BILLY - California High (Official Video)

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Violet Hampshire
Eww 😂 der Anfang ist richtig unangenehm
[Verse1] I found someone that loves just like you I found a girl, I think I like her too Tonight's the night, let's go for a ride I wanna drown in your California eyes I'm driving fast, I need to slow down I've seen this road, not going back now I don't care, I dance on my own We are young but we are halfway home [Pre-Chorus] I'm in the moment Tell me what you wanna do We let it snow Enjoy the mountain view Like superheroes, we catch the stars and moon [Chorus] We got this one last night with our hands up high Make me feel alive when my mind's enslaved for you (Not looking for love, just looking for you, ooh) I got this one last one night, I got nothing to hide Baby, don't be shy, cause my kiss won't lie to you (Not looking for love, I'm looking for you, ooh) [Verse 2] I wear sunglasses all through the night Our skin is glowing from the red traffic light And if you feel me let our bodies collide I wanna dive in your California High
Elizabeth Rodríguez
Billy 😍😘😘 este hombre se merece un gran amor de verdad, en sus últimos canciones la letra es muy parecida ,no hay duda que le rompieron el corazón 😑
Jaicei Rios
Thank you for changing my life. Your music is beauty. Your music gave me memories with my brother.
Leta Nesterenko
He is probably gay, but maybe he actually has a wife and three nice kids. Not something everyone needs to know. Happiness love to be quiet... There also were a lot of stars who was hiding their families for different reasons, so ... Just enjoy music who f***ing cares about orientation or family or whatever. BILLY is a great character. I love it, as for Bill Kaulitz – just hope he will be well enough, healthy and not addicted to anything like drugs or fast speed… for next like 50 years so he is able to create good music.
Wow.... das ist irgendwie hypnotisierend, schwer zu beschreiben.. einfach mega ❤ Ich hoffe wir finden alle diese eine Liebe bzw behalten sie 🌙❤
Клара Пронина
Этот голос можно узнать из миллиардов💖😍
Two years later 😂❤
Oh My God. That opening and ending.... made me cry.... oh bill, ... that’s just so sad. The beautiful melody is so touching to the heart. So beautiful. I can hear that in repeat, but if I did I’ll be crying over and over just bc it’s that beautiful. The main song is addictive, but I think the intro and outro are the stars in this video. Thank u for being so open. Ur voice is so emotional... we can hear u Bill. We can. 😎🌹
Mike Kotov
*2019 anyone?*
Айгуль Каспранова
I can't stop listening... I liked their music before and I like it now))
Chris L.
Gänsehaut und mir is schlecht.
Fabio Mansos
This song is incredibly underrated. Really love the vocal range of it, the sound, the effects, the instrumental. The video doesn't really make it as half as great as the audio
Annette Hofmann
Ich bin 49 w und bin fasziniert von diesem jungen Mann, der mich auch stark an meinen Sohn erinnert. Weiß gar nicht recht wie ich es beschreiben soll. Der Sound , der Text, die Stimme , Video und natürlich dieser einmalige hübsche junge Mann , man kann einfach träumen beim ansehen seiner Videos. Ich mag sie alle sehr, sehr gerne ansehen oder hören. Auch mit 49 , im Kopf ist man immer 20.
Kerli Strify
Valió la pena esperar? - Valió cada maldito segundo! ♥️♥️👽
Amandine Morel
This song makes me feel sad but I love it. I can't explain exactly what I feel. But thanks
tasha nn
still love that song, would love to hear it live on tour !
Ксения Евсина
It's amazing song and great words but video is boring, sorry) I expected not that.
jorge urbina
Tokio hotel feat the weeknd 👽💪👑
Shirishti Panwar
Bill is true beauty. Highly talented. I love you, always will. He has this emotional, next level voice. Which is sexy.
Alice Agliardi
Bill you are TOOOOP!!!! You are my preferit !!!!!
Brenda Neashish
I like the old and the new Billy or bill kaulitz whatever, you are my inspiration you make me happy when I hear your voice, since always ❤️
kaulitzcest muñeco darkness love angeles
Teamo miamor Billy Billym danze mylove!😁😇😄😉😃😀😂🌍🤗🙂☺️😆🤣
Sophie Scholl Fan Die Weisse Rose
Better than ever und ich lerne DEUTSCH ;-)
MAN!!! Imagine a Featuring BILLY + 2D GORILLAZ :D
Eisern Front
Reminds me of cross over between George Michael and that guy from Savage Garden
Giulia C.
_I believe in love, nothing but love. The big kind of love, the over the top kind of love, the overwhelming and out of control kind of love, the I would do anything for you kind of love. So why should I settle? I'll keep searching for you._
Proud Byrd
Ich verstehe nicht viel von Musik usw. Aber dieser Song zeigt auch deine persönliche Entwicklung Hammer 😉🌸🌺 Viel Erfolg weiterhin 🍀🍀🍀 LG Vicky 🍸
Ketheryn Brandão
Amor da minha vida!!! Bill você é demais ❤️😍
Native American Indian NDN
damn bill this is smooth it flows from the either great song bro luv ya
My love Bill ❤❤❤ Forever Tokio Hotel 😻😻😻
Raul Darquea
Latinos? : v
1 million finally! :D
Haruco Mio
Let not like in 2007, but still very romantic and soulful. People do not become attached to what was. It was a great time, but now is a good one. Bill, you're great! Keep going! I have not watched your new creative format for a long time. And today I decided to see how you and Tokio Hotel, what you breathe now. Now, as an early fan, I appeared as a real fan. Thanks google translator and greetings from Russia.
Billy dont leave Us please :((
Katarzyna Golka
only 590 k view???? why??? :O
Alexanddra Hernández
LATAM presente! aunque no vinieron con el drim machin te seguimos amando idiota❤
It may sound weird but I just can't imagine him being with a woman. It's probably because everyone is speculating from the beginning that he is gay, plus he never showed his partner in public (not even in 13 years), so it's kind of logical to me that he is hiding his relationships, which is very sad and I feel sorry for him. I can't explain very well but it's just feels so unnatural when he is with a woman in a video. :'D I see him as a very sensitive, romantic person who is looking for a true love but is having hard time finding someone because most gays just want sex and hide their sexual orientation while even having wifes, children and he is constantly in unfunctional secret relationships. Ofc I may be wrong, it's just how I see his life, obviously it's just a prediction.
Andy Kaulitz
I loved the video. Simply the best BILLY
markus dominic
1:24 bitte schön danke schön
Miss Julia
05:50 min till End...Best Part of the Video ❤
Bree Crawford
Do any of you realize how underrated Tokio Hotel is? Especially Bill just by himself. I am not surprised this video took awhile to come out. He had plenty of other things going on in his life. Wish people would just grow up and not comment with pettiness. Put yourself in someone’s else’s shoes for once. 😓 Spread some love people! I am happy it finally came out and I’m not disappointed in this video. I am proud of him! If you have nothing good to say keep it to yourselves 👍. Thanks!
Karen Gonzales
Bill Kaulitz, I congratulate you 2009 - 2018 :)
Viviane Port
Früher Tokio Hotel, heute Billy! ❤️ Du bist der Beste! Und meine 13 jährige Tochter liebt deine Musik ebenfalls.
Gabriele K.
Wow cooles Lied . Respekt Könnte ich mir 1000 mal am Tag anhören .Ein bißchen erinnert mich das Styling an George Michael .Aber tolle Musik .
I am absolutely obsessed with this song! Cannot stop playing this and Not Over You on Spotify :D
Alyssa Gomez
Someone who makes cool songs like this can't have a name like "billy"...please bill, return BILL KAULITZ
Margarett Cruz
Me encanta todo lo que él hace , desde modelar , cantar, hacer doblaje de voz , diseñador de moda etc Bill es impresionante y un gran triunfador.
That voice like a GOD! That song has unique sound ❤I love That❤ BILLY you're Incredible talented and handsome❤
Carly V.
Wow, he looks like a man now, I remember the first time I watched a Tokio Hotel's video I thought the singer was a girl, lol
Fernanda K.
So beautiful... I've been with you since Devilish, so good to see that everyone has grown well ! Alguém BR aqui? rs
I really want to believe that the kind of love he talks about exists, that's the love I've always dreamt of and it seems so rare to find today or even impossible. I thought I found it but it didn't last so I don't know anymore, if there is someone for everyone or if I will die alone
santa gurl
Oh Bill , I almost didn’t recognize you . Why you always so sexy 😱😱😱😍😍😍😍👍👍👍 your voice is the most beautiful thing 👏👏👏👍👍
Elisabeth Huttelmaier
YOU take her and don't want her.It's a one side one night stand.Pretenting for a Relation ship.
Kristina Stazic
I dont care what others say but your voice is amazing as your songs so keep up doing ur best 😘😘
I freakin' love Bill, but this video is the most boring thing I've ever watched. To me, a music video is meant to build something concrete and interesting around a song ; add something more than what the lyrics can already tell. It's like they didn't even try.
Bosuniajin San
Love it~ perfect for long rides
Blanka Keresztúri
Gosh! I just ralised, that this is Tokyo Hotel Bill, Jesus Christ!!! I'm still in love!
Jan Gott
Einfach Mega😅🇩🇪
Justina Alarcón
Two moths ago absolutely realized what Bill sings about and all the feelings he had at that moment Most of us pass through a similar broke up’s at least once I guess
ajniha ajniha
finalement tokio hotel <3 أنتم الأفضل <3
Billéna Léna
J'adore 😍 Ich liebe dich BILLY 😍😘❤️🌸
Ivy PinkSpider
Ahhh, pensé que no me gustaría, peeeeeeeeeeeero si. Bill culiao, te ami <3
N i N o
Billy or Bill Kaulitz, he is HE... And he is the best ❤🤴🏻
Ксилема Кетон
BILLY is great ❤💕 Love all your songs 😍
Li Na
Серьги крутые . Девушка играет хуже чем Кристен Стюарт .
Mr. Jack M
Great track.
I've been a fan for 11 years and even after so much time it makes me feel like a teenager. Always ♥️
Black Widow
Bill's always been so talented. He & TH deserve more hype.
Schatten lady
Пойду я лучше monsoon послушаю....
gunni gundam
Amazing voice since the beginning
bisartheque multiface
This is not the way it was meant to be... But you're still there, making music, making us dream, being so beautiful... Thank you <3 and keep on getting expensive, the ones who are ready to spit on you because they can't touch you don't deserve your art and your soul BILL KAULITZ IS THE PRINCE OF POP and the fan base don't give him the respect... That's why he can't touch a larger public...
Y2Juan ʕ•ᴥ• ʔ
I love how the female in this video is pretty much non existent to him, like he doesn't even make eye contact with her. We hear you, Billy, loud and clear! If you don't understand the meaning of this video, you don't deserve to. ;) #ItAintYouBitch #StillLooking #EP2NowPlease
Troye Sivan and Bill need to collab NOW, biiiiiish!
Ernando Moraes
I wish I could be a friend from B.K. :( But I think I'll never meet him.
Dahlia Avon
Krass was aus die geworden ist du hast viel erlebt und durch machen müssen. War Riesen Fan der ersten 2 Alben. Ich sag nur .. Schrei so laut du kannst!!
Patricia Egan
Thanks, I did. "I'm looking for you".
Vinesh Perera
Hold it . Who tf is driving the car btw lol 🤣
Shiloh Golden
I absolutely love him!!! Love his music!!
Letícia Nozari
Caraca é o Bill Kaulitz! Eu tô arrepiada!! ❤😍
Igor Zykov
thi is HITяра
Das Video ist sehr schön geworden *Daumen hoch* Freue mich, dass es endlich on ist :)
dosageoftingles ASMR
Anyone else think of Scream when he sang "Hey" lol xD
fan since 2007, you're so unique loveit
Eleonora Lambert
I think the Video are little similar to Hurts - Beautiful Ones..... Just my mind ! p.s the song is great :)
Na Área
Mano, como é que uma música consegue ser tão boa? Vcs têm noção de que eu não saio desse clipe há 3 dias?
Anddii B
2007 to 2018 and i still love you Bill, no matter what. XD don't lose that essence that makes you unique.❤👽❤
There's love within this account.
Needs more "I needn't you". People who heard Devilish will understand.
Alexandria Hinkel
Reminds me of jeffree stars music 🤷🏻‍♀️
Bill and Chanel!! So perfect...I used to play tennis with Chanel in our teens <3
Maria Elena
Saludos desde Perú.. desde que era chiquita tus canciones me encantaron ♡♡♡ as cambiando dms pero tus canciones estan presentes ♡♡♡
manoa piedallu
J'adore Billy 😍🔊🎵
Bill rocking the crazy feminist hairstyle and color
sofie jabakhidze
<3 <3 you are "the love" from my childhood...and i think that i still like you <3 best wishes from georgia <3
Mariele Duarte
Dnys Nell
¡Me encantó! Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪