Misery Bear: Dawn of the Ted

Misery Bear - Dawn of the Ted


Misery Bear is getting ready for Halloween when things turn nasty. Time to visit some 'old friends' at the graveyard!

Misery Bear - Misery Bear Goes to Work


Misery Bear probably hates his job more than his life. How long do you give him? See more Misery Bear at ...

Misery Bear - Valentine's Day


BBC Comedy's Best Loving Moments: Will it be another lonely ...



Misery Bear is busy getting ready for a merry Christmas and writing his letter to Santa...

Misery Bear - Preparing For a Date


Things are looking up for Misery Bear as he prepares for a date. If you're a bear it can be a little chaotic when it comes to cooking; ...

Misery Bear's Night Out


Misery Bear hits the town. And it hits him back. Watch more exclusive web comedy at .