Submit Music: [email protected] Tracklist: 0:00 A3 | Trey Songz & MIKExANGEL 4:29 Persian Rugs | Jacquees 7:23 Fuck U All The Time | Jeremih & Natasha Mosley 10:32 Henny In Hand | Tory Lanez 13:50 What You Need | The Weeknd 17:17 The Most | Louis Val & Che Ecru 20:22 Kehlani's Freestyle | PARTYNEXTDOOR 24:20 No Questions | Jacquees 27:58 Gone | The Weeknd 36:04 Wild Love | Cashmere Cat, The Weeknd & Francis and the Lights 39:33 PYD | Justin Bieber & R. Kelly 44:50 Come Over | Trey Songz 48:52 Bet I | Jacquees & Trinidad James 52:58 Coffee | Miguel 57:45 Worthy | Jeremih & Jhene Aiko 1:01:19 Feel It | Jacquees, Rich Homie Quan & Lloyd 1:05:39 Lay Ya Down | Jacquees & Tank 1:09:21 Let Me Love You | Ariana Grande & Lil Wayne 1:13:05 Savage | MIKExANGEL 1:16:50 Sex So Good | Jacquees & Tory Lanez 1:20:21 Love Faces | Trey Songz 1:24:23 SKIP SONG: HAS BEEN REMOVED 1:27:38 dRUNk | ZAYN 1:31:03 Gonna Be | Trey Songz & MIKExANGEL 1:34:22 Aquarius | Tinashe 1:38:17 It Won't Stop | Sevyn Streeter & Chris Brown 1:42:58 Sex | Chris Brown 1:47:04 Silhouette | TYuS 1:51:41 Glow In The Dark | Chris Brown 1:55:17 Don't Play | Trey Songz 1:59:11 Come & See Me | Trey Songz & MIKExANGEL Instagram: Twitter: Playlist with a mixture of The Weeknd, Jeremih, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Chris Brown, Miguel, Jacquees, Justin Bieber, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ariana Grande, MIKExANGEL, ZAYN, TYuS, Tinashe, Sevyn Streeter, Lil Wayne, R.Kelly, Tank, Jhene Aiko, Lloyd, Rich Homie Quan, Trinidad James & Louis Val. This Playlist doesn't include any of the classic old school R&B hits I apologise. This is mostly from 2010 to the present. I might make a playlist later for all the old classics. Plus this is also a re-upload, had to take old one down. #bedroomplaylist #latenightlukas #R &B

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The Erotic Movie Review
If I make a baby I’m suing you for maintenance damages
Philip Marte
this mix is straigh fire. I almost got pregnant listening to this and Im a straight male lol
Shi Mitch
Just skip thru the whole video and replay it, no ads🤷🏽‍♀️
Leila Marie
Let me not get pregnant tonight
Maya Lovewells
I can't wait to have my own car and blast this through it my speakers and ignore the entire world I'm trying to leave behind
Bia Iota
Imagine having sex while listening to this and then, an ad pops on 😂
shaabo Squeezy
imma sexual person by nature. so i just come here for vibes
Jazmin Benavides
everyone must be having sex to this & im just chilling on my bed smoking a blunt and enjoying the vibes ✌🏻🤤
So this is why everybody's pregnant in my city🤔
*i may be a virgin but my ears aren’t, as i always get an eargasm*
Because all the music is copyrighted, I have no control over the amount of YouTube ads.
Claudia Alexandra
00:00 4:29 7:23 10:32 13:50 17:17 20:22 24:20 27:58 36:04 39:33 44:50 48:53 52:58 57:45 1:01:19 1:09:21 1:13:05 1:16:50 1:20:21 1:24:23 1:27:38 1:31:03 1:34:22 1:38:17 1:42:58 1:47:04 1:51:41 1:55:17 1:59:11
Talaro Ronnel
This kind of music what those depressed person like me needed it most, it keeps the mind relax for almost 2 hours and its really helpful this kind of music for me its so sleepy and it helps my mind to be calm and relax for short time to think those motherf*cking problems. I hope you create more like this LateNightLukas and to help those depressed persons like me because a great musics like this was a greatest medication for those who have mental problems nowadays. "TWO THUMB UP BRO." "THANK YOU."
Taniyah Green
There’s only one song from The Weeknd. Disappointing.
Skincare Papi
i’m reading a book on economics while listening to this 😐
Jazzy Aiko
This is how many babies are being made as this playlist is being played 👇🏼👇🏼
Anderson Pokemon
I got pregnant 😂😂😂😂 Romance+++ 2019 who is there?
Roosevelt Morris
Sitting here thinking about my wife I love her so much she's the best that ever happened to me I love you baby you have my heart always
Paige Tiernan
I’m a lesbian and I’ve had some of the most mind blowing experiences listening to this with my girl🤤🤤
William Patterson
The only thing wrong about this playlist is the YouTube commercials
Gee Shia Yang
Um. I need my husband to poke me now.
Ms Queenie
Who still blasting these songs in there speakers lol 😍😍😘😂🔊📣📣🎤🎙🎚🎛🎛🎛❤❤❤❤❤ 2018 let's goo lol
Davindjy Gray
All this is missing is a few Miguel songs but it's still smooth.
Soraia Gama
Me reading the comments and listening this good vibe😂😂
Big Juicer
It's nice that it's two hours, but I'll only be needing about two minutes
Great playlist. I'm listening to songs I never would have listened to.
Simone Diaz
*when u can't relate to any of this music*
Didi Dt
HAHAH and there's me listening to this Playlist while doing my math 😂🤷‍♀️💁
Stephanie Olivan
Honestly I just listen to this when I'm studying... Helps me relax lol
Sergio victoria
Everyone making love to this playlist , meanwhile I'm just on Instagram wising i had someone
Nicole Hannon
I surprise my bf with this once... lets just say I felt like a virgin again🤑😘💋
Jared Polk
I wonder how many gals fixin' to get pregnant off this playlist. Let the tally begin.
my girl loves this playlist playing in the background while I'm deep in her guts
Snugglemonkey AJ
im sitting here tryna find some relaxing music so i can work, sooner or later i realize this is a sex playlist. im dead.
Dimitri Asimov
I really have to smoke some blunts on this mix, God DAMN.
Hell nah, there’s more ads on here than on SoundCloud 😂
Simone Diaz
*in the middle of something steamy* Ad: *music begins playing and talking about cars*
She just sowed up at my door ... with a bottle of wine in her hand ... nothing else to talk about but play these sounds ... now I can't get rid of her ... lol Great sound vibes.
Manan Mukhtar
After this I need boyfriend 👅👅👅👅
Redrod Rodolfo
Put this on SoundCloud
Sharla Felton
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... I'm but to let him do damage. This that sore cervix in the morning music, 😊
people look at me strangely when i play this kind of music out loud, but i don't care cause i love it.
Monica Alexander
I love these songs.,definitely makes me wanna💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
Milene Martins
Now I need a boyfriend after listening to this!
If this was on Apple music that'd be so greattttttttttttttttt
Nick Valenzuela
Yo love how you have all the songs written down and Times, Fucken awesome
2:03:28 skip to there, wait till it ends, press replay, no ads.
Mariam Diawara
bro you have some fire taste in music no cap
Yahki Ben Yehuda
This should have been labeled strictly for married couples only! Man, what a shame for all the fornication, cheating, lying, sneaking around music like this will cause (of course for someone that’s immature and don’t know any better), LOL!!! Great playlist!
Survivor Strength
wow! I'm only on the first song, but Dang!!! okay, I'm feeling this... Yesss! What are the names of these songs??
Christi'Anna Montgomery
This is a dope playlist.💖💖
Charles Burford
I need this MF here!!! This joint here is too hard!!!
I got a little wet while listening to this, I was outside and it started raining :(
Bryanna Wages
101 of how to get pregnant by yourself
Mélissa Chan-Cheape
this is honestly the best playlist ever made wow
ifyou'rereadingthis you'reonyoutube
I *LOVE* all your mixes, and I cant decide which one to get pregnant on... lol
Bailey Fredericks
Its 1 am 👌
Mary Jane Angeles
Vaping while playing this playlist 👌
steff Stefhany
Que isso mano só musica foda 🔥🎧🇧🇷🇮🇹
MoNesha McDaniel
Having the BEST dance sessions with this Playlist 👌🏽❤️
What's the bloody point of having a youtube ad on youtube videos?
Rida Mushtaq
wally mulato
top wally mulato instagram
Lilly Hampshire
Ads in James Charles videos: 💀✌🏽
Mrsdne Ywnbm
Will have this on repeat when we......later
Life of Bea
Should’ve added more The Weeknd and Bryson. I also avoid the ads by using the App Musi it’s just like YouTube
2019 BABYYYYY🖤🖤🤞🏼
Ariana Gonzalez
Im about to make baby #2 lmao im into it already with the first song trey makes the best sex songs something about his voice 😍
Faith Mauga
16 year old virgin who enjoy these taste of musics . lmaooo
100.000 Subs With No Videos, Please Me!
Played This In My Bedroom Now It's A 88Club
Mrr mxl
This is the second video that is in my recommendation what is happening YouTube??? You trying to tell me something???👼😂😂😂😂😂❤️ (btw great job)
Kya diy
Listening with bae🥰😘😍😋
oh so i thought this was like a chill hangout in your room and chill playlist but i was wrong you just made me unholy
Kimberly cole
Sexy songs on here who's feeling it 2019.... It really puts you in that right mood
Abel Valentino
7:23 🤤
Who tf puts commercials on these videos. Like we’re not trying to be listening to commercials while we’re trying to unwind and relax 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Lorin Manyguns
Feels & Sounds like the playlist this girl played when she was getting wit me, couldn't tell if I liked it or if I was getting raped.. Just straight chills & pleasure when you wit a freaky one. ..except for the ads they didn't play at all, musta been getting wit a witch
dakota menchaca
Ya should have made this longer . . . when i'm in the bedroom I tend to be there for like 10 hours.
Apiwe Piyoyo
just listening to it and I can feel that am getting one
Jayson Franklin
Somebody DAUGHTER getting SLAYED too this MIX...ijs! 💯💪🤞
Guy Smith
Why the beep though? Kill it for me
Autumn Leaves
I wldnt make the mistake to play these while making love u crazy! lol I'd be pregnant instantly with he already trynna get me pregnant this is fuel to the damn fire lol
Tara Ray
I’m just getting high and listening to this and it’s such a good playlist 🔥 🔥
Thank you I just got a call from a random girl telling me she's pregnant 🤦🏿‍♂️
kryss japean
hi LateNightLukas!! i'd like to ask what's the title in 36:06- 39:29 . Thank you so much. 😘
Valeria Wright
It's called the bedroom playlist
pq !
I LOVE THISSS, playlist fav bro
This playlist has taken us through some SESSIONS. Love the selection.
Tyrone Robinson
i enjoyed it
April Hayes
JUST HOT AS HELL I AM LOVING IT thank you keep up the good work one love to ya 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤
Odell Hea
Omg bless your heart for making this ❤️
literally saved this ENTIRE playlist. SO my vibe
kennady renee
You need to add sonder
Anisha Billing
Need some DVSN
Dietra Warren
I love you. we can do it so don't give up on me
Ro se
DAMN look at the ads ima have to turn Adblock on if I was doing anything with this on because the ads would ruin the whole mood💀
Eden Uba
Amazing playlist. Consider adding Darion Ja'Von in future please