Return to Vasselheim | Critical Role RPG Show Episode 43

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Dummies Guide to Vox Machina Matt: You encounter a bridge spanning a 100 ft. chasm. Vox: We cross the bridge. Matt: As you cross the bridge, it creaks and groans under the weight of Grog. Vex: I haggle the bridge. Scanlan: I aid Vex. Grog: I intimidate the bridge. Vax: I aid Grog. Keyleth: I cast druidcraft to give the bridge a flower. Percy: I suggest we just cross the bridge and be on our way. Maybe let Grog go last by himself. Matt: Your efforts largely have no effect, and its creaking increases the further you traverse it. Vex/Vax/Grog: We burn the bridge. Keyleth: I inadvertently burn the bridge much harder than anyone else. Percy: This is a terrible idea. This bridge serves a purpose and could be useful later. Scanlan: But it's an amusing idea. *A series of spells and saving throws later* Matt: You narrowly are able to cross the bridge before its ashen ruins fall into the deep chasm. Vox: I think this went well. Scanlan: It could have been worse. Percy: This is why we don't have many friends.
Kin M
"I choose my buddy, Pike" "She... she's not here, Grog" "I don't care, I just say it anyway" That hit me direct in the feels.
Victor the Black Powder Vendor is the only character Mercer needs on his resume
Sam Carter
Vax: 'Do you know what math is?' Grog: 'Mathis?' I'm dead.
David Atkins
1:20:52, when Percy dumps the coffee. Such a tiny, subtle moment that slays me every time.
Vax: Somebody help me out of this closet. Gilmore: Gladly.
Matt: *Unintelligible whispers* Me: *Volume up* Keyleth: *Drunk girl wasted yells* Me: *Dead*
PhoenixWings Entertainment
Grog and Kern meeting like ex-lovers was hilarious. But drunk VM discussing relationships and sexual orientations is somehow even better.
Kashaw and Scanlan in the same party thats a lot of attitude
Amanda Dube
I have a fan theory that Victor is Percy from the future
1:20:52 Percy dumps out the coffee while Victor is looking away LOL Subtle, but hilarious moment
Rin M
There is not enough appreciation for Vax in the closet in this episode
Chris Hartland
I've been running through this series as fast as I can and I often scroll through the comments to find peoples Indexing when I need to find my place. But that also means seeing a lot sucky comments about how, for some reason, a small portion of viewers seems to HATE the whole party. If you're watching this two years behind, like me, please remember: They're just people having fun. They meta-game a bit. They don't make always make the absolute most efficient tactical decisions. Sometimes they're super dumb with spells. But do you know what? You're still watching. It's still fun. Don't rat on people for making mistakes or not remembering every single spell or sometimes like, y'know, doing stuff for shits and giggles and not for the absolute strictest RP going.
Wow that was definitely one of the funniest episodes so far. Victor was easily the highlight for me, a much deserved ovation for Matt right there.
"Can I just say... The dragons don't stand a chance!"
Soren Wraitheart
I want a relationship like Percy and Vex. Seriously, folks. I mean they are both very polite, a bit snarky, they play off of each other very well, and they both have a bit of a thing for each other. But just with the whole "I'm going to make you something lovely." "I love yo~u." Oh it's just awesome.
Resistakill LoL
BLACK POWDER! It's coffee. Laughed so hard!
Azurulia Claremont
I'm starting to think that maybe... _just maybe..._ Sam/Scanlan keeps changing seats just to troll us all. Because he _knows_ how weird it is for the audience and how much it throws us all off. He's both the kind of guy and the character that would do that, too.
Bradley Fanguy
Vex: "He's gonna take care of her!!" Vax: *whispers* I already Have.
Jon Ludema
I love the interactions way more than the fighting.... Just me...
S Stuart
Keyleth toasting: "I just lost a quarter of my civilization." Rest of the group..."Omg..."
The Wizard that Climbs The Library
01:13:00 - "How many points does Superior heal? WHAT A RIPOFF WAHH!!" 01:13:19 - DM Mercer properly defending lifesaving POTIONS He seemed to be really offended by that, glad he voiced his personal thoughts.
Between Kima and Pike, I believe the sound of the gods may in fact be "clinkclinkclinkclink".
The irony of Vax being stuck in the closet... where's Gilmore when you need him? ;)
Khelthrai Hellbane
That gunpowder merchant is basically the best thing in this entire show.
Will is fantastic as kashaw really love his way of rping and playing
RPG Tour Guide
Kashaw, Zahra, you have been missed! So glad they were able to come back. :) Oh man, this episode had me rolling. The cart salesman, Victor, such a good time had by all!
I love how Matt is just trying to hold himself not to burst laughing when he roleplayed Victor
Mikayla Ellamae
Grog knows what's up for his team. Pike for healing Vax for damage and Scanlan for humor
"WOW MATT COOL MAP" While the camera guys don't even point at it for a few minutes
Ben Jones
Matt Mercer is a god. Not only a fantastic story teller, but an amazing actor/VA as well. The guy is a unique talent that deserves all the recognition he can/does get.
Anders Pedersen
It's been said before many times before, yet never enough. Matt is a genius.
Marc-Alexandre Plouffe
Scanlan "She gave us alot to Sphinx about" ... I died laughing!
Travis always looks so happy whne he recieves bad news in the game. When matt was saying how draconia was destroyed he looked like a kid on christmas XD
President Waldo
Quivering palm automatically deals 10d10 necrotic damage on a save and instantly drops them to 0 if they fail. Not sure whether they misread the ability or were merciful with it here.
Spider Box
"Well as long as it isn't convoluted." Man I love Kashaw.
1:43:50 "I just want to say the dragons don't stand a chance" caused root beer to shoot out of my nose.
Trey Patch
"50 gold." Victor the blackpowder maybe crazy, but he ain't stupid.
James Woomer
Trying to watch this episode, while at work, with headphones on, and not laughing out loud because your coworkers wouldn't understand was the hardest thing to do. My gut hurts between Matt's Old Kook and the bar conversations.
High level monks are horrifying.
Micah Hulsey
Matt's sarcasm at 1:13:20 ish is just ruthless. Given just how much control he has as a DM and how much smackdown he could theoretically bring down for all the power- and meta-gaming, his comments on their low opinion on healing potions is just raw. He's so good at keeping composure in these games, but that was so fun to watch. Savage.
Eric Kremers
with the explosive force that Victor commands, he could probably kill Thordak single handedly, even if it was by accident xD
Chocolate Thundah
"Not the nick nacks of KHA!"
Bolek Lolek
1:24:00 I think i speak for us all when i say "I WANT TO SEE MORE OF VICTOR, PLEASEEEEEE" ;-D
Peter Boling
I like how Zahra made grog a hammer, as she's looking pretty "hammered" herself.
Greg Putnam
Vex: "Yes, yes she so FUCKING beautiful. I get it." Vax: "Well so are you but what am I going to do with that?" Me: "Well you did try to marry her a while back... for reconnaissance of course" *sips tea*
Eoin Campbell
Doppleganger gets introduced, now a whole new world of terrifying possibilities now awaits!
I can't help but laugh as Kashaw, the 9 Charisma person is still more charismatic than Keyleth. But, to be fair, Kashaw IS pretty awesome.
Eli B
You can actually see the moment when Talisen figured out Groon did the quivering palm
Kyle Marie
Fraternal twin here; Laura and Liam continue to nail it. 10/10
Jason Aguilar
Matt nerfed the Quivering Palm strike for this fight since it was meant to be non-lethal. Thought I'd point it out since every other comment is pretty much saying that Matt read it wrong or something.
"My God, I love other people's problems." - One of Percy's best lines imho. Simple, yet great.
Damian Payton
The powder salesman is by far the funniest npc ever
Kharn The Betrayer
Wait. Humanoid head. Grey Skin. White Eyes. wisps of hair... they killed Golumn.
Mary Elizabeth MacGlynn is a goddess, I've been a fan of her as a singer for Silent Hill for 15 years. I never thought I'd see her playing D&D and then I find out she is a wonderful person and an amazing player too...
Joss Sevon
Definitely my favorite episode so far. XD Really missed Kashaw and Zahra, Kima's entrance was so good too. X)
Amara Lundy
There's something poetic about the resident cannon bisexual being stuck in a closet.
Susana Pardo
I'm watching CR straight from the start and I think I have stumbled on one of my new favourite chapters. Two wonderful player characters I was wishing to see again, wonderful interpretations, NPC wonderfulness and character development, lore! It's just so great- I'm having an amazing time going through this. Thanks everyone involved in keeping CR going!
One Eyed Lemon
Liam & Laura... lol sibling issues... you guys rock.
La Brujita
"There's only one man for me" Vaxilmore to the end!
Thomas Honey
To deny making a deal with the Clasp because they're corrupt and then threaten a shopkeeper with killing their family to get cheaper potions makes so little sense.
Threatening to harm a shopkeeper and his family for the sake of saving 750 gold. The good guys.
How did Vasselheim not notice a giant red dragon rip out out the Fire plane? If the Fire Ashari are relatively close.
Brandon Johnson
3:15:49 that’s when Marissa decided to make Bo. This whole fight with Groon had her enraptured.
Jennessa Beckett
Kashaw was an entire mood. "I'm cold and still haven't been paid." That is the best way to describe anything outside really.
20:06 love how Kashaw is so impressed with Grog's ability to count. Also HOLY SHIT Mary is amazing.
Jason Mistretta
2:58:00. "This is when you want to be fighting Wil Wheaton." Savage but true--hahaha!!!
James Vann
I wonder if that angry gnome druid and his pet Rok is still alive. Roks are one of the handful of mystical creatures that could stand against dragons...
Gaston Castro Vivoda
Victor, Kima, Zahra and Kashaw return. This episode was amazing.
Alphonse Coco
Has Matt's rendition of Kima changed since they first met? She seems much freer and lively, more open.
Evan Gregory
i kinda feel bad for Mary and Will, they like didn't get to do anything lol
Dovah Spy
I just realized the reason that Sam's tankard is so big is because he's playing a gnome.
Tuomas Vanne
40:59 "She gave us a lot to sphinx about", an underrated Sam Riegel classic.
I feel like Matt's been reading the Silmarillion.
gustavo farrant
Thanks to Kyshakk: 02:33 - Sam recaps 08:50 - The most important errand that needs to be done 11:08 - Grog wants a time limit on the shopping 13:11 - The return of Kashaw and Zahra! 13:36 - Zahra and Grog are best friends 14:08 - Kashaw and Keyleth are awkward 14:50 - Zahra and Vex are awesome 15:01 - Kashaw and Grog are not on the same page 15:49 - Kashaw and Percy don't speak the same language 19:48 - Grog's not great with the counting 40:19 - Zahra understands Grog 40:39 - Kashaw speaks the truth 41:35 - Kashaw sums it all up 43:35 - Vox Machina has quite the to do list 44:08 - A little Grog wisdom 48:00 - Scanlan understands Vanessa 49:01 - Kashaw and Zahra are awesome together 50:01 - Vex can read your fucking lips 51:21 - The twins discuss Keyleth 53:36 - Vex's favored enemy 55:49 - Do you know what math is? 57:13 - Kashaw asks the important questions 58:49 - This is what happens with Vox Machina haggles as a group 1:04:25 - Kashaw intimidates for the first time in his life 1:15:56 - The black powder merchant 1:25:00 - Zahra drinks hard 1:26:31 - Grog will forever be known as Phillip 1:28:07 - The difference between Percy and Scanlan 1:31:41 - Planning is even worse when they're drunk 1:33:49 - Grog and Kern are ex-lovers 1:39:45 - Kashaw is not prepared for drunk Vox Machina 1:43:30 - Vax is stuck in the closet 1:44:29 - Do you go for Rogues or Rangers? 2:00:09 - Oh, shit, we forgot something. 2:15:32 - Kima kicks ass 2:34:07 - Kima is Grog's kindred spirit 2:35:36 - Kashaw knows when to intimidate and when to be quiet 2:40:33 - The Earthbreaker is awesome 2:41:23 - Kashaw and Keyleth don't clear anything up 2:47:50 - Sesame Street 2:51:33 - Grog chooses his dodgeball team 2:57:09 - Poor Scanlan 3:00:42 - The little gnome shocks all the monks 3:02:48 - Sam courts death 3:10:51 - Kill that monkey douche bag 3:14:45 - Vax almost dies 3:30:47 - Kashaw is loving this fight 3:38:02 - Scanlan is always trying to impress someone
John Healer
That Quivering Palm scared the shit outa me, I thought Vax was dead, but thank the great and merciful DM he changed the rules
Marco Maluf
Kashaw always shakes things up. Love it!
These are easily my two favorite guests.
Lee R
anyone else picture post-prison iroh from atla for earthbreaker groon?
Collin Thompson
The haggling bit- My spleen exploded The knicknacks of kaaaaah
I love how Grog chose the sparring partners, although, pity Pike wasn't there. Grog/Pike/Scanlan would be pretty awesome trio. RP wise.
Ramon vd Klooster
Damn, Will and Mary are such great additions to the party. They should be on far more often. Amazing episode!
-Percy and Sam should be the diplomats. -Mercer is a genius. -Everyone is so funny and talented. -Mercer and Laura called out Keyleth lol. -Poor merchant, I feel bad for him. -Percy should make prothesis for Victor’s hand, poor fella. -1:24:23 aww ♥️ - I miss the fanart in the intermissions. It gives our favorite moments visual aid, life and emotion. It’s very powerful in DnD. -The ending of that fight was so emotionally beautiful 😭
Günther, ein Ritter des heiligen römischen Reiches
kash, aaaahhhh!
Katie Burke
Ok now I REALLY want to play a monk for my first DnD campaign Like I sort of wanted to play one but now I'm SET
Epona TwoSpiritHorse
What a fun episode! Zahra and Kashaw are great additions to this group. Invite them back anytime please. Keyleth's reaction to Kashaw was priceless!
Aaron Wells
Watching Matt transform into Victor at 530am; amazing. Laughing so loud I probably woke everyone in my apartment building; not so amazing. *joins slow clap*
Alex M
From beginning to end, far and away my fav episode to date (from a 'good times' pov). Half a year later I keep coming back to rewatch. Liam's reaction to Victor is the single most endearing moment and is forever imprinted in my memory.
One of my very favorite episodes - Will and Mary are the bezzzzt
Matt: "You may have to ask one of them yourself." Percy: "I get the distinct feeling we'll have that chance." Pft nah that's crazy talk....or is it. 😏
Joshua Waller
"Would that make this the 4th age?" You mean a dark age...a...Dragon age?
frank zeches
Vox much worse than the Clasp lol
Oh, Sam! Trolling Travis! LOL
For some reason I feel like victors interest in Vex is what really awoke Percy's feeling. Just let that thought summer.
AniCat Gaming
Maybe it's just because I haven't been here for the whole journey, but I honestly don't buy Vaxleth as much as I want to. o.O
Percy and Victor! Black Power buddies! How Taliesin kept in character I have no idea, I'm literally here crying with laughter
Sometimes it feels like Vox Machina needs a whiteboard for making decisions and whatnot
Jason Mistretta
1:24:00. I agree with the standing ovation from Liam to Matt. Matt just killed the last 15 minutes of this part of the video.
PhoenixWings Entertainment
One thing that's always annoyed me about Vox Mochina is that anytime someone helps them, and I mean ANYTIME, they're response is, "Great, but what else you got, and also can we get it for free?" Gilmore gives them a sponsorship discount? Vex haggles the price lower. Cleric promises to lead an army against the Briarwoods forces for them? They ask for items. Slayer's Take gives them free health potions? They ask for more and for free magic items.
I'm just gonna put this here in case I'm right in the future: I think High Barer Vord is a dragon; possibly silver...or maybe...platinum. Would explain a few things, like his apperent true sight and his deep knowlege. Yeah, it's random, but just putting it out there.