MUSE - The Void [Official Lyric Video]

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Came here from Brian Cox the Planets intro. ❤
Aqim Julayhi
2009 - It could be wrong 2018 - They're wrong
Zakie Firdaus
All Simulation Theory songs would be great for a movie soundtrack
Les AnecNotes
Exogenesis Part 4 : The Void. A Masterpiece.
No name
paused porn to watch this
BGz GamersVoid
M.U.S.E *Most* *Universally* *Satisying* *Eargasm*
Teachers while correcting exams
Hasan Mutlu
What a great song to end the album..
Brando García Gálvez
This scene reminds me when Matt falls in Bliss video. Anyone agree?
So what happened to Terry Crews? Did he escape?
Bernat A
I really missed some "classic Muse sound" songs like this. You know, keyboards, violins and epic melodies🙏👌 Fantastic album, by the way
Yure Firdaus
Let us breath muse!
Zsaskia Shabrina
I am tearing up. :') Dear Muse, keep producing music. I have listened to all your album and never be dissapointed. I love you since 2007 and will always do. And Matthew, you are my inspiration for me in playing music until now. Please, come again to Jakarta. :') I am waiting :')
Ben W
Hate This and I'll Love You Megalomania Ruled by Secrecy Knights of Cydonia Exogenesis Symphony Isolated System Drones The Void Muse always ends albums well. Always.
Ashleigh Roman
What a day to be alive....
Miguel Pereira
This is one of those "trademark great Muse songs that are not hits". You know the drill, Citizen Erased, Sing For Absolution, Map of the Problematic
M Agustina
This is the moment i realize i choosed the best (to me) unpredictable band to fall in love with
Saoirse Cullen
So many people are giving out about the video for this song but I actually think I prefer it like this. I think it allows you to really appreciate the music.
Best band in the world right now.
Angel EntwinedinPurple
Matthew Bellamy is an Alien 👽 💜❣️👑
His voice is magic. Anytime I am stressed or down and I hear his voice, I become more calm. I am so grateful that the world has him and his musical crew.
Reinhard Tampatty
Why bellamy u always fuking awesome.. ??
This is what they listen to in UFOs.
I can sense the reference from Exogenesis Symphony, Ruled By Secrecy and some other songs from OOS on this song.
David B.
Muse will be always Muse. Because Muse won´t be never a band of 100 albums that sounds the same. Muse will be always a band with 100 albums that sound different but where everyone sound like MUSE.
Alguien que hable español y guste muse
What a fucking incredible song, the bass at the end really rips through your ears
Catline Jade
This song is so insanely good I can't explain it with words.
Neil Mendrico
My tops faves for this album Darkside Pressure Blockades Void Edit: Algorithm Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
alex alex
I feel like a proud mother
This song alone makes the whole album worth. This is beautiful.
Liam K
4:01 "They're wrong" *deep dig down kicks in*
KonstantinUno Uno
Muse make us like Christmas today)
Felicia Petrone
Dammit Muse. This song is EPIC.
Jean Tamicine
This reminds me of the Bliss music video
Rhythm Of The Knight
Move over Daft Punk, Muse have first dibs on the next Tron movie.
I am really upset. This song destroys me emotionally. Something i can't explain makes me cry almost everytime i listen to it. First time a song makes me feel that way! What did you do to me, dudes? I love it so Much though.
Josué Tellez
The most out of place "Yeah Baby" ever...
people who say "MUSE DYING!!" They're wrong
Anonymous Carrot
FFS matt you made me lose No Nut Novermber
Vivian Lara
la musicalidad , la armonia, ese efecto al final le da un toque exquisito ,una gran marca de muse en esta cancion,, gran album se hecharon
wet noodle
this was on the recent brian cox documentary <3 was so happy to hear this
Tyler Paris
They'll say... This album is trash That just because of a few bad songs... The rest don't matter THEY'RE WRONG! THEY'RE WRONG! THEY'RE WRONG!
Johann Schwarze Fernández
Defineteley my favourite on Simulation Theory. The most beautiful and heartbreaking song Muse has ever made in my opinion.
Armando Retiz
The best way to finish the album :'D
Such an awesome album! Greetings from Ukraine.
Kevin Hernandez
I've listened to this song at least 10 times, and somehow I've managed to tear up every single time.
Shai Hasson
I was born in the 60's, and by the end of the 90's i thoght that music has died and i will have to listen only to the old good stuff from the 80's and the 70's but then came Muse.
Moira Cooper
this is just one of those songs you can feel in your heart
So far I think this and Blockades are the best songs on the album
Ohhh Sehun
Thank you for your hard work Muse! 💙❤️
Émile Painchaud
Best song of the album with Blockades
That's a real Masterpiece my friends..
Peter Conquer
If this almbum isn't on the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack I'll be pissed
Jedi Reach
Sad people are so caught up in fantasies and "simulation theories" over seeing the very real reality of this song, and in general, many Muse songs, that relate to our consciousness and capability as human beings to create, forge and steer our own destinies without higher powers; whether fantastical such as religious, political, scientific, intellectual, psuedo and new-age nonsense, social and societal practices, and so on and so forth. You are the coder (consciousness) and avatar (body) of your own destiny. Take a leap of faith (certainty and trust in self) and steer your life to greatness. You are in control. Don't let anyone or anything else tell you otherwise, and if anything else does, then it is a lie.
It's like Terminator theme mixed up with stranger things intro 🤣🤣
The Truth
Downvoters...They're wrong...They're wrong...THEY ARE WRONG
Cristhian Martínez
I Wanted a real video, for this amazing song :(
Finn Koopman
This is my favorite song of the album
Fabio C.
Kind of "Guiding light" drum
booby scoo
This is actually a little Pink Floydish. Cooool.
Adrian Gougov
This is an absolute masterpiece.
son unos malditos maestros :,D
Iryna Oseledko
The Void (Acoustic Version) is masterpiece. Can't stop listening it.
Космический оргазм какой то!!!
Kisskean kisskean
That why I love Muse...
Leo Ferwer
The dark side, algorithm, blockades and the void, my favourites (in no particular order).
Lesia Kadyrova
Олды тут?
Indigo H
Took me 40 minutes but I found the song. The Planets brought me here.
F*&#ing Deep. So much truth in all their lyrics. This album is amazing.
Thomas Bennett
BBC2 The Planets brought me here.
display 62
The best track. Matt's voice so deep! Like showbiz beginning. Thé basseline IS incredible. The sweep synth IS Magic. The piano arpegia IS so romantic. And the final synth IS awesome! Perfect song.
1: The Void 2: The Dark Side 3: Pressure 4: Algorithm 5: Propaganda 6: Thought Contagion 7: Blockades 8: Something Human 9: Break it to me 10: Get up and Fight 11: Dig Down
Ana Iashvili
They're wrong. We are caged in simulations. Algorithms evolve Push us aside and render us obsolete. Reload Crash out. This means war With your creator. Get up and fight.
Светлана Крутикова
This clip would be suited to the trailer for "Interstellar".Or, maybe, the movie inspired Matt to create such a magic composition and then - creators of the clip I admire.... Also, all tracks of the album remind me about "Black mirror"....if you know what I mean..
Archit Lovekar
Woooooo this is freaking awesome
I consider 'The 2nd Law' a masterpiece, and it has a song called 'Explorers'. That song is really important to me, that song made me cry and i had a whole night listening to it and analysing its lyrics, just to come to the conclusion that this song is a well-crafted metaphor of loosing every kind of hope you could ever have. And this time MUSE did it again. They made me cry with 'The Void', a song that made EVERYONE that i know have goosebumps (and one person i know cried to it). Why? Why that song is so emotional? I have made my theory about. They had awesome closers in every album, and making retrospective we had a whole trilogy of 12 minutes to create an end in 'The Resistance', that holy trinity is called 'Exogenesis Symphony' and talks about a new Genesis, a savior that continues with our evolutive line in another world. That's the reason it is called 'Exogenesis Symphony'. Listening to The Void's lyrics i started to think that it works as a secuel, a bad ending to that failed try of new born life. The first paragraph is pretty weird. Is our savior alone or is he having a companionship? Well, there are two possible answers: Maybe he is talking alone, in space, with his own mind, trying to keep sanity and avoid madness; or maybe he IS in fact with company, let's all remember that he was going to bring humanity to another world, and he would definitely need a female to reproduce. After all it is pretty irrelevant. Now the song start screaming "They're wrong", what does that means? Who were wrong? And wrong about what? Let me skip the paragraph, I'll explain it later. "They say the sun is dying", what a beautiful way to say that we are all dying. Without sun there is no humanity. "And the fragile can't be saved. And the cold, it will devour us. And we won't rise up and slay giants." Humanity is getting weak, the cold that came because of the skinny sun is making us die, and all hope deposited in us going foward in the universe is getting smaller. When Matt says "They're wrong" i think it means that, in pure despair, humans tried to force our arrival on another planet, even if it was absurdity from the beginnig. They were wrong indeed, humanity lost all their chances. "They'll say no one will find us, that we're estranged and all alone. They believe nothing can reach us, and pull us out of the boundless gloom." Yes, they will say that. They are smart, they know what was coming for them. Just nothing more than death. And, as an end, i want to say some things: -My english is not the best and you probably noticed that while reading this post, so i would appreciate grammar corrections and criticism a lot. -This theory may have a little of overthinking, so i am REALLY interested in reading your own interpretations on this song. -¡Simulation Theory es una puta maravilla! Esta canción me llevó a las lágrimas y no puedo escucharla sin ponerme sentimental. Consiguieron lo mismo que lograron mí esa noche en la que escuché 'Explorers' en profundidad.
Dominiq Hatch
"They're wrong." -me when people talk crap on something human
Willian Kevin Siagian
By seeing the circles move in the beginning, i feel like i'm listening to bliss :D
Space Dementia
MUSE is my connection to the Gods....
Diego Pozas
This is honestly the best thing Muse have done in, like, 8 years.
Sergio JGR
This is going out of control. Saludos de Perú 🎽. Come to Perú please 😍😘😍😘
Stunner Cold
Translated Video for Russian Fans! Enjoy) watch?v=j6AnpTGP9mw
At 2:05 up to 2:33 it reminds me a lot of Jean-Michel Jarre (Rendez-Vous) ! Love this song ! This album is awesome !
Theo Sivyer
Who is here after "planets" with Brian Cox?
This song tops it all. I think its my favourite one of this album. So incredible beautiful and MUSE like. I am in Love.
Sofy Tofy
I was scared that this album would not be meeting our expectations. I was WRONG
Do bad Muse songs exist? Because everything I've heard has been an absolute gem how the hell do yall do it?
1999 : Showbiz > Hate This and I'll Love You 2001 : Origin of Symmetry > Megalomania (+ Futurism) 2003 : Absolution > Ruled by Secrecy (+ Fury) 2006 : Black Holes and Revelations > Knights of Cydonia (+ Glorious) 2009 : The Resistance > Exogenesis : Symphony (Parts 1 + 2 + 3) 2012 : The 2nd Law > Unsustainable + Isolated System 2015 : Drones > The Globalist + Drones 2018 : Simulation Theory > The Void Muse always end their albums in a very theatrical way, I love it (same thing could be said about their openers). Interesting to see that this one is the simplest closer since Absolution.
Tristan Hoenselaar
Вот-вот начнётся уже Don’t have a clue what this means, but it makes me feel like i belong
d a m a r i s
This is my first time listening with a headphone. Damn. I was in a trance.
Alba Carrillo
It takes A leap of faith To awake from these delusions You are the coder and avatar A star
gemini gingerale
It really seems to be the continuing of Exogenesis, and i love it so much!!!!! CLASSICAL MUSE !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Went to MUSE concert last week, it's the second time in my life after 12 years. I feel myself becoming crazy for their songs again like 14 years ago when I was a new MUSE fan. I have listened to every album they released, but at certain point I had a feeling that I will never be so into their songs like ever before. Well, I was wrong. Actually I can't have enough MUSE now. I have been a fan for so many things, nothing last as long as MUSE for me.
Алиса Евдокимова
The Void: And we would rise up and slay giants The Void (Acoustic): And we won't rise up and slay giants huh
Julio García
I mean, for me this is one of their best songs in their entire career. Mostly in their last 4-5 albums.
Got shivers down my spine listening to this, well done!!!
Evan Bass
The intro sounds like a dream tbh. I listen to it when I go to sleep and I have a calm sleep. Thanks muse!
Depression Cherry
lmao I was just making a playlist to listen to this album and I was looking for the last song and it just uploaded lmao
imagine this live, i can't wait.