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Oh MAN this is a sick movie. It's like they expanded the best story in Heavy Metal into its own movie and this time included DIALOGUE! Yeah... try to watch the original version again now after realizing no one talks during the whole thing! #HeavyMetal #ToonGods Heavy Metal 2000 (also known as Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.² outside North America) is a 2000 Canadian-German direct-to-video adult animated science fiction film produced by Jacques Pettigrew and Michel Lemire, and directed by Michael Coldewey and Lemire. Starring the voices of Michael Ironside, Julie Strain, and Billy Idol, the film is the follow-up to the 1981 animated cult film Heavy Metal, which is based on the fantasy magazine of the same name. The story is based on the graphic novel, The Melting Pot, written by Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley and Eric Talbot. The film was made by CinéGroupe, a studio based in Montreal, Quebec. Cast: Michael Ironside as Tyler Julie Strain Eastman as Julie; the on-screen character was also based on Strain's likeness Billy Idol as Odin Pierre Kohn as Germain St. Germain Sonja Ball as Kerrie Brady Moffatt as Lambert Rick Jones as Zeek Arthur Holden as Dr. Schechter Heavy Metal 2000 received negative reviews; based on 10 critics, the film currently holds a 10% rating on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. The film had a video game about the events after Heavy Metal 2000, titled Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.², in which the player assumes the role of Julie as she fights to save Eden from an evil entity called "GITH". The game is set some time after the film and features cameo appearances of several characters, for example, Julie's sister Kerrie, the pilot Germaine (now married to Kerrie), and a resurrected Tyler. Soundtrack: "F.A.K.K. U" — 1:44 "Silver Future" by Monster Magnet — 4:29 "Missing Time" by MDFMK — 4:35 "Immortally Insane" by Pantera — 5:11 "Inside the Pervert Mound" by Zilch — 4:07 "The Dirt Ball" by Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid — 5:33 "Störagéd" by System of a Down — 1:17 "Rough Day" by Days of the New — 3:18 "Psychosexy" by Sinisstar — 4:02 "Infinity" by Queens of the Stone Age — 4:40 "Alcoholocaust" by Machine Head — 3:38 "Green Iron Fist" by Full Devil Jacket — 3:51 "Hit Back" by Hate Dept. — 3:52 "Tirale" by Puya — 5:34 "Dystopia" by Apartment 26 — 2:56 "Buried Alive" by Billy Idol — 5:10 "Wishes" by Coal Chamber — 3:06 "The Dog's a Vapour" by Bauhaus — 6:44 Additional tracks: (These were used in the film but were not included in the official soundtrack... for some unknown reason.) "Apparition" by Coal Chamber — 2:28 "Hate me" by Sons of Domination — 2:24 "Ion" by Voivod — 4:32 "You Don't Know What It's Like" by Econoline Crush — 4:02 Tags: "Heavy Metal 2000", Heavy, Metal, 2000, 2000's, 2000s, 00's, 00s, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sequel, Animated, Cartoon, Michael, Ironside, Julie, Strain, Billy, Idol, Tyler, Julie, Odin, Full, Movie, Uncut,

This sucks. The 1981 Heavy Metal is the best!!!
they should have made Corben's Mutant World, or his adaptation of the Voyage of Sindbad (which was ORIGINALLY going to be the Corben short in the Heavy Metal movie before they ultimately went with Den), into a full-length movie, instead of this. but this was made when Kevin Eastman owned the publication and EVERY FUCKING THING revolved around his girlfriend like the narcissist he is.
starwars fan
I only came here to see boobs and listen to some hardcore heavy metal music.
Adam Welch
Yeah the first one was better but this one's still cool
The animation on this version looks suckky.
Eric Panissidi
the original was perfect cult classic this is OK but Micheal Ironside and Billy idol voices couldn't save it even stoned
I love this movie too. Lord Tyler is the perfect villain. Nothing can replace the magic of the 1981 Heavy Metal though.
Vicki Stafford
Heavy metal 2020 ??? Need that!
i am
If u dont like this movie ur not a man haha. Ya its not like the 1st but still ur no man if u dont like this movie
Space Ghost
5 mins in and I still like the 81 version more. Animation, soundtrack, and story wise. I will keep an open mind...
Abraham Manders
I got the 666 like on here. 🤘 🤘.
Gut ZZ
Yes, yes the original 1981 was amazing but most of us came here for Michael Ironside (Tyler).
Haiden Mansett
I watched the 81 version when was 6 and my parents were asleep
Michael Fithian
81 rules the day.
under taker
why the movie has low ratings
Elijah Matthews
One of the many reasons to love Michael Ironside. Thank you for the upload😎
Unicron305 MIAMI
It's kool, flow wit it 👍
when will people learn? if you find a strange, glowing object, LEAVE IT THERE! it was buried for a reason!!
The Black Knight
I want one of the sexbots
This popped up for me as I have some mix tapes I made with similar theme on my channel!
Victor M
Ehhhhhhhhhh needs more Taarna
Riddler 5
Story wise this is better and the girl is hotter. 1 should have had one main story instead of multiple mini ones.
What is the name of the song that play during the opening credits?? I don't hear it on the soundtrack..
E. Lewis Basher
It was O K but the original was better
Lawrence Foster
Looks like the Antarctica and weird times.
Thanks for this
Can you do the 1981 movie as well this one is so kickass I gotta see the other one
Mario Barrientos Garay
Muy buena peli,amigo
M Arnold
Thanks T.G. it's all good!!!
drunkdrop&roll mail
the art is just what sucks about this new one no wonder is free
Austin Pham
Mario Yurivan
A like movis. Very real. Exelent
I gotta admit, the movie is pretty awful. Thanks for uploading it though.
The Mad Butcher Hennessy
crap loads and loadsof crap
Tristan smith
i just realised that the black haired chick in the shower scene may have been the inspiration for kiva andru from megas xlr, the hair and face definately resemble kivas' with the only hair colour as a difference.
Ricky Rismansyah
When narator said until now..i swear for a moment there with that music thinking Empire storm troopers welcome darth vader lol
Eric Stevenson
I was mad this wasn't an anthology film.  Personally, I thought this was stupid and pointless.  If you like it yourself, fine.
Faisal Ali
54:16 big ones.
JD Van guy
this movie was actually pretty good ( not as good as the first though) but I found the music very sub par. there was so many tracks I can think of that would be ten times better then the shite in this movie lol
I came here to see boobs❤❤
Carlos Custodio
I really like this movie but yes, the 1981 original is far superior. How come they never made any more movies? Thanks for the upload.
Igor Menezes .'.
81's is better
Majk Wazofski
Granted I didn't watch original one from 1981, but I enjoyed it Based on comments here this one couldn't keep magic of 1st one though it's improved storywise and in animation. Animation imo seems move alive (based on few vids on YT of original one) with cool oldschool style though computer animation wasn't nessary here I'm highly interested in 1st one since it's "magic" can't be copied and is a bit more varied since there are multiple storylines that I imagie are different stories tied in finale. Maybe event with different style? Like zombies in B17, psychic wars etc.
Frank Gomez
Ya I agree
Sam Owenby
Thanks for your time uploading this movie. I enjoyed it.
Arif Fuad
OK I hated it all but loved julias kiss
Carlos Custodio
On second thought, the original was at times too goofy. I prefer this one.
Makak the Nerd Monkey
Oh man.. that dogfight scene with Pantera playing... my childhood right there !!
charlY fransua
Happy to see another movie this one still kicks ass
Ryan Thomas
Kenny is really cheesin
Somebody stole my sword. Piney.
dark side
mganda kya ito?reply sah mkkaintindi
sam houston
This wasn't bad for a second installment.
Sean K
Lord Tyler is Glenn Danzig!
Tommaso Fu
I came here only for pantera
Heavy Metal de 1981 é o clássico.
Daniel Allred
This is crap!
Pheiffer Aurielle
Yeah, yeah its not as good as the original, and i agree, but you were the one who clicked the damn movie.
31:20 putting attempted rape in a cartoon nice (sarcastic)
valintine thompson
you fool that was my last one. i like this movie
sis vs sis
What kinda 78 people don't like this bs