Tokio Hotel TV [Episode 21] NYC Part 1

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Phuong Chu
OMG 3:20 i love ittttt :3
Chainsaw Monster
3:20 He's such a leech <3
marya stewart
@TheEmoscarlet so is the mohawk....
Sheyenne Wiebe
I obsessed over his hair.
Aww love this guys so much
Christine Germundson
I really like Georg's hair in the beginning of this, he just looks so different from how he usually looks with the hat and curls... Like it! And they're all cute, as usual <3
Bill is 6'2 i believe
Iem Coolas
Yeah :( I even miss Tom's dreads !
Alexandria Engel
he has to be atleast 6'7 because Tom's 6'1
cannibal kitkat
ah Georg's laugh :)
Sorry but Bill often sounds bad live..not a great voice. But here he sounds ok.
@MysteriousAnel15 We have to wait now:( They've rescheduled it x
@MysteriousAnel15 They are releasing an app, in like 2 or 3 days as far as i know...(:
Kacie M
if i was on the street i would be like holy crap its tom kaulitz and georg listing
Abri Matthew
i don't mean this in a bad way AT ALL but I Seriously LUV BILL's NAILS :D
if u put tom and georg together, u get they guy sean cameron form degrassi. i swear they all look alke
3:24 *_*
Linh Do
pause at 3:19 omg soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Ztephany Vargas
un pirañaaaaaa
Amber Sosa
@Octavia911 relaxxxx hes just messing around. jeez
Silver Blood c:
@kariiness Same to me, but for me it's not Bill, it's Tom I don't see... :'(
@kariiness Yeah... D:
Shahla Naderi
3:55 he looks like an avatar !
2:47 They surely recognized you because of your long long LONG legs, Bill ;P
oh gosh what was Bill doing at 3:19???? O_O
I can't stop watching Georg laugh at 0:59! It's too hilarious ;D
Hahahah how cute! Bill sitting on Toms lap! But althought it looks like Bill is trying to squish him or something :D My older brother does that to me almost all the time. And I get annoyed since he's bigger/heavyer than me but than I poke him on the side really hard and thats how I get rid of him >:D He also does that to my mother :) But anyway LOVE 3:18
Where Brooklyn at! Where Brooklyn at!
@shizsnapple i think the sweat just traveled down there while he had his head back.
Belle C
@Sakura7562 wa'n't he sweating? it was kinduv coming from his ear..... now give me the science of how a human can cry from their ear...
Minah DC
i love tom and bill <3 me and my sister are the same! ^_^
Amber Sosa
i love how toms arm is always ovr the seat where bill is♥
Marisa Valentin
omg, I loooove where bill is sitting on tom's lap. ;) I miss the old Tokio Hotel. They're still COMPLETELY uhh-mazing, but Bill's changed so much. T.T And the lion's mane is gone...
georg is really cute *_*
Avi June
3:43..what song?
Sleepy Weepy
I saw somewhere in an online forum that in a concert in NYC, the audience got violent & Bill got emotional about it. I don't know, but the users were all at the concert & they agreed. :\ Still, I ♥ TOKIO HOTEL & NY! [:
Lene Medina
was bill crying during his performance?? how cute he loves his US fans n we looove him too! :')
lol sure is.
@Kriwanisan just the result of being sweaty love lol
tamika aworth
plz come to adeliade in austraila i love use guys plz plz
@Hinako96 its brotherly love
Karin Dávila
haha xd qe tenia bill en la cara ?? ze le corrio ? D: haha no creo =/
@Hinako96 Sitting on his lap, being silly. :)
Homa Atashgahi
can somebody pleas telll me what the fuck Bill is doing with Tom at 3:19 ?? :D
they offer so much, lately I noticed that their days are filled with sound checks, photo sessions and interviews only... no time for sleep too... tiring......
Flor Guevara
OMG!!!! 4:22 bill llorando no lo creo o si?? genial capitulo y 3:19 k estaban haciendo bill y tom??? bae
yes, that's sad :´(
Ashley Lovelace
he's not crying his makeup is running because he's sweating.... 3:19 wow
Sally McCain
he wasn't crying his sweat ran down his face and it cuagh the corner of his eye which obviously has make-up on it!! and it dropped down. his makeup smudged is all...
x x
Bill is not crying, he is just so hot, so he looks like he is crying
nah, he wasn't crying. Couldn't you see the sweat under his jaw and on his neck? He was just really hot. Plus the tear ducts are in the inner corners of eyes. Let's just say he was cryn though, cuz that would be adorably cute! XD
I say to myself that due to passing from north to south and from east to west the jet lag completely has to disrupt them and they have to ask which day we are. That must be exhausting also all concerts
Yes back then they didn't feel comfortable doing interviews in English. Like they said (and which is the case for most people who don't live in English-speaking countries), they learned English at school but then when you don't get to practice it in your everyday life it can be quite a challenge... Last year they started doing them in English though.
I TOTALLY AGREE! (especially on the fact that tokio hotel is better duh lol) the jonas brothers are pretty good too i guess
aaliyah barreau
ha they are in my city now bitches man i wish i can see them
Raine X
guys...he's sweating,not crying. last time i checked,tears dont fall from the side of your heaad. just saying. i cant believe i missed this! i live in NYC but i wasnt a fan back then... :'( ILY GUYSSSS COME BACK AGAIN!
AWESOME!!!!!! X3
Kitty Kaulitz
omg! Bill sitting on Tom! lol. Tom looked embarassed.... but that was so cute! :D
I think he must know Andreas pretty well since he's the best friend of Bill and Tom, it's not like they could be in a band together for like 8 years and not meet people who are important to their band mates. ^_^
Adrienne Long
They already have XD
yu yu
It should be called the LAP TWINS when he sits on TOM'S LAP!!!!!!! Rock on Tokio Hotel And when you get older I'LL STILL LUV YOU!!!!!!!
Jose Ezequiel Acevedo
He's not crying he just Sweating.
aww georg looks better with his hair non straighten <3
Adrianna Graz
oh yes, im going to go name my daughter BILL. hellooo, its a guy name. which means, bill is a guy. duh.
Bryce mosher
is bill a girl or a guy
I accepted yo u request I'd love to share fantases they're no fun if you keep them locked up in the back of you r head for no one to hear
Alice Nguyen
thanks glad someone agrees ^^ *gives u a thumbs up*
Aoife Lawlor
I think it was his sweat doing something to his eyeliner...coz it was a black line like mascara or eyeliner...or hairdye?He still looked sexy anyway haha..
allie fellows
ummm wtf is with all the twincest shit... they are brothers... and just because thayre both sexy and everyone want s to see them make out doesnt mean they do!! #1 thats wrong and discusting! i wud'nt makeout with my sister!!! #2 anyone who wants to see that is just gross........
every girl that likes twincest likes yaoi prove that i'm wrong.... BUT I DON'T LIKE TWINCEST is just sick they are brothers and they love each other as BROTHERS.... i just wanted to make clear that. (sorry for my bad english T.T')
Alice Nguyen
sorry my little sis used my account.... those 3 comments are not mine sorry...anyhow bill and tom love each other as brothers
I agree. Please guys come to NC; after that can you come to the Hampton coliseum in Va.?
georg is actually kind of cute, when you think about it... tbh.
Alice Nguyen
u know what pple like to keep an open mind so y don't u just take ur close minded opinion of urs and leave the pple who like twncest to our opinion
SheSha YO
NO! Why dont u keep your dirty thoughts to yourself.. Tokio Hotel Is An Awesome Band And Bill And Tom Are Brothers And It's People Like You Who Encourage Sick Fantasies! Pervert..
SheSha YO
Shut Up! Twincest Is Disgusting!!
Denise Nguyen
LOLZ i know!!! i was screaming CUTE!!! when i saw them ^_^ i loooooove Twincest~~!! <3 <3 <3 <3
TheCute Rebel
Georg,Bill,Tom and Gust ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Georg's hair is so frizzy! XD
lol...yea he was ^^
The Miss Katana
yeah it was lol i was in the black coat n my BFF was in the white lol
cheyenne nelson
Nisa Jones
lol. seriously =]
Aoife Lawlor
Omg your right....I really really want them to come to Ireland!Everyone always forgets about us!They could play in Vicar Street if they cant get enough people to fill the O2(which I think they would!)xxxx
The Miss Katana
.....-shy- that was meh lol
XD Haha, yeeah. But then again, in every show there's always a bunch of girls who try to grab anyone they can. =/ I know I would ^_^
lolol , georg is so cutee
Gabriela Valle Ramos
oh lol thanks!
Maddy M
he wasn't cryin he was sweating!
Gabriela Valle Ramos
omg?! y was he cryin? =[
G Brown
hehe at 2:26, in the subtitles they spelt hoodies wrong
Come to North Carolina, pleassseee!!!!!!
bill amd tom are soo cute ilove them they need to come to North Carolina!!! does anyone know where i can vote for them? i really need to vote
OMG yes! SO cute when he sat on Tom (obviosly to irritate him *rolls eyes*) And he was sweating his make-up off not crying...
OMG! NYC Rocks! I want then to come back to Philidelphia though!
I think it just a lot of sweat and maybe his eyes are watering.
Ju Flyssak