Half Life Trailer by James Benson

Half Life Trailer by James Benson


Lambdacrowbar logo wallpaper available here: Made this trailer for half life  ...

Half Life 2 Trailer by Anomidae


My latest creation, a Fan-made trailer for Half - Life 2, a game that I Love. I love it so much in fact, that I wanted to make a trailer for it ...

Half-Life 1 Trailer


Inspired by James Benson's awesome (animated) trailer . This isn't a trailer per se, but more the most important or action-y parts ...

Half Life Ideas


This was made for me to take into a job interview at Valve years ago, but when I went for the interview I never ended up showing it!

Unfinished 1st person test (new footage at end)


After a little break from animating, I added another 8 seconds or so, moving onto some other stuff for a little while so I compiled ...

Half-Life - Todos los Trailers (1998-2007)


All Half - Life Official Trailers (1998-2007). Todos los Trailers Oficiales de Half - Life (1998-2007). Half - Life 1 - 00:00 Opposing Force ...

[SFM] When Team Fortress 2 meets Half-Life


Join my Steam group :) Alternate version of Half Life :) (Originally this movie should be ...

Half-Life: Anomalous Materials [SFM]


A remastering of my original Anomalous Materials episode - now featuring a younger Gordon, a more appropriate HEV Suit and a ...

Half-Life (1998) - Official Trailer


The 3 minute gameplay trailer to Valve's Half - Life . For more information, visit: half - life .

Half-Life 1 Trailer


This is an old Half - Life 1 trailer I found on one of my old games that had demos on it. Enjoy.

Freeman's Mind Trailer by James Benson IN HQ


IT GOT BETTER! Now it's in 720p. Yeah, I got some people complaining that the audio quality was too low, so I make it in hq to ...

Half-Life Trailer


(Made in 2005) My old fan-made Half - Life Trailer .

Black Mesa: Xen Trailer (Half Life 20th Anniversary)


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Half Life 1. The long awaited final chapter of Black Mesa is on show for the first ...

Half-Life 1 & 2 Trailers


Half - Life 1 trailer by James Benson Half - Life 2 trailer by Anomidae ...

Freeman's Mind Trailer by James Benson


And Prof. Luigi. This was inspired by the people on the accursed farms forums. Go ahead and check out the "If only freeman's ...

Black Mesa Official Trailer


Black Mesa Official Trailer .

Half Life Prospekt Official Trailer


Official Trailer Prospekt . Half Life 3 Game . Jeux video.