brian kinney; coming down

Brian and Justin - Down


FINALLY FINISHED! I know it took forever but I love the final outcome and hopefully you will to. Brian and Justin are one of my all ...

brian kinney with his mother "lord make me hard!"


and then 'meeting' with justin at babylon. i love kinney !

[ Brian Kinney ] • "I thought I could FLY..."


"My mother is a frigid bitch, my father was an abusive drunk, they had a hateful marriage. Which is probably why I am unwilling or ...

huge fight between brian kinney and michael novotny. qaf.


this is one of my favourite scene from queer as folk. season 5 episode 7.

Brian and Justin best moments season 2 - Queer as Folk


Just enjoy!! I do not own any part of this video.

brian kinney | perfect


Please, read before watching! (Also, a little advice - it looks way better in HD ;) Editor: Kassa799 Pairing: Brian Kinney Justin ...

[brian justin] - runnin '


Watch in 720p pls. Queer as folk, Brian's POV Steel to my trembling lips How did the night ever get like this? One shot and the ...

blow my whistle | Best of Brian Kinney


holidays mean Brian Kinney Brian Kinney means a torrent of marvelous cynical eloquence which is unforgettable Warning: ...

Brian Kinney: The Joys of Scarfing "Life not worth living if you not take risk."


A hilarious scene from season one when Brian doesn't show up to Michael and David's leaving party. Michael finds him in his loft, ...

Brian&Eric | When The Sun Goes Down


WATCH IN 720p! (it looks the way better!) Vidder: volchiha Title: When The Sun Goes Down Song: The Sound of Violence (Tha ...

Brian Kinney's thoughts


Myśli Briana Kinney 'a. Queer as Folk. Tłumaczenie dla Ewy ;)

Gale Harold as Brian Kinney


Do you know Brain Kinney ?

Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2


Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2.

[댄스학원 No.1] 2PM(투피엠) - "I'll be back KPOP DANCE COVER 데프수강생 월말평가 방송댄스 안무 가수오디션 정보 실용음악 보컬 defdance


"여러분의 꿈과 미래를 함께 하는 프리미엄 댄스학원" Korea No.1 데프댄스스쿨 DEF DANCE SKOOL 데프댄스스쿨 강남점 ...

Florence + The Machine - What The Water Gave Me


Listen to new single, 'Hunger' and buy the new album here: Official Store: ...

Brian and Justin get down


Brian and Justin at the Angry Bull for Tracy's going away party.

Brian Kinney; I'm Only Human


I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR THE CLIPS. ALL COPYRIGHT TO THEIR OWNERS. Wow, I can't even remember when I started ...

[brian kinney] - i'm intoxicated by you


Watch in 720p or 480p, pls.Queer as folk. Brian's POV, 513 gapfiller Lara Fabian - Intoxicated I feel you all around me Though ...

brian kinney + santana lopez || always be young, always be beautiful


Brian and Santana share a lot of character parallels. These two like to play the sexy, hilarious villain most of the time because ...

Brian Kinney (Queer As Folk) - Happy Feet


Happy Birthday Brian ;) Хотелось сделать что-нибудь душещипательное, а получилось это)))