1979 PM Magazine In San Antonio, Texas

Kiss : 1979 PM Magazine In San Antonio, Texas


KISS segment from PM Magazine 1979 in San Antonio , Texas .

PM Magazine KSAT-12 San Antonio 1984


A full episode of " PM Magazine ", the newsmagazine with a unique mix of national and locally produced stories. This program ...

PM Magazine San Antonio


PM Magazine San Antonio went to Switzerland in the summer of 1983 ...or was it 1982? Co-Hosts are Peggy Kokernot and Mario ...

PM Magazine - 1980


This is the PM Magazine episode, aired in February 1980 on WDBJ7. It is all about the Texas Tavern's 50th Anniversary.

A late 1970s PM Magazine segment on UFOs


PM Magazine , a forerunner of non-network TV news magazines aired this video about some UFO sightings above Middletown, ...

PM Magazine Feature, 1983


In this PM Magazine Feature, Felix "Fox" Harris totems are seen in their original location- Harris' front yard. Watch Mr. Harris and ...