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Complete 66 Mac vs PC ads + Mac & PC WWDC Intro + Siri Intro


All Mac vs PC (or Get a Mac ) ads! A Total of all 66 in the series, now in one video, plus some of the Mac vs PC WWDC Intros and ...

Top 15 Funniest "Get A Mac" Ads


Thanks to ForApplevideo and EveryAppleAd for the footage! Credit goes to them except I put the 15 vids in order! (Plus 1 bonus ...

Get a Mac - Better


Apples new Get a Mac commercials.

All "Get a Mac" Commercials


All credit goes goes to Apple for making excellent ads.

Buy a Mac (U.S.A. 15 Ads in 1 Pack)


"Hi, I'm a Mac , and I'm a PC" TV commercials from the United Stated of America.

Get a Mac - Viruses


Apples new commercials.

How to get ANY Apple MacBook Pro for FREE! (2018 Tips & Tricks)


In this video I will show you EXACTLY how to get the bran new Apple 2018 MacBook Pro for free!! Pay close attention to the steps ...

Get a Mac . PC and MAC 中文字幕


目前比較完整的" Get a Mac "廣告合集部份2-3集沒有字幕.

Apple - Get a Mac - Surgery


New Apple Get a Mac commercial, PC needs surgery to upgrade to Vista.

Switching from Windows to Mac: Everything You Need to Know (Complete Guide)


Moving from PC to Mac and wondering how to get started with ease on Apple's macOS? In this video, we bring you a complete ...

Mac vs PC - Which Is Better?


Join the Club for only $5: Thanks to our sponsor Dollar Shave Club, new members ...

5 Advantages of Owning a Mac Computer


Support my work on Patreon: PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: Help Support My ...

Mac vs. PC: The Windows 10 Edition


With Windows 10, the PC has more in common with the Mac than ever. WSJ's Joanna Stern parodies those classic Mac vs.

Funny Microsoft Ads


as much as i hate windows, i still think that their ads are funny as hell.

Mac Vs PC - Parody


Here is a little parody of the " Get A Mac " campaign I threw together. Both computers are good for somethings and both computers ...

I'm Steve Jobs (Get a Mac ad) WWDC 2007


PC Guy from the Get a Mac ads becomes Steve Jobs.

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Buy a Mac Computer


Support me on Patreon: 5 Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn't Buy an Apple Mac Computer Help ...

Which Mac to Buy in 2018? MacBook vs Air vs Pro!


Which MacBook model to buy in 2018: my complete guide to each Apple laptop & which one is right for you. Best deals on ...

All "I'm a Mac I'm a PC" ads Part 1


All of Apple's " I'm a Mac I'm a PC" ads from 2006 to present day.