Krampus - Beast Within (lyrics) [HD]

Artist: Krampus Album: Survival of the Fittest Year: 2012 Genre: Folk / Melodic Death Metal Country: Italy Label: NoiseArt records Official Website: /> Lyrics: Lyrics Desires are rotting and turning into Envy The rules of the game are corrupted The loser from the podium mocks the winner Welcome to this world. Endless is the circle of dissatisfaction Mother of all the wrongs This ravenous Beast inside Devouring your Pride Every time you make a wrong choice Don't blame who succeded where you failed What you don't own it's not true it's due to you Accept you can't have everything Give value to what you have Don't surrender, Keep on Fighting Fighting to resist This ravenous Beast inside Devouring your Pride Happines you steal It's pain that you gfit Celebrate the great inequity Desires are the lifeblood of humanity The purpouse of the strongest efforts Enjoy what you deserved and Create your own world. Now break the circle of dissatisfaction Mother of all the wrongs This ravenous Beast inside It's time to starve it To Break Free DISCLAIMER: All music and images belong to the their rightful owners. The credit is theirs alone. I do not own any of the music.Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.

ADN Heavy metal
folk+post hardcore+ death metal=krampus
Eat your heart out, Eluveitie <3
Giuseppe Rescigno
What's your problem?
Lol, "Krampus".
do you know how many mtal band are in the world??? the people who find this band are a really fucking lucky bastards, lik you and me, is not so simple find this kind of awesome band by the way, this is the third step of awesomeness for italy first Rhaosody, then Fleshgod, Now, this, Krampus, power, death and folk, this shit awesome
it's normal pagan metal
this band is unknown because this is their first album. heidenfest will give them a boost.
Dante Fenris
folk and death, the combination is magestic
Dante Fenris
why doesn't everyone know of these amazing guys!!! seriously metalheads need to search and stop sticking to mainstream metat.
This song is so good I could beat off to it.
Metal Total
This song and especially "Aftermath" are my favourite songs of this new album.
ProphetOf Melodeath
i like the "aftermath" song too but it's already been posted on youtube :)
ProphetOf Melodeath
that "folk part" my friend is what makes this song unique ;)
ok why dislike this ? its awesome!!!!
My fav song of the album would be aftermath heavily like eluveitie anyway really nice band already knew but hows your good taste in music
Monsieur Mooseheart
You are not the only one :D
marcel jarosz
są Polacy ?:D 
Alyss Lycan Queen
Wow awesome!!!!
All of us think this bands remind Eluveite.... tha'ts suspicious
Byron Averos