INSIDE CITY 36: City v QPR - Behind the Scenes on the Premier League-winning day - HD

Kun Aguero re-lives his goal against QPR. EVERY SATURDAY - EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes at MCFC CLICK HERE to watch all episodes: /> /> /> /> Inside City - Exclusive fly-on-the-wall access behind the scenes during the week that Manchester City Football Club clinched the Barclays Premier League title.

One goal and thousands of grown ups are children again. Well, that's football!
Best bit - 0.59: Dad picks his boy up just in time to see Aguero score.  That's what makes a football club.
Jonh Edwar
Dzeko, we miss you :'(
David Clarke
I don't think a moment like that day will ever be repeated
André Nevins
At 2:47 you can see Adam Johnson has spotted a 15 year old girl.
I'm an Arsenal supporter. Games like this make the English Premier League the best football league in the world. AGUERRRRRROOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Gotta feel for those old Manchester city fans. I mean like they have probably been fans those past forty four years without wining anything and then a day like this happens.
Hugo Chauvin
I'm French and I'm still waiting for a championship like this in League 1
The 236 people who disliked are sore man Utd fans
Sugam Gautam
I'm a passionate United supporter but I feel happy for City in 2011-12 season. It was a fantastic season for both the Manchester Clubs.Totally ups and downs.Still remember we were beaten by Blackburn and the same day you were beaten by Sunderland. Then at the later stages when you lost at Arsenal we were like we are gonna win it again. But 1-0 defeat at Wigan changed it. That 4-4 against Everton cost us the title. And the last day when Sunderland game was over I swapped the channel with City game which was going on. Then Martin Tyler commentary Balotelli,Aguerooooooooooooh. That was a nightmare. But this day was the day when everyone watched a game of football with such passion. Congartulations City #respect from untied fan
6:00 - 7:00 the only time you see kolorov smile ;)
Blake Grice
I live in the wrong country
Fredrik Lindmark
Even do i dont cheer for city, living in Sweden.. this gets me everytime, tears.. beacuse i love sports and ofc football! Respect! // AIK Stockholm, Sweden
leo gomes
i can only imagine how bad the supporters most felt when they left the game before the match ended
6:03 OMG Kolarov was smilling
grandson 97
even when i am a fan of united i feel really happy for them, they gave us an unforgetable games
Muhammed Emin Kizilkaya
Majority of 272 dislikes are Manchester United fans
I love the fact that the little fella was picked up just in time to witness the goal. 👍🏼
Imagine the amount of people that cried in that stadium
gets me everytime :')
ODey Hymns
Watch this again.. After man city won the premier league 2019
0:59 Good timing on lifting the lad up
أحمد الكردى
my fav. episode, watched it many times, never gets boring #MCFC  home of Champions C'MON CITY!
Kyrre Forland.
Congratulations City. You earned it. I just hope Leeds don't have to wait 44 years for our next title. Although today it looks more like 144 years. :(
urkenz1 prikan
6:20 Kolarov: Ajde jebem vam mater !
Football Lover
I love Man City... My second club... Greetings from a Benfica fan
Yaxye Yamyam
I support 3 teams man city Barcelona and ac Milan but my first team is Manchester city i love it viva man city
Dzeko & Kolarov BEST!!!
i'm very proud of the fact that my team Sampdoria is everywhere in the world , thanks to our history but also for men like Mancini and his staff.... Come on Sampdoria and Manchester City!
waiting for the same this season
Luis Navarrete
Respect to city ,soccer is so beautiful give emotions just the real fans can feel viva all woman's and soccer passion for live.
Aww, that old woman at 2:08! "There you are mum, on the telly!"
5:50 get denied xD
Nejc Zupan
Kun must have felt like a complete boss the entire time.
The Almighty Leader Of True Korea
This has got to be one of footballs greatest moments, never gets old!
8:34..were is the bathroom? Aguero said i just did behind the tree over there XD
jitenn chaudhary
Watching this video in 2019 & it remind me of that day of 2012 when Agueroo scored that Goallllllll 💙💙
Fendi J
I give up at 85th minutes. I am sad i miss the moment. But i am glad city win
Red Cruci2
dzeko is awesome
Rafayed Sazzad
I love city.Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Teedy Whoop
I can't imagine if city win uefa champions league the crowd are going more crazy then this 😂😂
Mohammad Zulkipal
One of the best comeback. I am a barca fan but i love this match cause its so emotional
Helmy Huzaefi
I'm a Real Madrid fan. But this match will be a sweet memory for EPL. My tears just falling down when I watch this match again, and now I really miss the squad.
I feel super sad and sorry for the people who come out of the stadium on that match
Bob Ovohkoh
I will never forget this day. I cried like a baby with joy
Lisna Wati
great fans. and they still says that city have no fans. lol
When Liam Gallagher pops up😭🤣
flower jungwoo
I want THis year This Happend againnnn!!!! CMON CITY
Still watching in 2019....😍😍😍
Gabe O'Reilly
7:08 not the only thing born in the 90's that he's kissed
yusfan fathoni
dramatic moment .. glory glory
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks
Imagine if qpr went and scored last minute 😂
mustafa klicic
Dzeko halal ti pita care.
Othmane oz
4:35 Paul Mccartney is that you ?
Chisom A
adam Johnson kissed that cup like it was a little girl...
Jaiden Mikulich
cr7 gaming
Its 2-2 city still alive ballatelie to aguero aguero scored a amazing 3-2 city win the title yes
One of the best moments in football history... Cheers from México!!!
Patty Wagon
Adam Johnson has more premier league titles than Steven Gerrard let that sink in
this video makes me cry and i dont even care
Windy Raelf
I love this moment..
Nabeel AlMulla
the only sad thing, ppl who left early miss the greatest moment in life, live I can say the same about Bracha and Paris two years ago
Mohammed Alnawfal
adam johson hopped that he played 16 times for city not 15
Alex Enzweiler
This could bee this year again. Lets go CITY
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks
Wow. Adam Johnson has actually won a premier league trophy
Akira NET
I like a city supporter very much! The existence supported until the last end is very nice! I congratulate it from Japan!
Utkarsh Keshari
It could have been so much pressure on aguero but he handled it so greatly🤘
CHAMPIONES! the best day of my life :D
ایران آریایی
we love Man City. god be with you
Zizosky 21
waiting for the same this season
I was there that day. One of my favourite memories was at 6:44. The way the players bounced out of the tunnel - even after a long time indoors whist the lower tier scallywags celebrated on the pitch - showed that they too reeeaally cared. Mercenaries? I think not...apart from Mario, perhaps.
very biutiful no? 10:52
Chris Cross
best moment in football period (lmao I said period)
crespo white
2017 cityzen still love you mancini
Aguero watching his goal to seal the title was nice!! - quality player!!
Robert Young
CITY for life
Dan Gulino
Incredible scenes!AGUERO looks emotionally destroyed @3:47! what a dude
I'll never understand why people leave early!! shame on all that just missed the greatest sporting comeback in your clubs history!!
papp app
or you don't know nothing about 'true happiness' is
Glenn Murphy
Glory hunters. They're easy to tell...
Dylan Ford
4:14 that bitch who has no clue whats going on
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nope the added minutes were justified, remember barton attacking everyone?
Moodi Adawin
I just like how strangers are hugging each other, like they dont know who they are but they still hug em.
Jonathan Farry
so fuckin funny to see City fans happy... UNITED 20 TIMES!
I just love the picture of the father, just before the winning goal, who lift up his son. The son will thank his father to the end of time, that the father made that lift up.
Thanks for the laugh!
Yun Chung
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Conor O
What's the song at 12:00?
ByeHaveA GreatTime
Thank god city ridnt sign sergio ramos or their title would have been flattened... literally
Cesar Delgado
Yo se que ellos quieren decir campeones, pero ello dicen "champione" o algo parecido. Lo estan pronunciando mal o es otro idioma? Y hombre, soy Latino. Yo se que significa "Olé" :p
quieren decir Campeones = Champions, OLE it calls when u are winning for too much we start (Argentinian People) to say OLE each time we pass the ball, making the adversaries feel bad. OLE = mock the opponent (We have the ball, we make the moves,plays)
Andy Tomac
Lelo 27
I'm a Chelsea supporter and this gives me the chills. Amazing! Its coming back to the Bridge though :)
Josh Derham
Go an city
Tymon ZIętek
me too till I saw Na$ri
Just a game my arse, i know yous fell short last year, but well done city, from Celtic, and fuck utd, dirty bastards!!