AMY LEE - "If You're A Star"

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Amy brings her children’s music album Dream Too Much to life in this animated special. Watch the full version exclusively on Prime Video and listen to the album that inspired the video exclusively on Amazon Music /> Like Amy Lee on Facebook at: Follow Amy Lee on Twitter at: />Follow Amy Lee on Instagram at: Follow Amy Lee on Spotify at:

I'm 17 and I could sleep to this. Just because its Amy's voice
André Turcati
if this is a children's album I'm a proud 21yro child
Stephan Phillips
But if you're a star then the mechanical lights of Lisbon would frighten you away.
"The video is meant to illustrate that we’re never alone, that we’re not so different, all across the world. All you have to do is look up to remember that we are all under the same very big sky, maybe even wishing on the same star.” ~Amy Lee
fernando Alcala
I can imagine an Evanescence version of this and... omg Please, make it happen!
I am 25 and not ashamed of watching/listening to this.
I desperately want her to do a Christmas album.
i can't see your staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar...... oh wait
Sergio Balbin
Tengo 20 años y orgullosamente puedo decir que AMO escuchar esta musica de mi salvadora. ♡ *ella me ayudo a no morir de la depresion*
Rayan H
Why do I feel like this has a deeper meaning?
A lovely children's album but I know thousands of adults will listen to it as well. Amy has a gorgeous voice.
Claudia S.
I'm 25, I have no children, and I'm in love with this album
Snow WhiteQueen
The stars are shining bright And I'm wondering what they're seeing Can't them see me watching now Stars come out at night I'm wondering if they ever sleeping I wonder if they're dreaming How do you sleep at night If you can't never turn off your light How do you sleep at night If you're a star The earth is beautiful at night Fireflies are dancing Listening to the quake scene Fireworks ignite Exploding in a rainbow Making all the trees go How do you sleep at night With all the magical things inside How do you sleep at night If you're a star Million stars to show us what's the way home And how much to see in the dark If you're feeling lonely Just look how high Be with you whatever you are It's time to say goodnight But the stars are busy listening Cause everybody is wishing I wish I may, I wish I might That the stars will know I'm grateful That's so very faithful Thank you for all your light And making the world so bright But how do you sleep at night If you're a star
Amelia M.
This song is so so so beautiful along with Amy's angelic voice that I cry every time. Probably the most beautiful song Amy has every written. I will definitely sing this to my future child at bedtime <3
A Failed Artist
Why am I crying?
Nohemi Rously
Cuando vuelva a cuidar niños les pondré el álbum completo todos los días!
Nope, if I ever have kids, they are starting with "Tourniquet", "Hello" or "Imaginary".
Marinaldo Silva
It brought a tear to my eye! The best song of the album! Thank you, Amy Lee!
Is it normal that a grow man like this so much?
Oscar Eduardo Núñez Rodriguez
Los que tenemos niños entendemos perfectamente la postura de Amy Lee... Le cambian a uno la vida, el pensar, el sentir. Me imagino que por esa razón sacó un album así. ¡¡Muy buena canción!!
Zhiar Ali
aí que lindo vou chorar :'D
Tara Mccullagh
I love it, please can this be in CD form my daughter would love it :)
fairy dust
so beautiful😍 and EVANESCENCE IS SUPPOSED TO BE COMING OUT WITH BEW MUSIC😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍😍😍😍😭😭😍😭😍😍😭😍😭😍😍😍😭😍😍😭😍😭😍😍😍😍😭😍😍😭😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭
I literally cried. So beautiful, so touching. I really love how softly she sings here, I was missing that rawness. So fucking beautiful.
Ítalo Gomes
I cant believe how good this album is! So proud of you
Amy, all of your new videos are marked as 'not listed'. In this kind of privacy only people who's got the link can see the videos. This is not good for promoting your music. You gotta change it to "Public". Hope I'm helping :) kisses!
Love the part when the sheep got on the star and flew over the houses. So cuuutee!
Carla Profeta
This song brought tears to my eyes!! Love this!!
Ann Strife
So pretty :D I'll be playing this for my baby brother from now on.
Latin America loves you and always will support you, thanks for change so many lifes💝💝
loveless ai
I knew I wasn't crazy when that appeared on my tumblr then disappear
Emilia Iriarte
será la canción de cuna de mi bebé, muchas gracias por traer tu talento a los niños 💜
André Turcati
This is so so so beautiful :') Love from Brazil
Tania Maroun
Amyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love youuuuuuuuu this song is so adorable I love this song so much
Ariadne Rodrigues
when I was 13 I used to listen Going Under, now I'm 28 I am still going under, but now I listen If You Are a Star..
Rik Dawn
It is so cute! I admire you.
LessVille Paramore
your voice is so beautiful Amy ❤ nunca dejes de hacer música, x que nunca me cansaré de escucharte 😊
Emily Green
I feel like an infant again 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
This is so beautiful that i cry 😫
Spider Heart
im making bread and listen to this song :-)
Bruna Baracho
I love this song 😍💗
Lee Yonseul #ConTV
Que perfeito!! ❤😍
I almost fell asleep, but not in the bad sense. I meant, it felt like a baby in his mom's arms. <3
Bogdan Ghiorghiu
Before this gets a million comments I just want to say this: Thank you, Amy! I am so used to your voice ever since I was a teenager and Evanescence was my favorite band. This song makes me feel so happy and calm :) I'll definitely buy the album and I wish you a long career and all the best for you and your family!
This song like has connections with "Your Star" I think.
Nicola Groom
I love Amy, she has gone from rock to this and its still absolutely beautiful
Jessica Moreira
1:37 Rio Brazil <3 <3
Marcus Berigo
So sweet <3
Nikki Mierjeski
These videos are so Amy's style, and they make me cry of cuteness!
Ev Latin NEWS
Nadine Rothfuchs
I love it although I'm almost 22 😍😂
Pierre Rodrigues
What amazing video, Amy. This is my favorite on the record. 💜
Carlos Quispe
I am 42 and not ashamed of listening this song !!!!
Celestial Ode
If i had a baby that's the music i'd play in his bedroom at night
Cry Baby
Aaaaaameeeeeei Amy Lee só para baixinhos ♥
Lady of Darkness
This is so sweet I'm legit in tears ❤︎
Eric Champlin
Reminds me of Immortal and Bring Me To Life. So dark and mysterious. Love it. ;)
Ugh such a cute video & such an uplifting song, amazing work Amy Lee!
Yon Villa
I could not help but cry everytime I hear this song, love your voice Amy :')
Nona Business
it's funny to see people comment that they think she changed but don't realize evanescence had made songs just like this before lol uh uh "Swimming Home"... "Goodnight".... "The last song I'm wasting on you".... "you"...
Larry Jones
Amy, it's beautiful.
Matt Redone
Loved it! Gave me desire to be a dad just to sing this song for my kids.
Kayla Miller
I've been having a lot of anxiety attacks from stress at night that prevent me from falling asleep, but this song has comforted me and calmed me down. I love this song, and I cry because of how pure and innocent it is. It moves me to the core. Thank you, Amy. I know it's a children's song, but as an adult, I'm trying to rediscover the child within me and bring some light back into my life. 💜
Javo Verdugo
Qué tierno cuando las ovejas duermen ☺️
Well, if you ignore the lyrics, it sounds like a pretty good Evanescence song. If the rest of the songs are like this, I could probably enjoy it in the right mind-set.
Joel Santiago
I plain on getting the album for my son
punk rock dark jester videos
I will play this for my kids when they go to bed even though I don't have kids. but I will have one baby when I'm married, I'm only 19 and still getting into college.
Jockselineth Alvarado
Amo estas canciones cuando tenga hijos seran sus canciones de cuna te amo Amy Lee
I want this album...
Melanie Skala
I love idea that she used for her music video! Very adorable! I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
Michael Bruning
Excellent lullaby. I am a Early Childhood Educator and I might use this for nap time. Nice repetition, not over stimulating and very relaxing for young minds to allow there body to become still for sleep.
Even though its an album for children, the vocals are amazing. Love you Amy xx
IzzyTheLittleDarkOne Jarvis
Good album for my 4 year old cousin to listen to to introduce your amazing music to her. Her Dad really likes Evanescence too
Fernanda Yuri
Fofooooo! Meu filho quando for pequeno escutará isso e quando crescer ouvira Evnescence haha
Hossam Almnaseer
Celso Caballero
i have 29 yro and really love this song in particular, the voice of amy really makes me feel like happy all the time.
Nadia Caroline
Só a Amy pra fazer eu ver isso
I’ve got a niece/nephew on the way and I plan to sing these songs to him/her. I can’t wait to introduce Amy to the next generation ❤️
Rpa Ralte
Can't stop listening to this song...We are having a baby this month very exited!!!
Sam Stone
the animation is so cute and it's so soothing with Amy's voice which in short translates to PERFECT
How cozy! It makes you feel all warm inside~
Lady Enigma
This is so beautiful. I am so excited for this album!
Luciano Barbosa
Amy ta gravida e despertou instinto materno?1
I love the lyrics.. ^_^
Fred Reindl
I'm definitely playing this for when I have a child. I just came upon this song and already, it's brought me to tears.
omg im in love with this style she is doing.. her voice was always amazing and it just fits so well for this
another beautiful song by a wonderful artist :)
Derald Osmond
This is beautiful, made me smile
Your voice is god blessed!!!!
Aila Rego
Amy's voice is so sweet. I love it!
Liz Fizz
I love this!! Amazing!!
This is song is so beautiful! <3
I love this song so much, Amy's voice is so beautiful. Also, how cute is this video.
Jaqueline Lynn
just so cute and beautiful 😍😍💝💘❤
Mama Guinn vlogs
Thank you for this video! My 15 month old watches this and dream too much every night and falls right asleep! Buying the cd asap to put in his room and his brothers! This song is GOLD at our house. When our littlest fights sleep our 4 year old says "mama give him is star song he will go night!"
beautiful, absolutely gorgeous
I'm 21 and this makes me cry
So beautiful Amy‼️😍🌟
Cau o cabeludo
it's excelent song to sleep