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Oh hi! iTunes link if you wanna bug your fam in the car: />And spotify for you darn millennials: /> look />read />like />buy /> Thanks Ed Boyer for mixing, and Corbin Sterling for additional mixing. Lots of mixing haha. And thanks Luis, Isaac, and Reid for being very supportive friends. And thanks Lindsey for patting me on my little back! :] LYRICS [Intro] If you've ever wondered why Disney tales all end in lies Here's what happened after all their dreams came true... [Verse 1 - Simba] Was gonna be a mighty king, Mufasa's famous heir Well, your little mane's been lion-tamed By beasts who don't fight fair I've turned into the main event for soldiers big and small And now I dread my severed head might end up on your wall Let me help this African economy Oh, my species is going extinct Everywhere you look, death Taking shots at my pride Thanks for that petition to stop a straight up genocide Scope set Rafiki's brains are not a cure for AIDS Now ebonies need ivory for pay I don't think Hamlet ended up this way Oh, my species is going extinct Oh, my species is go- [Verse 2 - Peter Pan] Every time I fly to town I grow up when I come down Now I've been stuck at age sixteen For eighty years of puberty In unforgiving tights (He's upright, he's upright, he's upright) We're following his leader, his leader, his leader We're following his leader Wherever he may bone Tee dum, tee dee My teedle-dee's out to play It's one for all The mermaids are wet for days This engine's revved There's only one booty for me Just a teedle ee rump A teedle ee hump tee day Think of the fappiest thoughts I'm a happy little thot (Okay) Wendy is my special gal She's like ninety I'm down The dentures never bite (He's upright, he's upright, he's upright) Hope he's bi He's upright [Verse 3 - Hercules] Save my soul Herc was on a roll Now every god and goddess here is begging to atone Replaced by intelligent design The new guy's rolling by and turning water into wine The Romans are chanting "Christo, Christo" He's a godsend bigger than Nero Out with the old, in with the Jew Hero to Christo God's honest truth Hero to Christo Hey Herc, you're screwed The Jesus freak is super weak I'm so divine You see I came inside a virgin's bod So have I I threw him in the Colosseum A lion a la carte Three days went by he zombified And rose up in search of hearts [Verse 4 - Aladdin] I'm a prisoner of war ISIS blew up my city They're throwing me off a building 'Cause they think that I like guys A holy war An old fantastical point of view Carpet was burned alive, streamed nationwide I can't go back to where I used to thieve Every turn suicide A hundred thousand children plead The toppling of Agrabah with Sharia law Stop this holy war before we're through (a holy war) Unholy war (that's where we'll be) Just refugees (send helping hands) Instead of bans for you and me [Outro] The lions are gone Hair on my junk Jesus is a hunk Screw Trump!

Efe Burak
He finally remembered the channel's password... ♥
Myokyee Takemaru
Ok I have an idea: After Ever After 4 Alice in Wonderland- about drugs Snow White/Sleeping Beauty- about rape Coco- about family separation at the boarder Tangled- about abuse in the home Pinocchio- about kidnapping and/or child molestation ALSO I SAW ANOTHER COMMENT WITH GREAT IDEAS: Brave- The war between Britain and Scotland Tarzan- about deforestation ( Like or repost so he sees plz) (original comment from Blueberry UnderSwap i'll comment their channel)
Bella _Little_Mermaid
I would love to see something like this, but instead of the heroes, it's the villains
Christopher Lopez-Villafuerte
Matpat ruins childhoods through exposing lore. Jon ruins childhoods through song. I'm fine with this as long as it's entertaining as Hercules
flubber nuggets
Jesus: You see I came inside a virgin's bod Hercules: So have I HAHAHAHA I DIED AT THIS POINT
my wig is snatched. my depression is cured. my skin is cleared. my grades have gone back up.
Dark Sev.
It gets better and more depressing with every sequel. Please do Hunchback and Moana in the next one. Maybe Brother Bear as well?
Lejličica Tratinčica
Pentatonix who?
Angel Of Music
Anyone else really want a full version of the Hercules one?
Emma Honer
I loved your video! Here are a few ideas for ever after 4 if you make one Tarzan-deforestation Alice-drugs Coco-family separations Moana-lepersee(it’s a disease) If you read this comment please like
*And the wild Jon goes back into his hibernation state for another year.*
Brandon Alexander Vargas Quero
2:53 favourite part Edit: I never had all that likes. Keep it on guys. Im also happy that I have that much likes in this video. Love you guys:)
Grace_is_Salty M
An actual conversation my friend and I had Her: Want to be Hercules or Simba? Me: Hmm... Hercules. Her: Dang, I wanted to be him. Me: You can be him if I'm Jesus. Her: Frick yeah! You got a deal! Just imagine this with no context.
3:29 this reminds me of thomas sanders?
L i s t: I love the 'Jesus is a hunk' line, it implies the g a e Your Aladdin impression is a godsend *_T h e m e r m a i d s  a r e w e t  f o r d a y s ~_*
Doctor Disney
Lucy Chapman
3:27. Every Christian was offended at this moment also dat lil eye roll from purple Jon at 3:32 was everything lol
Princess K
I love Hercules part, and I couldn’t stop singing it to myself, my friend came up to me in class and said ‘why are you talking to yourself,’ I was really embarrassed because the whole class heard. Love you Jon, can’t wait for the next one...
Beth Locke
Ok I have an idea: After Ever After 4 Alice in Wonderland- about drugs Snow White/Sleeping Beauty- about rape Coco- about family separation at the boarder Tangled- about abuse in the home Pinocchio- about kidnapping and/or child molestation ALSO I SAW ANOTHER COMMENT WITH GREAT IDEAS: Brave- The war between Britain and Scotland Tarzan- about deforestation ( Like or repost so he sees plz) (original comment from Blueberry UnderSwap i'll comment their channel)
True Awkwardness
The Aladdin one made me sooo sad... I almost cried. But every time he does the, "A hundred thousand children plead," I get chills. It was so good, he is super talented!
Pastel Cobra
I HAVE NEVER CLICKED A VIDEO FASTER!!!! I love these...despite the fact that they ruin my childhood haha.
gerard the crow
I'm pretty sure that Peter is pan I'll leave
Marieke Hemelsoet
When you watch all three 'After ever after's, you can really hear the evolution of his voice. IT'S FREAKING AMAZING!
Lol there best part about the Peter Pan dog is when his voice cracks when he says “puberty” 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣🤣
Var _
Jon should make a video like this but it should be about Disney villains who are presumed to be dead but he can sing about how they’re actually alive and how they’ll get their revenge.
Dana Yi
Each one just gets better and better. And I'll be here in 2025 for After Ever After 4!!
Thomas Ochoa
Love the end "Screw Trruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu×1000000000000000)) mmmp
Lauren Spurling
Simba is the MANE event
Dat Girl
Peter pan literally killed me 😂😂🤣🤣
Kaleb Martin
2:52 This transition impresses me every time, and I keep replaying it! I'd love to see a full rendition of the original song in this style!
Brent Dreher
He's back! Hunting, genocide, racism, puberty, any topic safe? No.
Nesta Williams
Why does this remind me of the Sander Sides,from Thomas Sanders channel Simba:Logan/Logic Peter Pan:Patton/Morality Hercules:Roman/Creativity And lastly my favourite Aladdin:Virgil/Anxiety
Aleyna Mendez
My favorite was Hercules
Truffles Da Whale
Holy crap, he really sounds like aladdin :0
Crispy Liza
Ivy Martin
I love even when he’s Herc's enemy he still sings backup for him!
Fantastic Beck
PLEASE do Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame in the next one!
Anushka Taneja
Ok I have an idea: After Ever After 4 Alice in Wonderland- about drugs Snow White/Sleeping Beauty- about rape Coco- about family separation at the boarder Tangled- about abuse in the home Pinocchio- about kidnapping and/or child molestation ALSO I SAW ANOTHER COMMENT WITH GREAT IDEAS: Brave- The war between Britain and Scotland Tarzan- about deforestation ( Like or repost so he sees plz) (original comment from Blueberry UnderSwap)
Caypel 8947
I want the sequel to have Aladdin and jasmine find each other
Georgia Productions
I love how you did Disney boy characters this time! switching it up a bit! I was smiling and dancing in my chair the whole way through. omg AMAZING JON
Shawn Mendes’s Girl [xXSarahSingsXx]
2:53 is my favorite part
Madison Butler
I love watching these over and over. So much work goes into it and I'm amazed each time, dang. Hercules has got to my favorite, as well!
Can't decide if your eyes are blue or green Jon. .hm.. .
Magic Lions
Yo guys he finally found the acc password!
see you next year Jon!
I like musicals *outside of Hamilton*
This was published right before I went to camp and I didn’t sleep and ended up memorizing it and annoying all my friends from singing this so much.
Ivan Sabandal
1:36 what kind of an expression is that
Disney4 Ever
My favorite is Peter Pan when he says now I have been stuck at age 16 for 80 years of puberty in unforgiving tights
This takes sooo much skill and I give you so much respect for that!
Toxic Tears
Choked on my breakfast at screw trump
Kalvin Nue
Alice goes drugs Moana tsunami Aurora coma and rape Meg (read the Greek history book) Tarzan gets lost in the city 101 Dalmatians gets sold off to the pound Coco immigration separation
Madison Nicole
"I'm a happy little thot." "Okayy."
Tia Darlene
low key *cough* high key *cough* obsessed
Inuchan Best
Sitting ready for the next one. I really cant wait for Rupunzel, I think I know what he would do for her. ALSO! I'm in a competition and we have to sing a bit of disney songs, and we have to rewrite it to make it as if it was in real life. I got to have all four of these songs (cuz i asked). And I sand them and everyone including my teachers were dying of laughter.
De Sister Show
Vida-Joda Kigundu
Every time I watch his videos I am so amazed at the care he takes to make these, honestly. 💞
Wait . how cool would it be if he did a harry Potter house singing video. I know he did 99 sec one.
Charlotte Radler
And this is why we don’t HAVE AFTER HAPPILY EVER AFTER!
Yassin Osman
I was studying math, and I've been studying it for about 4 hours ish now. I started day dreaming and searching for the solution in the comments section, until I realized this isnt the math PDF book for calculus.
Niamh C
A day I never thought would come
Tereza Styles
"I don't think Hamlet ended up this way".... didn't it, though? :D
Peter Zupan
Ok, this is literally the best thing that has happened to me in the last years. Please please make a part4 and/or marry me!
Life is complete I can sleep now My skin is clear My crops are plentiful And my ears are blessed
Emily Silvernail
hoptown green
You need to do "Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Protigy 419
3:58 so thats where Aladdin went
JustAinsley12 12
Part 4 please please please please
Jacky J
this got like ten times gayer than the past two ones...I LOVE IT
Slug Eater
hercules one was amazing
Phoenix Bandera
How high is this guy's IQ? Such ability in cordination and obvious patience and determination. The ability to gather such a strong following would place him at at least 130 I would say.
Brandon Alexander Vargas Quero
This is my favourite video of the Disney Parodys
If you want a after ever after 4 like this comment 🤷🏻‍♂️
Nothing will top this for the rest of year see you within the next two years peoples
*i'm a happy little thot*
Madison Ackerman
Did he draw the cards??? :)
haya s
بخصوص الاسلام والشريعة الاسلامية ... محد طلب رايك فيها :) ف لا تتطرق لهالموضوع مرة ثانية
Georgina Peters
I'm pretty sure 9 million of these views are from me at this point
Omg I never thought it would happen. BUT IT FINALLY HAPPENED AND ITS SO GOOD
Bridget Charlton
Can you make the Hercules bit into a full song cover? It was SO good.
charlotte wilson
He is to talented
The_Lauren _Coley
3:31... gotcha
eduardo andrade
Just can’t wait to “After ever after 4” in 2107
gordon ram ram
These 5 minute videos have so much effort put into them
Dean Winchester
This is amazingly brilliant, this must have taken ages but it’s brill I swear
Kayleigh Callahan
I remember your old harry potter in 99 seconds video
Jan Victor Melsen 8B Strandskolen
My favorite part is at 0:48. "Oh my species is going extinct". Also Jon and I just offended a lot of animal lovers lol...
Introvertive Gaming
3:31 it took me a WEEK to get the joke. Jesus: You see I came inside a virgin's bod Herc: So have I Just read that. Over and over. Until you get the god damn punchline.
Audra Welsh
I can tell you’ve been working on music while you’ve been gone, it might just be me but your harmonies sound a lot better and more complex or something
That hercules tho
The Impish Dullahan
How on Earth did I miss this and how come no one told me? I'm disappointed in YouTube and all my friends and family!
Angel Gilbert
wHY am I just now noticing that dope ass run by purple jon at 0:37??????????? like wtf I literally replayed it like 15 times now i can't stop listening to it?????
ggg2005 PAULINO
Part 1 is Jasmine's side Part 3 is Alladin's side Part 5 will be the Genie
timid elle
lily torres
Omg love the last line "screw trump" 😂😂
Arabella Drummond
This is my new favorite thing! Too everyone who complains about how long these take: how easy do you think it is to do this?
Avery O'Dylan
i never knew it has pt. 3 until tuesday, dec 11th 2018, 22:15 p.m.
Jomes 14
The Peter pan one
Oh boy we're moving from princesses to princes now, I'm hyped af