TFB::Dunks:: Was this the best TFB dunk Mix ever?


This was on the end of our 10 minute 2008 recap... Thought it would be cool to just put this up for the couple thousand that didn't ...



Here's a little bit of TDub in Florida, He was battling a little injury while here but still killed everything, Look out for a new TDub vid ...

TFB::Dunks:: Guy Dupuy, TDub, JusFly,Rudeboi,Elevator, High Rizer, & Golden Child DUNK SESSION


To get the latest on the TFB Dunk Program [email protected] Guy in the Blue is Wayne ...

TFB::Dunks:: "Greatest Dunk Contest Ever" - ESPN - James White,TDub,Werm,Golden Child & JusFly


for exclusive footage follow Well this has been called by ESPN the "Greatest Dunk Contest Ever", with ...

TFB::Dunks:: Jared Roth KILLS 720 Dunk and Reverse 360 Eastbay with 2 Hands ( New Footage and Dunks)


Here's Jared Roth knocking down two of the Hardest dunks in Dunking ... The Reverse 360 Between the Legs with 2 hands and ...

TFB::Dunks:: Lee University's Larriques Cunningham with ANOTHER DUNKFACE!


Thanks to Jeff Sayler again for the dunks , We'll be featuring Lee University all year... This guy is CRAZY!

TFB::Dunks:: 6'1" Golden Child - Better than the NBA Dunks


Kevin Kemp - 6'1" He jumped over a 6'8" guy.

TFB::Dunks:: 6'1" Elevator - 360 Between the Legs,540 Dunk & Behind the Back dunk in a game!


for exclusive footage and latest TFB News follow us on Twitter. 6'1" Quintin Slaugher aka "Elevator" has been holding TFB down ...

TFB::Dunks:: We can get our heads over the RIM..


Check out a few of our guys putting their heads well over the 10 foot mark including 5'10" Haneef and 5'9" TDub.

TFB::Dunks:: 6'1" Elevator :: Slingshot Dunk


This is session 3 in the passed 3 days on our TFB K1X week. Elevator has the sickest slingshot dunk I've ever seen, and now we ...

TFB::Dunks:: 5'9" TDUB Dunks from the Free Throw Line off of 2 FEET! (Josh Selby Approved!)


We release exclusive footage for our followers only Right when we walked in for our pre-game walk ...

TFB::Dunks:: 6'1" Golden Child - 50 INCH VERTICAL LEAP!!


Kevin Kemp aka The Golden Child aka Jumps Too Damn High aka He jumps higher than you. 6'1" - These dunks were easy for ...

TFB::Dunks:: "Air Bama" ... Where getting dunked on Happens.


6'4" Air Bama in Watsonville,CA Why he jumped...No idea at all... Air Bama aka The King of the Dunk on.

TFB::Dunks:: Team Flight Brothers Uncut Dunks from YMCA


November 2008, This is a little bit from our dunk session after a few photoshoots. Remember VOTE FOR GUY DUPUY for the NBA ...

TFB::Dunks::"Jus Fly" Highest Jumper in the World?


Big thanks To Tyler Weiss or at "AA" for sending me his views from Chicago. Ok,Ok...I know ..."Highest Jumper in the World" title ...

TFB::Dunks:: 5'10""Young Hollywood" - WINDMILL ELBOW DUNK!!


A little mix of Haneef Munir aka Young Hollywood , who is down here dunking with Guy everyday, Haneef has a few new dunks  ...

TFB::Dunks:: 5'9" NCAA Dunk Champ James Justice DUNKS ALL OVER 7 FOOTER in Asia!


Check out all 5'9" of James Justice completely destroying this dude in Taiwan during his tour ...

TFB::Dunks:: 6'0" Tyler Ray aka Jukebox - Florida Trip - Crazy Hops!


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TFB::Dunks::ESPN City Slam (Guy Dupuy,Werm,High Rizer,A70,Air Bama,Golden Child,JusFly,Rudeboi)


Here is the full slam dunk contest from ESPN's City Slam, High Rizer walked away with the crown, Contest ...