Dog Gives Ride To Baby Chicks


Dog gives chicks a ride on her back. I am not sure who is more confused in this video featuring a dog and some chickens. The dog ...

Baby Ducks In A Sink part 3


Baby ducks swimming in sink. The Duck... 3 baby ducks learn how to swim in the kitchen sink. These pet ducklings are about a ...

RC Helicopter S033G in wind. Test flight and review.


The stock Syma S033G RC Helicopter has no business flying in anything other than 0 mph winds to a very light breeze.This is the ...

Little Brother Saves Sister In Wrestling Match! GET OFF My Sister!


Toddler brother tries to save sister in her wrestling match thinking it's a fight for real. You can hear him yell, "Get off my ...

Japanese Bantam Rooster Crow Call


This little Japanese bantam rooster is the king of the chickens. He loves the hens and wants them to know he is there when they ...

Baby Ducks Diving In The Sink LMAO! p1


The Duck. These baby ducks, ducklings, are having a blast swimming and diving underwater in the sink. Jukin Media Verified ...

Baby Ducks


Baby Ducks share a shallow wash pan for an afternoon duck bath.

Baby Ducks In A Sink part 6


The Duck... 3 baby ducks learn how to swim in the kitchen sink. These pet ducklings are about a week old. These are Muscovy ...

Baby Ducks In A Sink part 2


The Duck... These 3 baby ducks learn how to swim in the kitchen sink. Too young for the turtle inhabited pond on the farm.

171 Ducklings Swimming In Their New Pool For The 1st Time #12 Raising Ducks Day 16


▶50 Ducks Merchandise ▶Support via Patreon ...

Baby ducks in my pool! First day of life. An amazing story.


Adorable ducklings born in flower pot, swim in the pool in their first day of life. Mom takes them to the water right away, then ...

"Ducklings on Slides - Compilation" || CFS


Ducklings on Slides - Compilation After puppies and kittens, cute little fluffy ducklings have their turn to play on slides, and they ...

Big Ducks


The Ducks eat. Pekin Ducks eating in the morning. My pet ducks. The black duck is a Muscovy duck.

Rooster Attack Brabanter Chicken


This brabanter rooster attacks if you get in his territory. This time the camera was ready and I caught him attacking in super slow ...

How To Reheat a Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich


Refrigerating your fast food leftovers have never been tastier. Here is a great method in reheating your refrigerated foods in a ...

Jeopardy Woman Annoying Accent?


This Jeopardy contestant has an annoying accent? Some say it's called uptalk. Laura Ashby sounds like a valley girl, but some ...

FOX vs chickens! Who will survive attack?


This red fox disregarded the presence of the dogs, cats, horses and me while I captured him stalking the chickens. The ...

Big Horse vs Little Donkey


The guard donkey is not happy about this new horse visitor on his territory. Big horse vs little donkey for the big fight. No ...

Sig Sauer P365 Field Strip


Sig Sauer P365 field strip and assembly. Problems with slide assembly and easy solution you might not immediately notice.