pool scene from a TV show ever. And, the music was fabulous too! Fab show, great scene! Lika and ...

Best Cold Call Ever from White Collar


If you want to learn how to do cold call, lets watch this.

White Collar : Neal caffrey (how you like me now- the heavy )


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White Collar - Neal Caffrey Death scene


White Collar S6E6 - Neal Caffrey dies after taking down the Pink Panthers, including Matthew Keller. Final episode starring ...

Neal Caffrey moments


credits go to USA and white collar .

White Collar, Pick a diamond.


White Collar , S4 E03, Diminishing Returns. Neal gives an example of free will being an illusion.

Neal Caffrey || DNA


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White Collar Season Two Sara Ellis Clips


Clips from s2 of White Collar involving Sara Ellis. I don't know why so many fans seem to dislike her, I think she's awesome.

Neal Caffrey - you´re a troublemaker


Hi guys! I´ve recently finished White Collar and it became my fav tv show! I love all the characters so much! Especially Neal who ...

Neal Caffrey is "Feeling Good"!


Clips: Season 1 and 2 of White Collar . Music: Feeling Good by Michael Bublé No copyright infringement intended. All content is ...

White Collar: drugged Neal Caffrey (FULL!)


I don't know, maybe the youtube will delete it, but I hope not. Well there is the full scene when Neal was drugged. Oh my, he was ...

Neal takes Sara's polygraph test


Sara makes Neal take a lie detector test regarding a stolen FAA package. And as usual, Neal cheats and gets away with it. If there ...

White Collar Cast: Bloopers and Dancing


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Secrets - White CollarChuck


What if Neal had spoken about something else while he was drugged? Just who is Neal Caffrey ? And who is this Chuck person?