Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

Stewie Griffin
The way Elon speaks it's like he's from the future and is careful not to say something to disrupt the time space continuum.
Joshua Brooke
I love that Elon’s idea of a joke is creating a company
Ryan Uys
Joe when he doesn’t understand: “And how would you explain this to someone who doesn’t understand what you’re saying?” 😂
"If you want a flying car, just put some wheels on a helicopter" - Elon Musk, 2018
Elon’s shower thoughts must be insane
Austin Wolfe
The passion that Elon has for human kind is truly inspiring. Definitely the role model for my life.
Kolby Roberts
"how do you manage your time to handle all these things you do?" "We sold 20000 flamethrowers"
Gustavo Ramirez
“Do people want privacy? Cause they seem to put everything on the internet”
Jennifer Marea
"What kind of unhinged people are gonna be buying a flame thrower in the first place?" *David Dobrik*
We were alive during the time of Elon Musk
Fancy Food Fight
"Love is the answer" *Methodically strokes a hunting knife* I'm getting mixed signals
Bryce Parker
So we're just going to dismiss the fact that Elon straight faced said that he is an alien? 😂
Elon tries weed. “Wow this is a great clock”
7:30 “got a permit for a pit, big pit, and just dug a big pit”
Joe: "OMG, it's Elon Musk, I better dress up" Elon: "Hmmm, I should wear a dope t-shirt to match with Joe"
Saul Rdz
Elon Musk: "weed has no effect on me" 30 minutes later: *Launch a car to space*
Jupiter the planet
I like the way Elon says "Yes". His "Yes" is so convincing.
Adrian Young
🤣 Elon: The universe will dissipate into a fine mist. Joe: Then someone’s going to bottle it and sell it as a fragrance to French people in a different dimension. 🤣☠️🤣☠️🤣☠️🤣
the way he looked at the samurai sword legit made me nervous, it looks like he's doing some sort of reverse engineering of the sword in his robot brain so he can send the information to the alien mother ship.
I’d rather be optimistic and wrong than pessimistic and right. -Elon
Joe put on his wife’s finest blouse for Elon 💀💀💀
I love Elon's laugh, it's contagious to me.
Alexander Koetje
Joe: " doesn't even seem humanly possible." Elon: *quick say something human*
Some Guy
Elon is a genius, but he has a traumatized look in his eyes. Hes seen something.
Beat Saber Gaming
It looks like he's constantly scanning a database for human responses 👽
Jason Stephens
I’m a professional Youtube video watcher & that was a top 5 interview
The_ Thad_Castle
The word “Pit” has zero meaning to me now after watching this
Brotha Shawn
Great interview, but Elon, you gotta inhale the weed to feel the effect man
Beats By Neech
I hate how it takes him 3.487 seconds to reply its weird. And as i writing this my phone is freezing 😏
Thomas O'Toole
[00:00:00] 20k Not a Flamethrower sold in 4 days. [00:04:00] Boring Company - why it started. [00:07:00] Boring Company - how it started. [00:10:00] How Elon manages it's time, how does he has time to do everything. [00:12:30] AI. [00:21:00] AI + Regulations. [00:24:30] AI - Neuralink: Major announcement in the following months. [00:29:30] Whisky time. [00:34:00] Chimps and bonobos. [00:38:00] Social media and effects on people. [00:42:00] VR and simulation. [00:48:00] Simulations. [00:54:00] Checking out weapons. [00:55:00] Tesla time! [01:05:00] Tunnels and Flat Earth movement. [01:08:30] Tesla roadster performance package (cold gas thrusters, 10k psi). [01:10:00] Flying cars / magnet roads. [01:13:00] Planes. [01:21:00] Energy consumption. [01:26:00] Back on Tesla and cars - Roadster, Autopilot. [01:33:00] On people suing Tesla when they break a foot instead of dying. [01:45:00] Another glass of whisky. [01:45:30] Bottlenecks and what is holding Elon's companies. [01:53:00] What keeps you up at night? (Tesla bottlenecks + history of Tesla's bottlenecks). [02:00:00] Tesla Solar roof. [02:04:00] Tesla may make products for the house (A/C ?). [02:05:00] Watches. [02:10:00] Puffing on a joint. [02:15:30] What is the hardest part being you? [02:28:00] Space Colonization. [02:33:00] Twitter. [02:36:00] Ending.
Oliver Thornton
2:10:25 👈🏻 you came for this I believe...
Elon Musk: "People should be nicer to each other." "It's easy to demonize people. They are usually wrong." People: You smoked weed on Joe Rogan Experience!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!!
Chris Nelson
"They don't really care about the existential nature of the pit" "People don't really appreciate tunnels" "Why am I dragging this dead horse around, I'm a horse" -Elon Musk
Uask Ianswer
Hmm weed doesnt effect computers either. who are you actually Elon ?
Elon Musk: "weed has no effect on me" 30 minutes later "Love is the answer man"
I'd like to shake Elon Musk hand. Thanks for this interview. Joe, you're an awesome host.
Biddle Sticks
So pleased you wrote business magnet in the description
Nolan Frey
I've seen enough Elon Musk interviews to believe "business magnet" is a reference to his cyborg implants.
Joe: “This sword is from the 1500s” *drops sword on table*
Diogenes Rex
"I tried to convince people to slow down, to slow down A.I., to regulate A.I. This was futile. I tried for years. Nobody listened." Jesus, that really was like a scene for a movie.
Devon Holshausen
Joe- “but you don’t have a watch on”. EM- “ phone tells the time...” Lol
TTF 100
This is crazy, he's so humble. I love this, thanks!! :)
Bob Ravenscraft
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Ahmed Radi
you're looking for 2:10:32
Elon musk - ‘literally just breaths’ Joe rogan - “lmao how do you have time for that”
Ashton Kilburn
Joe: "you took on a more fatalistic attitude, was there any specific thing, or just the inevitability of our future?" Elon: **exhales** *I tried to convince people to slow down, slow down AI, regulate ai, this was futile, I tried for years. Nobody listened...* Me: 😐
You can do anything when you have money…just for fun he made 10 million lol
I like how Joe described Elon in the video's description as a business magnet just the way Elon wanted it to be.
Matthew Leahy
I love that Elon's laugh, in response to the flat earth theory, is literally "Ha Ha".
Jordan Nunya
That was so. Fugging. Entertaining. Jeez. Joe does a great job interviewing. Bravo sir
Ludwig H
On Musks Talent: I basically think he is just very smart in both ways - engineering and investment. That's why he is coming up will all these products. He is a highly creative person. Give a creative person virtually unlimited excess to money and the world will change just like it is now doing with Musks products.
John Fetchik
LOVE IS THE ANSWER! 2:30:23 I think this is the most intelligent, best idea, with the most potential for positive impact on the planet Elon Musk has ever had. It might not be the most original idea, but it requires little intelligence to understand, and is truly life changing. It is great to know that someone with such tremendous intelligence, knowledge, and subsequent power has this idea. I hope we all can have the courage and strength to love as much as possible.
Ludwig H
Hui...radical statement: "If you can't beat it, join it." I will probably think about that for some weeks.
/ Konivore \
Elons eyes scream that he is cursed with knowledge.
Just watched this entire podcast, I love everything elon is doing for the greater good of life
Zee J
I heard a theory a long time ago from a little movie called the matrix. The idea is, we are being replayed in a augmented reality to mask us from the truth; you are a slave. You are a battery to the machines of the future. If time is not linear, and pliable, what if a future reality is replaying your reality to find something, to fix SOMETHING. That is de ja vu. You have done this before. We are being simulated by some higher power. Scientists now agree if you look at atoms even closer than electrons and neutrons, you see a computer code. What made the computer? Are we here, truly for no reason at all, think of a box a child has drawn on a piece of paper. That is two dimensional. We call that “their drawing”. What if we are inside the computer of a four dimensional being? What if that is god?
j holliday
17:50 had me on my ass! I love Joe but he (and we) are literally chimps compared to this genius.
18:28 Basically my face through this whole interview. Bring Elon back to the show!
Alexander V
So they talk about technology, climate change, merging humanity with AI, simulated realities, multiplanetary civilizations and more, and all that media can pick up on is Elon having a drink and half a drag? That's why we're doomed as species.
Jacob Hilton
If Joe was looking at Elon any harder he would have an aneurysm.
Jesus Sandoval
This why Elon musk is one of the legend idc if he smoke weed I don’t mind him but did all work for us even tho he made some mistake he’s still a legend
They've been unplugging ai machines for a decade, they can and do put that genie back in the bottle constantly
Glenn Matthews
And the ONE THING that the media latches onto... Is the fact that Elon smoked a legal plant.
chase myers
My girlfriend and I were so high when we first watched this that we were/are convinced that Elon is a good robot that trying to warn us about his bad robot family.
This man is suppose to be born in 2119. Humanity just got lucky.
aaron bradley
Personally im worried for A.I because of the potential of being eradicated by the machines.. but i do like the idea of connecting to it if means we get to keep the great mind of elon musk for generations. Imagine how that world will look. Great show joe
Michael Hope
lol If Joe looked at me the way he looks at Elon-I would run.
Kite Smiter
We're digging a tunnel. LONG PAUSE I'm listening I'm not trying to convince you
the complexity of elements increased as you go down the periodic table, Si is under C people...good luck, this has all happened before...
d miller
Take a drink every time someone says pit.
Tin Tin
There is a hidden button in the tesla that will take you through the past present and future in one moment.
Ludwig H
"Games will be indistinguishable. Or civilization will end. One of those two things will occur." -.-
And now Reuters is using this podcast stating that Musk was "smoking pot, drinking whiskey, and wielding a sword" as an example of him being unstable. This is why nobody trusts the news anymore. They are technically correct, but Jesus is that a misrepresentation of what happened here.
sebas baars
bro from 1:22:00 he says we are gonna have a fling doomsday if we don't start driving teslas
Correct Equipment6
AI just sounds like humans without the limit of bureaucracy
Very good interview. 1. I would have asked Mr Musk why they never show the rocket that lands on the boat, from 50 yards back (from a different boat), with uncut or spliced video. footage. 2. The reason Elon Musk didn't have any effects from the medical cannabis, is because he didn't inhale it beyond his rear molars.
R. Garcia
The way he talks, the sad face as he ponders his next thought, they make him look like a freakin ctborg from the future... but the side head turn he does like a dog hearing something funny, has me sold. Like a little glitch. #MUSK2020
SIRE 5280
Joe got all dressed up for this one lol
On the point of the sun overtaking the earth, it is not 500 million years from now but 7.5 billion years.
Ludwig H
I really don't care if I live in an ultimate simulation. As long as I can physically do the things I want to do, as long as I can disappear into the woods and observe the animals and trees, as long as I can create things with my own hands and with my mind - I am highly satisfied in this simulation. Why care, when you can live?
Tracey Range
"oh it can do lots of things." Tesla's are time machines Also transformers is a documentary
D Walker
I brought you a cool movie prop from a diner scene of one of my favorite movies of all time Elon Musk.... It's because of its functionality I thought it would be...
This interview will go down in history...we will see this in a film 20-30 years from now
ahmad chaudhry
For some reason The way he answer the questions reminds me of Sarah connor t2 when she tried telling everybody about machines taking over the the world.
Your mind is LIMITLESS
1:14:30 *That laugh is hilarious 😂*
Shawn Ellis
Pan to 2119. Elon is considered a saint to most of the world and if you can't beat em join em becomes the slogan for the next president. Just saying
New Age Horror
If you find Elon attractive "LIKE THIS"
Listening to Elon talk for over 2 hours straight makes me feel like I can come up with the cure for cancer or something lol
Kyle Page
Something in joe's teeth the entire interview :|
George Papageorgopoulos
If AI comes to a level like Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron, I want Elon Musk to *become* Iron Man and save us. ^_^
Mathys Crête
Nobody: Elon: HA HA HA
Minh Duc Pham
Imagine that Elon becomes US president
Fabrizio Herrera
Elon: thinks before he speaks Everybody: woahhhhhhhhhh
This interview is the most brilliant interview I have ever seen. Joe Rogan is the only one who could conduct this interview with Elon Musk.
Bob Ravenscraft
I commented cause people aren't aware fits any 26inch eBay should give me commission. Now I build my batteries same as tesla
D Walker
See Elon today where going to field test chir....
D Walker
Damn it was just like yesterday Elon... Stocks when up... You were model employer... Yada yada yaDa...
Jimmy Riggs
One of the busiest dudes on the planet takes a break to have some whiskey, a smoke and a conversation and the media makes it seem like he’s completely lost his mind and in need of an intervention. Instead of focusing on those non issues, why don’t they focus on some of the important, if not dire, issues Elon passionately expressed here? He’s clearly highly intelligent, successful and spending his entire life trying to steer humanity into a positive direction. Let the man have a drink and some weed in peace. What have you done to change the world lately?
The only interview where I felt less smart afterwards.
Eric Rodriguez
He said picture are just another way of communicating at higher bandwith therefor a picture is worth 1000 words lol