Top 5 Rifles For Home Defense


The 5 best overall rifles to defend your home. Click Here to Save $20 On Ammo Here is a link to ...

The Quietest Sniper Rifle! - Suppressed Subsonic .308


3 things make a gun shot loud. Muzzle blast, action sound, and the bullet breaking the sound barrier. In this video, I shoot a bolt ...

Top 10 Assault Rifles in the World 2018


Top 10 5.56 NATO Assault Rifles In The World ----------------------- VSB defense, provides a unique excellent video of data ...

1860 Henry Rifle


Shooting and showing the gorgeous 1860 Henry Rifle reproduction by Uberti. ------------------- ------------------------ Please visit the ...

.22LR Rifle Overview


I look at some .22 rifles to show you just what kind of options are available to both the beginner and advanced shooter. I talk about ...

Ruger American Rifle in .243 Winchester


Yep, we finally got ahold of something chambered in the widely popular .243 Winchester cartridge. ------------------------ Please visit ...

How A Precision Rifle Barrel Is Made: with International Barrels Inc.


Here is a short video on the process of making a precision rifle barrel. International Barrels allowed us a factory tour. I must say I ...

Double shot homemade rifle | Building a micro hunting rifle


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FAMAS F1 Assault Rifle


Larry takes this uniquely designed French Bullpup out for a spin on the range. He walks you through the unique features of ...

The Quietest Sniper Rifle Ever... and Why The Government Doesn’t Regulate It...


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The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle


While not rare, the Baikal IZH 94 chambered in 12ga AND 7.62x39 is one very cool firearm. Hope you enjoyed the video and as ...

Ruger GP100 .22 Long Rifle


Shooting and discussing the nifty little GP100 in .22 Long Rifle . - ------------------------ Please visit the Hickok45.com website and ...

Russia creates world’s most powerful ultra long range rifle


Russia creates world's most powerful ultra long-range rifle Russia's light arms industry presented its most innovative development ...

U.S. Military Rifles since 1776


Please read before commenting: A very basic overview of some of the main U.S. military rifles since the 18th century. We mainly ...

Buying your first rifle


Buying your first rifle is something you'll remember for the rest of your life. SSAA TV's Rod Pascoe looks at some of the factors to ...

Top 10 best assault rifles in the world 2019 (with their videos)


Top 10 Best Assault Rifles in the World 2019 - NCT Channel Collection ▻SUBSCRIBE NOW: ▻None of ...

Review - IOF .30-06 Sporting Rifle - English Subtitles - Safety, Specification, Cartridge, etc.


Review of Indian Ordinance Factory Ishapore manufactured .30-06 Sporting Rifle . Talked about Safety features, cartridge used, ...

Mathew Quigley demonstrates his Sharps rifle


Mathew Quigley (played by Tom Selleck) demonstrates his modified Sharps model 1874 rifle in the movie "Quigley Down Under".

How An AR-15 Rifle Works: Part 2, Function


A simple 3d animation of how the basic AR-15 semi-automatic rifle functions. Watch Part 1 to see the components.