Ouran High School Host Club: Haruhi and Kyoya in bed English Dubbed


From Ouran episode 8 where Haruhi meets up with Kyoya to talk about what happened, but Kyoya wants something else. (I do not ...

Beyblade Metal Masters - Kyoya vs Damian


Part 60 of Metal Masters.

Beyblade Metal Fury - Kyoya vs Aguma


Part 29 of Metal Fury ( Kyoya Exacts His Rematch Against Aguma For His Defeat In The Gateway To Success Tournament)

Beyblade Metal Masters - Tsubasa vs Kyoya


Part 7 of Metal Masters.

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL ROAST CLUB! - Tamaki & Kyoya Fan Calls


Tamaki & Kyoya fan calls! Tamaki & Kyoya roasted by a fantastic rap! Massive thanks to Nullify for being the Best TAMAKI!!!!

Beyblade Metal Masters - Gingka vs Kyoya


Part 25 of Metal Masters.

Kyoya, The Low Blood Pressure Evil Lord


Kyoya gets pissed off when the other hosts force him to sacrifice his sweet, sweet slumber. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ...

Beyblade Metal Fury - Kyoya vs Tithi & Yu


Part 41 of Metal Fury ( Kyoya Forces A Battle Against Tithi's Will &Yu Is Forced To Intervene)

Kyoya Tategami "In my Head"


Bitte hinterlasst ein Kommentar. Bitte, Danke schön.

Beyblade Metal Fury - Kyoya vs Yu


Part 39 of Metal Fury ( Kyoya Reunites With & Faces Off Against Yu In A Mysterious Abandoned Village In Search Of A Terrorizing ...

Kyouya gets slapped (dubbed)


yeah... i saw that people always search for this clip and yet no one has posted it. so heres the dub for the sick pleasure of fangirls ...

Haruhi and Tamaki Thunder Scene (English Dub)


I don't own anything all credits go to funimation. :) I personally love this scene haha.

Haruhi x Hikaru Moments (DUB)


Anime: ouran high school host club Outro: existentialism on prom night- straylight run MY SOCIALS: instagram: ...

Ouran ~ When they figured out Haruhi was a girl


this is just a random compilation of all the scenes that the charecters figured out Haruhi was a girl. It includes what I think, etc.

Kyoya - Perfect


Song: Perfect - Simple Plan Anime: Ouran High School Host Club - Bisco Hatori I don't own the song nor the clips used. This is my ...

AMV | Kyoya Tategami [Monster Remix]


Anime : Beyblade Music : Becky G - Problem (The Monster Remix) ft. Abonne toi ! Subscribe now !

beyblade-kyoya-bad boy


Beyblade, kyoya ,photos.

Kyoya Tategami ~ Womanizer


So, zum Ende des Jahres noch mal richtig krachen lassen xD Ich wünsche euch allen ganz, ganz viel Spaß morgen und ...