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Sarah Palin's Nuttiest Moments


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Sarah Palin's Biggest Blunders


A compilation of big blunders made by Sarah Palin . Follow me below Twitter: Tumblr: ...

C-SPAN: Full Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden


Full 2008 Vice Presidential Debate with Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden.

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Palin On Foreign Policy


"Exclusive": Katie Couric talks with Gov. Sarah Palin about her foreign policy experience and Alaska's proximity to Russia.

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America: Meet Sarah Palin


"In Full": Sarah Palin , governor of Alaska, speaks at a GOP rally in Dayton, Ohio following her introduction by John McCain as his ...

Sarah Palin How Dumb


Vote for Palin after watching this and you must be sick. She could easily become president. You should also look at this website to ...

Sarah Palin Responds To John McCain’s Regret Over Choosing Her As 2008 Running Mate | NBC News


When asked if Senator John McCain's expression of regret hurt, former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin tells ...

Sarah Palin's 1984 Beauty Pageant Swimsuit Competition (Video)


Sarah Palin's 1984 beauty pageant swimsuit competition video has hit the web. An Alaskan has uploaded what he claims to be ...

Sarah Palin not invited to John McCain’s funeral


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is not invited to any of the memorial services for her former running mate, Arizona Sen. John ...

Sarah Palin's best quotes


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Kiša Metaka - Sarah Palin


DOWNLOAD LINK - ▻ PRETPLATI SE -- KIŠA METAKA je bend čije ime dugo egzistira, ...

Sarah Palin Cooks Bear and Moose Stew at Home in Alaska


In 2014, Inside Edition's Jim Moret went north to Wasilla, Alaska, where he spent time with onetime vice presidential candidate ...