Apocalyptica - Hope vol.2 (Vocal cover by Andi Kravljaca)

Apocalyptica - Hope vol.2 (Vocal cover by Andi Kravljaca)


Originally featuring Mathias Sayer from Farmer Boys, this song always had a special place in my heart. Having a few days off, ...

Apocalyptica ft. Matthias Sayer Cover "Hope Vol.2" by YanaCroft


Apocalyptica ft. Matthias Sayer Cover " Hope Vol . 2 " by YanaCroft .

Apocalyptica "Hope Vol 2" Cover by ullu8ullu&YanaCroft


Apocalyptica " Hope Vol 2 " Cover by ullu8ullu&YanaCroft .

Apocalyptica - Hope Vol. 2 (Cover)


Habs nur fürn Kumpel hochgeladen, wird baldmöglichst wieder gelöscht !!

Apocalyptica feat. Linda - Faraway Vol. 2


Taken from the ' Apocalyptica : the Life Burns Tour DVD' Subscribe to Apocalyptica's YouTube channel: ...

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On (acoustic cover by Andi Kravljaca)


This cover , inspired by a personal loss for someone close to me, is a reinterpretation of Dream Theater's classic, wonderful song.

Apocalyptica - Farewell


From the self-titled fifth studio album by Apocalyptica released in 2005. Track list Life Burns! (feat. Lauri Ylönen) Quutamo ...

Temet Nosce - Rock The World cover by Andi Kravljaca


My affection for Temet Nosce's song 'Rock The World' was what got me started in my collaboration with this great Norwegian band ...

Dream Theater - "Wither" guitar and vocal cover


After a long time of absence, I thought I wanted to do something special... Originally, I was just going to do the solo but what they ...

Apocalyptica & Matthias Sayer- Hope vol.II [Lyrics]


Apocalyptica Matthias Sayer Hope volume two all the credit and the right for the ones who created it and made it, this is only for ...

SIlent Call - I Come Undone (vocal and piano version by Andi Kravljaca)


This is literally a one hour project, that I threw together one day, when for various reasons my life was in a bad place. I hoped to let ...

Periphery - Jetpacks Was Yes vocal and guitar cover by Andi Kravljaca


This is the product of a few hours noodling around in the studio, after having discovered this amazing track, and not being able to ...

Andi Kravljaca - From Another World


To purchase this track in high quality audio, CLICK HERE: This video marks, you ...

Hope Vol II - Apocalyptica Ft. Matthias Sayer with Lyrics


Hope Vol . II by Apocalyptica with Matthias Sayer. WITH LYRICS!

Apocalyptica feat. Matthias Sayer - Hope vol. 2


Apocalyptica feat. Matthias Sayer - Hope vol . 2 .