Extreme Overclocking---Crazy

Extreme Overclocking---Crazy!!


check how geek breaks the 3DMark world record.

Overclocking to 7GHz with Liquid Nitrogen | Hands-On | Computex 2017


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Extreme Overclock Attempt: 5.7GHz 7980XE, ft. KINGPIN & Roboclocker


We got hands-on with KINGPIN's Roboclocker, EVGA's auto- overclocking monster with a liquid nitrogen loop. Ad: Thermaltake ...

World Record with i9-9900K at -230 °C - LIQUID HELIUM


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We Overclocked EVERYTHING - Even the FANS!


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We Broke the WRONG Record! - RTX Overclocking


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WORLD RECORD - Worlds FASTEST i7 6950x CPU - Extreme Overclocking Live on Stage


At the Steelseries Intel booth, live on Stage Australian Extreme Overclockers, “TeamAU” attempt a world record extreme  ...

10 Craziest Ways People Have Tried To Cool PC's


Having a badass computer is a must for many gamers, but besides the extraordinarily powerful source and a top-notch processor ...

3000MHz GTX 1060 | GALAX Overclocking Carnival 2016


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Maximum Speed | AMD FX Processor Takes Guinness World Record


On August 31, an AMD FX processor achieved a Guiness World Record with a frequency of 8.429GHz, a stunning result for a ...

Extreme Overclocking 5,2GHz Pentium 4


Video tutorial de refrigeracion extrema con nitrogeno liquido a -198ºC en el que se overclockea un Pentium 4 a [email protected],2ghz.

Overclocking the $30,000 Computer! - 7 Gamers 1 CPU Part 3


How do some moderate overclocks impact the performance of the 7 gamers PC? WeRecoverData.com link:  ...

My first time Overclocking on Liquid Nitrogen - NEW WORLD RECORD!


Huge thank you to EVGA and Vince aka K|NGP|N for coming to my studio and giving me a lesson in LN2! Im hooked now and cant ...

3DMark world record Guru PC Overclocking Insane!!!


Extreme OC Clip Left Click for Better Quality Description = Extreme  ...

Extreme Overclock Gaming Benchmarks with Liquid Nitrogen, Ft. Kingpin 2080 Ti


We play games while maintaining a liquid nitrogen-cooled overclock on a GPU (the Kingpin 2080 Ti) and run our full GPU gaming ...

Overclocking World Record with AMD Ryzen™ 7 8-Core Processor


Learn more about overclocking the AMD Ryzen™ processor, and see it set a new world record for 8-core desktop CPUs!

Breaking Records - Xeon W-3175X Extreme Overclocking


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Gameboy Color extreme overclocking


Costis is screwing around with the clock on a GBC and I just couldn't keep myself from trying it out. He quoted some pretty insane  ...

The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC! 😮 | The Tech Chap


The Orion X2 from OCUK is one of the World's Most EXPENSIVE (and most powerful) Gaming PCs! Worth over $30,000 - it packs in ...