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Porn Stars Teach Couples Sex Moves


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Women Watch Porn With Porn Stars


OH boy, that's a closeup!” These women got to watch porn with the actual stars of the film sitting next them. Check out more ...

Top 5 Truths About Doing Porn!! with PARIS KENNEDY!


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Picking Up Girls at Adult Expo (Toronto's eXXXotica)


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This is the new and viral commercial for the Barcelona Erotic Show that will be held from 2ndt to 5th October, 2014.

Men Watch Porn With Porn Stars


Let's freeze on this closeup of your testicles.” These men got to watch porn with the actual stars of the film sitting next them.

Paris Kennedy Hookup Advice: Male Confidence


Paris Kennedy (for Erotic Search) tells you how to get laid using male confidence techniques, without looking like a douche!

Best Destinations for Getting Laid


Paris Kennedy's Top 5 Travel Destinations for Hooking up!

How To Cook For Guys by Paris Kennedy


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Heroine Poison - For Comic-Con 2010


Video for Comic-Con 2010 (San Diego) Tribute to Paris Kennedy and Friends. Music by Tarja.