Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Visit a New York Firehouse


We have had many very accomplished New Yorkers on our show this week, but none more important than the ones from the New ...

Guillermo at 2018 NBA Media Day


Every year before the NBA Finals begin they have what's known as Media Day. This is where reporters from all over the world get ...

Guillermo at the Oscars


Every year before the Oscars Guillermo gets a spot on the red carpet where he asks the tough questions with a tank full of tequila.

Guillermo at Super Bowl Opening Night 2018


Every year at the Super Bowl they have an opening night where members of the media get to talk to players from both teams.

Guillermo Back-to-Back at the 2018 Emmys


The Emmy Awards hosted the biggest names in TV and our very own Guillermo was there to get exclusive back-to-back interviews ...

Guillermo at the Oscars


The stars were out in Hollywood for the Oscars and our very own Guillermo was there to get them drunk and file this exclusive ...

Julia Roberts Came to Collect Money from Guillermo


Julia asks Guillermo for the money that he owes her for a World Cup bet they made at a Taylor Swift concert. 13th Annual Half ...

Guillermo Tries the Terrifying Skyslide


Guillermo faces his fear of heights by riding The Skyslide, a glass slide that juts out of the 70th floor of a building in downtown LA.

Guillermo's Road Trip to Brooklyn: Stop #1 - Dallas


This weekend we are heading to the airport for our annual residency at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Starting Monday 1015 ...

Guillermo – God's Plan


Drake has a new video where he goes around and gives money away called 'God's Plan.' This video is very popular and it has ...

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Guillermo with Baby Alligator


Dave Salmoni was on the show and brought baby animals. So we put a baby alligator in Guillermo's dressing room, waited for him ...

Guillermo's Road Trip to Brooklyn: Stop #2 – Atlanta


Next week we are taking our show on the road to Brooklyn, New York. We'll be doing five shows from the Brooklyn Academy of ...

Guillermo at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards


Before the Grammys began, all the stars arrived on the red carpet, where Guillermo was waiting with a microphone, a gallon of ...

Kimmel Writer is a Hoarder


We have a writer on our show named Gary and he has a problem. His office is a mess because he collects crap and he buys all ...

Adam Sandler on Growing Up in Brooklyn


Adam brings out his daughter Sunny to say hello to the audience, do an impression of him, and he talks about growing up in ...

Guillermo Climbs the Empire State Building


During our trip to Brooklyn, we sent Guillermo to the Empire State Building. When you visit the Empire State Building, you don't ...

Guillermo at the PacquiaoMayweather Press Conference


Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao recently held a press conference in L.A. for their highly-anticipated fight. All the major ...

Guillermo's Road Trip to Brooklyn: Stop #4 – Philadelphia


Starting Monday 1015 we will be in Brooklyn, New York for a week of shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Guillermo got a ...

Guillermo vs Spider-Man Tom Holland


Guillermo steals Spider-Man's mask only to be confronted by the hero himself. #KimmelinBrooklyn Can You Guess Which Part of ...