Winter in Wartime( execution)

execution scene of the boys father remixed with vision-x ray dog. epic movie

Any body spot the modern air freshner in the plug socket on the wall ?
What movie is this, please? Is it a Dutch movie called 'Oorlogswinter?' tac
Bastiaan Berk
um... I needed this part of the video for my dutch homework... now I don't even know why I wrote that comment -_-
oh yeah how? i think you talk .......
For the murder of a german soldier
Melvin Bonzarelli
i liked the part with the dancing midgets.
glad to hear it, vision - xray dog
and i cried watching this :(
this video saved my life
what song is this? I really like it
Bald Guy
im spreek dutch
Bald Guy
i spreek dutch
Bald Guy
this is dutch
Bald Guy
thats is dutch
Matt D
That just ruined my day
Life is a Deathmatch
The End of a Patriot..
Koby Oku
that guys face though on 3:21
Bald Guy
halo ik ben ronan ik ben nederlands en ook engels
Toby_lade Samuel
well the Nazi lost
Stephen Williams
Made the mistake of watching a movie just like this one before one of my last martial arts tournaments. We were in germany and lost my cool and paralyized the man I was sparring with who was a german soldier. Still feel bad about it.. did not watch the full clip here.
Olaf Hantzsche
Wir deutschen haben auch eine schlimme Vergangenheit. Wir sollten uns ganz ruhig verhalten auf der welt
Alex Woolsey
Watched the movie horrible
Good action ! 😊