C-walk , Melbourne Shuffle

Cwalk vs Shuffle Girls


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Dance is Dance (Cwalk & Shuffle)


Cwalk & Shuffle Video after a long time ... It's my birthday and oh... It's Minimal Beat & not Minimal Beat'S' haha :) Minimal Beat: ...

Tecktonik, HardJump, DnB, C-walk, Shuffle all in one!


Ok.. so i found this video on vkontakte.ru, but i never seen it on youtube. the video isn't mine. i just decided to upload it :) Songs: ...

C-Walk crip walk London 5 Way


Official Facebook Page: GoSu, Kynamite, Scrawer, Murkee and Rye reppin the capital of ...

SyLo - Shuffle C-Walk Tutorial


UPDATE** The Sylo C - Walk App has been released for free on the Android Market! More Information: ...

[Rhythm's Pulse] Shuffle, cwalk, jumpstyle meeting 2010 - 21 way [read the cescription]


We ALL were good so you dont need to say any shits about who was better or worse (: Its an old made video just for fun, so if you ...

Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran - River (Melbourne Shuffle, C-Walk)


Eminem feat. Ed Sheeran - River in a Awesome remix ! love this track! After a long time, i dance c - walk again!

Dance 2018 (c-walk, waving, shuffle, sliding)


Dance mix of style - just for fun. I am just autodidact. Enjoy.

Thai Shuffle Hardstyle : Shuffle Feat. C-Walk


1. Dave - Shuffle 2. Renew - C Walk 3. Bas Jr - C Walk ( Shuffle Dance) 4. Maker Kit - C Walk 5. Rachawin - Shuffle Track : Anne ...

shuffle vs cwalk


Brenton Vs Peeto cwalk & shuffle .

Cwalk VS Shuffle!!!!


Which dance will be da winner???

Shuffle vs. C-Walk vs. JumpStyle


Shuffle C - Walk JumpStyle Shuffle C - Walk JumpStyle Shuffle C - Walk JumpStyle ...

Cwalk VS Shuffle~Tracey


This video is about Tracey,the girl who love to cwalking and shuffling and so i just versus her both dance style and see whats your ...

PimpMyWalk.com - Learn how to C-Walk: The Shuffle


for more cwalk tutorials Tutorial by Skribblez Credits to Ozone Beats for the instrumentals. I hope my ...

Cwalk - Melbourne Shuffle - Andzii - No Sleep


Hey guys hope you like my vids :D Made this cause foolish pinoy said to. haha comment like subscribe thanks c : "I do not own any ...

Learn How to Cwalk - Shuffle and Shuffle Half spin


Hey guys and girls this is my second tutorial Learn How to Shuffle and Shuffle half spin (180*) The Shuffle move is the easiest ...

TOP 10 best seve dance , C-walk, shuffle dance 2016


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Its a fine day - ★Sonic★ Cwalk and shuffle @ Parramatta


yay! im back haha, was stuck in hospital for 5 days and couldnt even lift a leg but im here and im back!

C-walkMelbourne Shuffle - Coming of spring


Hey guyz! Coming of spring to Japan Chiba. C - walk ;0:00~ Shuffle ;2:10~ [Track list] Claude Kelly - Keep Her Splinta - Energized ...