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00:00 A Substantial Gift (The Broken Promise) 25:09 Ring of Fear (A Dangerous Assignment) 49:18 The Butler Did It (A Bird in the ...

1 6 A Substantial Gift The Broken Promise Police Squad! 1982 1


POLICE SQUAD , part 1, a substantial gift.

1982 "Police Squad "Ep 1, 1991 CBS Re-Broadcast


I know these episodes are all over youtube, but these shows and Leslie Nielsen are always funny. This is the 1991 CBS airing that ...

1982 "Police Squad" Ep 5, 1991 CBS Re-Broadcast


Here is episode 5 of one of the funniest shows ever. Leslie Nielsen was always funny. This was shown on CBS in 1991 to promote ...

Police squad VF s1ep1


Une promesse brisée.

Leslie Nielsen's Greatest Naked Gun Lines


Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen) is the world's greatest detective, well, in his own little mind's world that is. Somehow his completely ...

Leslie Nielsen & Funny Scenes (Part 2)


Video Edit By Km Music Airplane! (1980) The Naked Gun (1988) The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991) The Naked Gun ...

Airplane Classic Scenes


wowsas, a million views, this film is genius, thank you brotherz zucker don't like sped up videos? what a pisser for you This video ...

1982 "Police Squad" Ep 3, 1991 CBS Re-Broadcast


This show was shown on CBS in 1991 to promote the upcoming movie "Naked Gun 2 12" and Leslie Nielsen was always funny.

Police Squad - Interrogation


Pure comedy gold from Police Squad .

1982 "Police Squad" Ep 2, 1991 CBS Re-Broadcast


Still a funny show and Leslie Nielsen is always funny. These shows were aired on CBS in 1991 to promote the new movie "Naked ...

Police Squad Epilogues


Clips of the "Epilogues" from the spoof TV show Police Squad !, where Leslie Nielsen and the others always faked a freeze frame.

Leslie Nielsen Tribute - Police Squad


Some funny stuff from a very serious dramatic actor, who late in his career, began a whole new one in a different direction. Known ...

Greatest Line in the History of Comedy


This exchange from Police Squad ! contains what I consider the greatest single line in the history of comedy.