Pat Mendes

World's Strongest Teenager

2:08 Pat Mendes of Average Broz Gymnasium makes his "final countown" to his 20th birthday by making some ...

800 pound 363 kg Squat - ATG 100% RAW


Pat Mendes of Average Broz's Gymnasium does a 363kg 800 pound squat. NO belt, wraps, briefs, suit or monolift. 20 yrs old ...

Showdown at Moorestown: Pat Mendes vs Ilya Ilyin vs Vasiliy Polovnikov


Ilya, fresh off his Team Astana bike trip, he along with Pat and Vasiliy converged on moorestown weightlifting club. These 3 battled ...

Ilya IlyinPolovnikovMendes Seminar Training (Ilya 180kg CJ + Vasiliy 190kg SN + Mendes 200kg CJ)


This is a workout from August 2017 featuring Ilya llyin, Vasiliy Polovnikov (also Vasily is an acceptable ...

207kg Snatch - Unofficial Jr World Record


Pat Mendes of Average Broz's Gymnasium does 207kg 456 pound snatch during training wearing straps for an UNOFFICIAL Jr.

Pat Mendes (105) - 214kg Clean @ 2014 Senior World Championships


Store Instagram: Main Instagram:  ...

The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Obsession


The Best family is so obsessed with their own strength that they spend countless hours lifting weights. | For more visit ...

2011 Arnolds Lifting Accident


Partial session of the mainland vs island portion of the Arnold Classic WL comp held in Columbus, OH. Close call for Kendrick ...

14-year-old Bodybuilder Breaking World Records


Jake Schellenschlager is probably the strongest teenager his age in Maryland. Jake Schellenschlager, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, ...

Road to 300kg


Pat Mendes , after hip surgery squats for 1 year in various places and conditions to get back to a 300kg comeback PR.

Pat Mendes' max everyday squat program day1


Day1 singles to failure. 150kg-155kg-160kg-165kg (fail).