How Buying Views Can Ruin Your Channel

In an effort to grow their channels faster, creators sometimes buy views and subscribers using various services that are available. Unfortunately, most of the time this can really hurt their channels despite claims and promises otherwise. In today's live stream I'll talk about the impact that buying views and subscribers can have, especially when it's fake views and subscribers, and what to watch out for in the promises many websites make about how they help you grow on YouTube. The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views: /> LOVE VIDEO CREATORS AND WANT TO GROW ON YOUTUBE? HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS! 1) SUBSCRIBE to learn how to grow your YouTube channel! /> 2) FREE EBOOK: "The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience" /> 3) BECOME A COMMUNITY SPONSOR: Access special community perks on our channel and support our trainings by clicking that Sponsor button! Or, click here: /> 4) LET'S CONNECT! -- />-- />-- /> 5) LISTEN TO THE VIDEO CREATORS PODCAST - iTunes: />- Soundcloud: />- Stitcher: />- Google Play: />- Spotify: /> 6) LET'S REVIEW YOUR CHANNEL: Book a private one-on-one YouTube channel consultation with Tim or someone on his team: /> MY FAMILY'S VLOGGING CHANNEL

Ryan B
6k views with 422k subscribers? Hmmmm ok
Jeremy L
Your page stats and video views make little sense, it’s odd that you are doing a video on this...
Jessica Nicole Faust
Honestly, what you brought up about giveaways, that’s why I don’t do giveaways because people come for free stuff and then most of them don’t stay and don’t watch! I’ve seen it many times on other channels
DiceyGurl D3e
Great stream learnt a lot about growing my channel organically. I will let my content be the one to bring in views and subs.
Miriam Havard
You can usually tell when something phony is going on..........
Steve Believe Guitar
14:09 unfortunately delivering valuable content doesn't work. I tried, made experiments. I made a professional video that actually ranked worse than others. What I mean is: YouTube doesn't promote better quality videos. Most popular videos are garbage. Btw, I discovered that 70% of big YouTube channels buy views and subs....
Tube Homie
if u suspect a person is sending you trafffic you should do as tim suggests but first thing is disable tyour ads on all your videos. turn them off
Very insightful! Thank you for making this video
Rob Hoffman
I've never understood why anyone would want to buy views or subs. It's not sustainable.
The Tutorial of Everything
Your Videos always help me a lot. Thank you!🙏👌🏻
xtraOrdinary Athletes
We saw some of these sites back when we started our channel. Even without the background knowledge, it just seemed so shady that we didn't even consider it. Glad to know we made the right choice! 😃
Spot ON!
Pahla Bowers
Always such an interesting conversation. Totally agree that what you do to get somewhere is what you'll have to do to stay there!
Double Days Family
I didn't even know people bought views. That just sounds like a really bad idea! 🤔
thanks for this video, I always learn a lot from your videos! :)
PetiPiet Sim
I have once bought about 10 "real" Subs for 5 bucks (seemed like a fair deal)..and got 200. But I REALLY REGRET having done that. Firstly, NONE of them are real viewers. Secondly: It messes up your Analytics. Now, after 1 month, it's normalizing again and I finally can read valuable information from the analytics again. I was very naiv. Don't be like me ;)
Ryan Welton
My question is about Google Ads to *promote* your videos. I get that they're legit in the YouTube world, but the traffic never produces anything for me. It's such a broad platform with very little room for deep targeting that I just wonder what your thoughts are on THAT. I'd be totally willing to spend $$$ on legit advertising, but I don't sense the real bang-for-the-buck in the one system YouTube says is a-ok to use. Your thoughts sometime, Tim? Appreciate all the videos!!
Chadwin Smith
I almost like these raw live streams more than the polished edited videos. Keep 'em bro! Very helpful. Key takeway: get creative and grow your audience without spending money.
I don't like those apps/sites, because it's so fake.. I prefer to get subscribers more slowly, in a fair way! Thanks for adressing this :)
Simply Pinay
i've tried it on one of the earliest videos. how do i reverse the effect?
Ilene Mack
Thank you as always:)
De Todo Un Poco
Ur subscribers and views are not adding up my g 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Ur talking about fake lol
Who was the author? Tim Ferris?
I have never paid for any promotion in my 10 years on YouTube but I recently did a 30-day in-stream pre-roll test with Google Ads promoting a new video on a newer channel (not RaceGrooves). I chose to do it now because that channel is very focused and I have a small library available. Thanks for talking about "Discovery Ads". Some stats are amazing! Data from Adsense, SUPERB view rate (88% watched at least 30 seconds). From YouTube Analytics, 47% of viewers who were watching the skippable video ad watched to the end! My AVD (Average view duration) was nearly 12 minutes out of a 21 minute video! Unfortunately, some stats are not encouraging. I don't see any way to break out stats from the ad viewers but 38K out of 54K views on the video were from the ad which yielded these engagement stats during that period: Likes 110, Dislikes 6, Comments 24, Shares 11 (this one is nice), videos in playlist 28, Subscribers 102 My budget was $9 a day, a penny a view, and I wound up spending $278.15 That basically means that I spend $2.73 per new subscriber. Now I only need each of the new subscribers to watch 2,500 videos...
Learn Russian
I just thought about getting started... but I saw your advice! Thank you!
Ntungwen Family
Modern Trends
Very glad to have watched this video Tim, Thank you for the great info.
HOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking Essentials
What you had to do to get views is what you have to keep doing to get views. Absolutely.
Casual Unboxing
Thanks for the video Tim, this was very educational.
Matthias Kleine
Is there a way to report those channels to YouTube? Ive seen that several times but the YouTube support told me that they will just help me with my own channel.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge
In add guru said 15 sec add but given 30 n more time add
Thank you for this great information unfortunately I fell into this trap. If I am not monetized, do I have much to be worried about? As far as my channel being taken down. Thank you for your time
Slow and Expensive
They say if you marry for money, you end up paying for every penny. Buying an audience seems the same.💰😱
Ideas By Kaushik
*Thanks for sharing!*
Papered Chef
I’m so glad you provided real examples. Another great video. Thanks
The only way to beat view bots is with CAPTCHA's Youtube hasn't even attempted to implement a CAPTCHA system....
Great video/stream, haven't rly thought about doing this since I knew none of the big youtubers have used it.
Dean Reynolds Media
Hey Tim what Streaming Software do you use for YouTube to also add Lower Thirds?
The people that are willing to cheat for numbers are the same people that get burnt out and will eventually quit.
Joaquin Lomeli
*I didn't even know you could buy views! Is that actually a thing??? Serious question! Lol*
Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage
never done it, never will. your effort is better spent watching video creators channel and others and improve your skill set, business model etc... currently at 25k subcribed people and growing.
koolio bbbaaha
A lot of those channels that upload tv show clips. Like family guy. 97% of those channels buy views
t 1 01
Very informative thanks.
Could you look into KingWindsor1 youtube channel he is buying subscribers he went from 299 to 700 in 10 minutes even though he averages 0 views on live streams and videos.
Emilees Adventures
Great video. Still watching it but wanted to share this story. Early on we went through something that may be different. We went with a company that offered so many views for so much money in so much time - selling it as advertisement. They guaranteed it and said it was through advertising on multiple sites. I looked at my VidIQ stats at one point and it showed our video was shared on hundreds of places. Good. Then I was able to dig in more and found it was shared on sites that looked similar and were sites for members only. After more research I discovered that they earned points by watching videos and then use those points to buy stuff. We did get some good legitimate comments but our watch time was super low. We also got a couple comments that were literally the name of the video. I'm thankful that we learned this lesson early on and have stayed away from it since. Thanks for another great video Tim.
Clifford Starks
Great tips Tim thank you👍
Mundo Misterioso
What worries me is that people can actually hurt someone's channel by buying them those services without they even knowing it.
On social blade if a channel loses views it's because they privated a video
Saadon Aksah
Well that was informative!
i dont wish to say how much youtubers spend on false subs and views
U literally said nothing
Rozani Designs Masquerade
I had no idea people did this! That explains a lot. Always good to learn what not to do. Thanks!
Billiq qilish
Umm hi Okay bye
Lindsie Rodgers
Tim, thank you for talking about this, but what about those who are using bots to bypass the block words just to get someone to go to their channel?
Patry Vlogs en Canada
Thank you so much for all uour tips!! Also I would like to know if i make a video 10 minutes long, would good or bad putting 4 advertise s or less? You know i just want to keep ppl watching for longer . thanks again 🙏🙏🙏
Oh! How long have I waited for you to do this video!! I can’t watch now but in the words of the terminator, “I’ll be back!” And yes! I am that old lol 😊
Tiny gacha Potato
I wasant here this time but I was there last time so.......
Esperanto Variety Show
15:40 "At the end of the day" - what was that sudden gesture? I read it as anger and frustration with these businesses.
Ashiq Shetty
I have the same number of subs for 1 month, what do I do? Also if you are new, how to get more visibility? Because you are new it's hard to hit a vast audience.. how do I hit more people?
McCabes ghostly going on
I am getting the views but not the subscribe I feel like giving up ?
Raynel Gonzalez
Thank you.
The World n Us
This is another timely video for us. Just started using google ads last week. Targeting people interested in the travel locations we visit through display ads. I think this is ok because the viewer has to click on the thumbnail which shows they are interested in what we’re offering. Have gained a few more subscribers and some people watching multiple videos. But our watch time is being destroyed! Plus there isn’t much engagement in the comments from these viewers. Might need to fine tune my targeting or perhaps our videos are just rubbish?
Miss Ideas 3030
Thank you for de advice, I will put all my work to grow organically!
Biệt Đội Vs Thử Thách
Helpful video...
HOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking Essentials
A friend's company bought subscribers and views a few years ago. They had over 12k subscribers in a very short amount of time, and the views began... The views stopped just after 6k views and everything stopped. Fast forward to today, they have less than 60 subscribers and zero traffic.
I reckon buying views can effect how YT ranks your videos, has anyone any experience or proof of this?
Abdullah Khaliq
I never bought anything I don't even have money lol
FutureSenator Leader
I knew it!!!, cause a few youtubers get the same views each video, 😬...and, they have a monitor that shows their subscribers gain'n like a telethon😨...wake up veiwers, a few youtubers are con artist
The Otaku Dad
Tim thanks and this cleared the air for many people struggling with this. It does hurt the channel in the long run but I think that many use it to kickstart for monetization with YT because it is so tempting.
Happypuppy CS:GO Happypuppy CS:GO
you gayyyyyyyyyyzzzzz
Fun play Kids videos
Great video Tim like usual, knowwing you will not see the respons to it :)😋 When will youtube hide the number of views to every video people tend to click on a thumbnail with high view count and this is a fact when they hide the number every one on the platform gets a chanse ;)
Seven is Enough
Wow. I didn’t know anything about this! Thanks for keeping us informed!!! I learn so much here!!!
Little Kitchen Big Food
So curiously, does the newest version of the algorithm recognize when a channel updates it's existing thumbnails and titles and does youtube re-evaluate where it places those newly thumbnailed/titled videos?
nightbot studios 2
I didn't know people bought subscribers, thought that was an early YouTube scamming thing. Good luck with audience retention with a FAKE audience...
Zom Bee Nature
I have never bought views or subscribers or anything else. Sometimes I get people trying to get me to but I am not even tempted. But I have people who come to my channel, go to comments from other people, and specifically ask that person to subscribe to them. I see them doing that on other channels too (I follow their trail of comments) and they have gone from ~3000 Subscribers to ~6000 subscribers over the summer. I don't know if that breaks the Terms Of Service or not. I want subscribers, real subscribers, but I don't know what is allowed. No, I have not done this myself.
ScRAP's Channel
Bipolar Corner
I think someone is doing this to me on one of my videos. So therefor what can I do?
For someone who has been on YouTube for 8-9 years struggling to do it the right way, staying genuine with my content and s l o w l y chugging along and just now slowly approaching 30k this is frustrating. I know people want views and subs, but it is hard knowing there are those buying success and get away with it.
Hello, Tim! I've been a gaming channel for over a year now. Recently I've changed my channel's topic and I don't make gaming videos anymore. Suprisingly, I haven't lost any subscirbers, but I'm not getting any, too! Does sudden topic change has an effect on channel growth? Thank you.
Jeffrey Gomez
What happens if you consistently buy views for a competitor's video/channel?
So, PewdiePie's 90 million subs is real then? Or is he to big for them to care?
Cheng Teoh
I've got a question, will Youtube catch someone who started out buying views & likes so that their videos will get pushed into the recommended feed in order to grow their channel from 0 to 500k within a month while not being monetized? With that big a following they'll soon stop needing to purchase views and likes and resuming their growth since their channel content has been well embedded into the youtube recommend feeds that it'll start to grow legitimately. If you pay attention to the genre of people who read r/ reddit posts you'll probably know who I'm talking about. Will Youtube be able to shut down that channel for the initial growth that was done against the Terms of Services?
I have videos on my channel with high views and low engagement, and I haven't bought ANY views-- EVER. Some of my videos take a long time to mature & grow viewership or engagement. I think part of the reason is that I also do not have FB and FB really seems to drive up views.
A Minute with Maui Perez
Do they sell views in dollars and do they do money transfers for payments? Strange
Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To - SPL
Been building my channel for over 6 years now. Never bought a view or sub. The tortoise and the hare - who wins at the end? 29 million views and 52K Subscribers - Very hard work. Listen up fakers...
MotorSport & Dream Cars
My channel has gone really really odd. Never paid for views or subs but the channel has significantly dropped in views and subs. Very very odd analytics as well. Was getting 2 subs a day until a month or so ago and now not had a sub in over a week. Spent so much time optimising everything and on the verge of quitting YouTube completely
House Station Live .com
buying views can help to reach the target necessary to monetise its videos
House Station Live .com
one time i had a dispute with a viewrs provider and he removed the views. he guaranteed the views was legit but if it was, how on earth can you remove 1500 views ? if a real person watch a video it's too late you can't change the past ! some of theses services are scam and only changes the displayed number, not the "real" google statistics.
Viajando Y Aprendiendo
I didn’t even know it was possible to buy views. Interesting!
Jacob Roberts
Tim, you used the term "organic viewer" several times. However, you never defined that term. I googled it and eventually figured out what it meant. *_Please_* define your terms when you start using them.
Adil Draws
People also buy fake views? I didn't know that.
Vickie's Country Home
I have seen a number of people asking for subscribers to run playlists all day and night for watch time. I don't like that practice, but how does YouTube view it?
Killersloth Gaming
Great video I haven’t bought any views but it is aliitle hard being so small and trying to get views.
It make so much sense, fake views destroy your video retention. STAY away from all sort of promotions we are not selling anything as creators, let YouTube get you out there slowly.
Sorry for commenting so much but I've gained 100 subs in the past month from spending a lot of time making my videos better and promoting my stuff on Insta. Two tips, make better content, and get in in front of the people that would like it
Chance Arcos
The entire premise is wrong. He said himself that the author was able to get a ton of exposure after buying views. No you won't get subs and engaged viewers from the initial buy, but once you trick the algorithm, it will promote you to people. This WILL get you subs. The whole game is how to trick the algorithm. Just look at all the Russian kid channels doing it. Starting with vlad. They are able to blow up a channel in a month! Once it is blown up, it gets recommended all over the place. So. Please tell me again Tim, how this doesn't work. Or do you just like taking money from suckers?
I think having a 1000 subscribers or whatever number makes people more likely to subscribe is a myth. Very few views come from the channel page and come from being in the mix and once you’re in a video the sun number isn’t prominent, maybe not see it and if it’s good people won’t care the size anyway