Top 10 Moments of Pit Lane Drama

The quest to shave off precious milliseconds in the pits is always a dangerous game. Get it right, and you might prosper. Get it wrong, and, well, here are ten examples... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram: /> #F1

Mx 64
Jos Verstappen accident is so frightning and iconic to remember
0:52 Rosberg casually rolling past without a right rear tyre 😂🤣👌
These videos are helping me so much through these hard months.
a.k.a. "Why Bringing Back Refueling is Not a Great Idea"
Muhammad Yusuf
3:41 Some parts of my brain says it is Max Verstappen.. Some parts declining it..
Christopher Michael
Don’t Forget Ricciardo at Monaco 2016 and Minardi’s Pitstop for Esteban Tuero
D-Banger 77
The insane thing about number 10 is that Räikkönen continued racing even though his eyes were burning! True iceman❄️
0:53 that mercedes passing by with a missing rear wheel is like "yea just don't ask" xD
its crazy how much alike Max looks like Jos did
Silas Kuiperij
Achievement Unlocked: The Scroller
Mirek Kowalski
0:53 Mercedes in background don't have rear tire WTF XD
ankeet kumar
3:39, for a second I thought he was Max Verstappen.
Charlie Mibus
what about kimi raikkonens bahrain incident with the brocken leg
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Carlos Sainz
China 2007 without the spanish commentators celebrating isn't the same.
0:53 nobody gonna commentate that guy is missing a wheel?
"Verstappen must've been absolutely terrified" yes and probably the bloke running around literally on fire as well! Hahaha
Mr. Chicken
ice man on fire XD
Keiran George
How Hamilton missed that red light is beyond me.
Miguel Medina
3:39 Jos really looks like Max at first sight...
Raffael Ender
0:54 LOL the Merc in the background driving on 3 tyres
interesting stratergy aye lewis 1:32 ?
Dani Gamers
Then how about monaco 2016 Ricciardo Pitstop?
SGT EpicSpeed
Webber 2013 at the Nürburgring when the tire end up hitting a cameraman.
Mr Trick
Number 3: "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!" Gotta love Murray Walker
Ashstar 123
3:24 "Let's keep calm" My dude, do you not see he's on fire
Adrián Toraño
Nonpuede negar que Max es hijo de Jos... Son identicos! Vamos por el campeonato este 2019 Max 💪
Alonso with 2 wheels in Baku was top moment too 😂😂😂
KaRpoUzaSFTW akaForTheWolves
1:12 Goodbye championship
Bhavik Shah
Missing F1 action: When walking through the sub way to work, I kind of create a nice slip stream behind the people and confuse them if I am gonna go right or left to overtake them... Need back live action..
somehow i woke up and opened yt, clicked on subscriptions and saw this as 55 seconds ago lol.
Robin Coulier
Verstappen looks very much like his dad when he was jounger 😁
DankTimMy ThEexplosiveTOasTEr
Classic murray walker "Major mal-misfunction"
3:38 Max looks so much like him here
Gabi Raikkonen
2:32 Most Ridiculous Moment In F1
jesus horcajo
Theodore Adelarian
THE TEAM IS ON FIRE!!! literally
whats the song used in the video? shazam does not find it.
sabina silvestri
Omg 20 years ago feraie
now crying bcos massa 2008, thanks f1
Aslamnur Fikri
"Wow Jos really looks like Max!" They are father and son that's why 😒
Yolo Swaggins
God that race fuel ignites like crazy.
Kleber Mazeto Ferreira
Linò Mascio e orzo
The Ferrari pit crew did that because if would be Irvine the wc and not schumi that would be embaring MSc: 30 million € Irvine :2 million € Hello from Milano!!!
Joshy P
In that last clip I thought that was max verstapen for a second
The Institution
Ferrari has always had 'issues' with the second driver's winning ambitions!
Aryan Ramanand
0:55 why formule 1 never do this again
Coulthard drives like me in F1 games, with my cheapest racing wheel.
Jordan Nick
2:22 Im jealous of his bravery , who is he ? what a strong man .
Vi 10S
Other 3 pit lane disasters are Webber's Tyre flying on Germany 2013, Kobayashi running over his mechanics and the disaster of Haas at Australia 2018 GP
Paddy M
What about when Kimi crushed the mechanic’s leg?
Eminem Central
How the hell is Hamilton's China crash at #2 over Raikkonen's pit lane fire that's in tenth?
2:17 How fast is that mechanic with the extinguisher? Hero
Jason Jayawardena
2:36 FIA'S first conception of the halo, colourised
Alexandre Berenhauser
Name Song?
Matheus Kistner
Faltou o acidente do Raikkonen no Bahrein 2018. Aquele também foi muito dramático.
Verstappen looks exactly like his father did back then
Mary Bell
Wow Max looks just like his dad.
Simon Ngai
Best decision ever made to ban refilling in pit stop!
# Iced
Daniel Ricciardo 2016 Monaco and Pastor Maldonado 2014 China
Patrick Marques
Reabastecimento tinha que ser banido mesmo da F1
Dalibor Joksimovic
Max looks exactly like Jos! Omg, like twins. :)
Rehaan Hussain
Something?? gaming
The number one ITS fire. Btw why is f1 car fuel is so uhmmm easy to get ignited to a fire?
I miss the nineties...
Fatal Fury
#9 the more I looking the more convinced I am that is an organised ,rigged inside job.those damm cat eaters
Keshav Kaushal
More 'All the Angles' videos please!
Mihajlo Vucinic
Verstappen always tops the top 10 anything :D
Danilo Pires
E o Hamilton era um braço as cagadas mais feias foram dele e do reabastecimento.
Mauricio Mau
🇧🇷 Palmeiras não tem mundial
Its kinda funny that so many actual family’s are in f1 like jos and max and graham and Damon it’s just awesome isn’t it also how the hell did the 1976 German Grand Prix not make at least #10
Max verstappen looks exactly like his father
Jack Griffiths
Ericsson needs to leave the pit crews alone
Almost nobody remembers but at San Marino 94 there was loosen tire that almost killed someone on the pits
Connor Smith
I love how they’re almost all ferrari. Typical
Victor Figueroa
"Thats the first time we've had a fuel splash." *Whoosh*
Luciano Andreoli
Bahrain 2018 ?? You missed that one
Rogério Pereira
Quem já sabia qual ia ser o número 1? 😁
Paul Mereb
Imagine Hamilton crashed into sb else than Raikkonen in Canada 2008. Other drivers would have been not as calm as the iceman I think.
Sahil Mishra
3:23 stop drop and roll phil Stop drop and roll
A major mal mis organization there. Fabulous Murrayism 🤩
Maldonado did worse than Hamilton in China (#2), since he crashed in the wall of tires ... and it was only Free Pratice (>ლ) It's team reaction when they saw it on their screen was priceless d(^_~ )
84 Ateo
FERRARI didn't want IRVINE could win 1999's title drivers championship
Kimi Räikkönen
3:39 Jos totally looks like Max there
Mirai MRS
0:50 Rosberg be like: “THUG LIFE NI🅱️🅱️A”
OL Motors
Kimi is hard like a rock.
The 2016 Monaco Grand Prix Daniel Ricciardo's pit stop made me sad but have won in Monaco in 2018. KARMA!
budi suryanata
Glad that refuel think its gone no.1 accident 😱
Danielo Vega
Interlagos 2009 Nürburgring 1999 Hungaroring 2010 Marina Bay 2008 Montreal 2008 Estoril 1991 Spa 1995 Adelaide 1995 Shanghai 2007 Hockenheim 1994
Tiago Gobbi
Hamilton's course messing around Lol! And Verstappen of corse!! :))
Danilo Pires
Esse reabastecimento era um perigo, isso nunca mais deveria existir em qualquer categoria do automobilismo
Santiago Machado
Malmisorganization. I propose this be added to the Oxford dictionary
Logie Bear
Walker's professionalism at #1 is top notch, what a class act.
Wong yew xuan
wait upppp. where is hungary 2007 between ham and alo?
Dominik Šalković
Hamilton and pitlanes really don't mix well
Reza Bachtiar
Raikkonen - Bahrain 2018 Webber - Nurburgring
Edmilson De Jesus Lima
Jos Verstappen: tá pegando fogo, bicho! Chama o bombeiro, lá! 💥💥💥💥
VSL 23
Eddie Irvine just chilling while his car on fire
Eugene WONG [07R16M]
What about Ricciardo 2016? "THE TYRES AREN'T READY"