XF3 Army

XF3 Army - Bloopers Remix!


This is my contribution to the XFN campaign for a third X-Files movie (free reign category). I hope it makes you laugh :-)

XF3 Army - X-Files 3 Trailer


So assuming that XF3 comes out in 2012, this is a trailerish thing with that in mind. The beginning is a look back at the mythology ...

The X-Files 3 Trailer (XF3 ARMY)


This is my own vision about XF3 . People over the world is waiting for another movie. We want to know what is going to happen ...

XF3 Army - 10,013 Photos for a Green Light


Since it began in 1993, The X-Files has brought together millions of people. This is our chance to show FOX just how much we ...

XF3 Army - Yeah, We Miss That


Testimonial for the XF3 Army Campaign. Music: The Gravel Road Artist: James Newton Howard The X-Files is property of FOX, ...

[XF3 Army] Believe in the... junkets!


Here it is why we want XF3 ... Thanks to everyone who uploaded the junkets!

XF3 Army. TRAILER:William


un trailer salido de mi imaginacion. Los comentarios y caliificaciones son siempre bienvenidos =)

[XF3 army]- things we didn't see


i do Not own the song nor the clips.. this video is made just for fun.. and be kind.. this is my first attempt.. i have to thank ...

XF3 Army |Priceless|


I was watching all vids which were made by our talented XF vidders to support the XF3 Army project... and i loved all of them.

XF3 ARMY | Believe In The Future [the truth]


Yet another submission for the XF3 campaign - Believe in The Future. Again based on the Mastercard Priceless add. And this one ...

XF3 Army: the truth will be revealed (x files)


The invasion is getting closer, we must not give up! The date of the final invasion is set. Mulder and Scully will save us. I do not ...

XF3 ARMY - Two worlds (english)


This video is made for the XF3 Army . You find more infos about the projekt here: www.xfilesnews.com When i heard this song, ...

The X-Files • Reasons to believe • (XF3 ARMY)


This is just one more vid from a phile who just wants to see Mulder and Scully once again. We are not going to stop fighting.

XF3 ARMY | Believe in the Future [daddy face]


My submission for the XF3 campaign - BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE. Based on the Mastercard Priceless add. More info here: ...

[XF3 Army] - Priceless - XF Reopened


My contribution to the XF3 Campaign, "Priceless" version.

XF3 Army - I do not gaze at Scully


I didn't follow the intructions, but I made it anyway!

XF3 ARMY | Believe In The Future [mytharc rewind]


Since I've done my shippy rewind I figured it's time to do my mytharc one too. My style, of course, so here it is. :D More info on XF3  ...



WE WANT A THIRD X-FILES MOVIE a huge thanks goes to orityemini who came along with this great idea and I have to give her ...