Above All -- Kaitlyn Maher -- 5yo

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Kaitlyn Maher, the 5 year old who was the youngest ever Top 10 finalist of the hit TV show "America's Got Talent" when she was only 4, sings an original arrangement of the song "Above All" at Christian Fellowship Church's (CFC) Worship Concert on 5/1/09. For more information on Kaitlyn Maher, or her debut CD "You Were Meant to Be," please visit: *** www.KaitlynMaher.com *** Also, please feel free to also check out some of her other links, including: * Twitter: www.twitter.com/KaitlynMaher * Facebook: />* MySpace: www.myspace.com/KaitlynMaher

Dana Dall
May His Blessings fill your life always!
Claribel Guerzon
Jesus said, The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such of these children.
erin mok
OMG, she is so cute. Those are such an awesome child of God. :)
Judith Gratitude
Sweet girl😍😍👍 I pray she sticks to the Lord to the end🙏🙏
Jennifer Naude
receive His kingdom like a little child..... beautiful girl, your heart is in the right place. God love and bless you....Trillions of like for your video.
bruno do nascimento
what i say? in the mouth of the kids comes the perfect songs!!! JEsus christ is above everythin Brazil loves Jesus christ!!!!
Christina Nylander
She is multitalent, what A servant of God so young!
Kattigra rainbow
1 thousand dislike from unsaved people 😔😔God bless this angel of God
Ernest bokor
so amazing may God bless this young girl so that she will continue singing on to the name of the lord Amen
Lord I pray that she would never drift from the cross but to always remember you Jesus Christ. Her savior and King
I just found this tonight at Monique's Google site. I'm soo happy I found this.out of the mouths of Babes...Just like Jesus said. what a PRECIOUS little child of God. She worships Him with all of her sweet little heart. I know that He is smiling on her, and always will. Bless her Lord Jesus, and Thank You for letting me find this. ;)  it made my night full of Joy that the enemy cannot take away. oh God, You are SO Good to us. I am so humbled and wish that I had been like her when I was little. Bless her sweet heart. ♥ † ♥
Peggy Young
Hey Christian praise and worship is it! It doesn't get any better than this. And Kaitlyn Ashley Maher is a very blessed and precious young lady. She has a lot of personality. She just tells it like it is. Praise God for her.
abbey rd 27
My wife. A Kaitlyn also same spelling I have a little girl she's 5 & our life We know Kaitlyn is think 12 ? now our little girl Chloe Kim has loved watching Kaitlyn learning songs Our daughter Chloe Kim began singing she was 2 Thank you Kaitlyn Maher we so Enjoyed watching you on America Got Talent ! Wish you Well We bought 1st cd for our daugher listens almost Everyday Sings along with You God. Bless You are a Blessing for the World 💜
Elang Diawan
I am pretty sure this beautiful child is from Heaven. Mery Christmas.
God bless this beautiful video still cannot understand why there are thumbs down on this videos, but I will give this  a 2 thumbs up she gave everything she had! God bless everyone!
Paul Meier
out of the mouths of babes has Father perfected praise
berie Mussie
I Love my little angles God all mighty Jesus of irael
Candy Girl
And a child shall lead them , God her sweet little soul .
kelly Floyd
what a beautiful sight to see a child worshiping and praising jesus christ. wow
Onila Miranda
Praise the lord for this wonderful childs birth. God bless
Teresa Mertens-Montejo
Lord thank you This cure little girl praise you with full of love..You are alive and moving in our lives...until we stand face to face infront of you ...and brings us home...
Kompisenapan Camar
indonesia love jesusss
Bedzrah Wendy
awesome. good job sweet child of Jesus
Nambi Racheal
praise Lord God for this baby in buses name Amen
Maya Rhoda
It may not be perfect but its good enough you have talent
jelly mata
Jesus i love so much
Lori BE
Such a precious Angel~
Joesibel Solomon
yes baby that's good for you in all ...godbless you baby ....continue your relationship in god........
My name is not Gabrielle
God bless you Kaitlyn!! You were blessed with a beautiful voice
قيفتي غانا
talented child God bless u may u grow in his favour Amen
Lucy Sanabria
Wow 😮 that’s good Love ❤️ Bella❤️❤️😍😘🇱🇷
berie Mussie
I Love ye sweety angles be bless you and your family I Love you kids Jesus Loves you more than ever Jesus bless you all be blessed the God of Israel Jesus Nazriet
Allen H
So cute God bless 😇
jocelyn flores
ilike u kaitlyn ilove
edison hutajulu
Furaha Ema
I love you so much baby
Tay Naomi
Good. God will bless you!God ❤ you
Teles YA
no words ....love u little angel...
Israel Iyanya
Overwhelming song... I love you. Jesus is above all.
Kulubrehan Abraham
hooooo that is so sweet and it is true what the little girl sayed
Like a rose trampled on the ground You took the fall And thought of me Above all.....
Marilyn Manangcaya
Wow little praise singer.. I can feel the presence of the Lord Jesus while she was singing this song.
DRobenson Denis
Wowwwwwww! JesuSavior tha She saw you in another NUEVA Dimension!
Pradeep Patnaik
I love you baby i love your song I am a girl this my phone is my father name my name is sonu
Sam Dollar
God bless you abundantly little Angel. I am praying for you.
Elizabeth Fosu
GOD BLESS YOU and your family Amen
Wilson George
God Bless Kaitlyn Maher wonderful sound
Sinazo Dinga
never forget about God
Orevil Jean
so great so great that she singing that and she's a young girl I know she's in there right now but this is so great that was making me cry God bless you God bless you
Norma Parker
mohit malik
Yira Arizmendi
I am going to sing this song
thembie nyangaswa
God bless you and your family
Bob G
Jesus said, "Suffer (allow) the little children to come unto me...such is the Kingdom of God. How beautiful, Kaitlyn.
Salom from Jakarta Indonesia.....🗽⛪💒🗽
Dario Martins
that is good a Child Singing live.
Elleinah PK
such a blessing..God bless them as they grows to greater servants of God...😘😘😘
Helmholtz Watson
all the children were lovely. cute little boy n the background. he really enjoyed himself. great arrangement. praise the Lord.
Jeliar 1212
Piang No
May God raise you more and more for his glory😍😍😘
God bless you baby.. praise Jesus..
Amanda Rahaman
she has amazing voice may god bless u an keep u safe
William Carroll
Her parents have to be proud !!! What a little angel !
Media Editor
This girl s blessed with a voice god made her to share the love of god in music she looks like me and I’m 9 crazy right she looks like me some how
Cristina Tenorio
Precious little angel!
Huy Nguyen
Thank you God and bless her aman
Precious Mwale
To God be the glory
Erni Regen
Very nice K Maher
Mildred Goolsby
What amazing little girl and what a beautiful song all of you young people and old and middle-aged people need to listen to her what a beautiful child she is and you can just see that she believes in our God God bless you and your family amen
Marrya Gbu
5yo wow
Claire McClinton
Hi kaitlyn maher 👋👋 and Love you ❤❤❤❤
the king s wife
wow she transposed!!! I can't even get grown adult choir to transpose successfully. great job Kid.
eunice feddy
I felt at Gods feet when i first heard her sing may God continue with His good work in you
Bree Valdez
!muy bien!
Fadjar Kurniadi
yabes kause
" God Bless you "
Lokho Athohrii
waow... lovely😍God gifted child.God bless.😊👼
This is one to the cutest, beautiful, and truthful videos I have ever seen on youtube. May God bless you Kaitlyn Maher.!
simon roslim
yes yes Yesus
Dollyann Hutson
I love you Baby may god see you through. God bless you
kavita Raand
I love this girl she so blessed with a beautiful voice... love you dear
Pongsathon Leadanantachai
GOD Bless baby.
Joyce Njoku
Thank you little girl. God bless you
ola didi
I don't know who you are little girl but I love your voice. Continue following Jesus and never depart from him. 🎇🎇🎆🎇💐💐💐
Cletus Ndhoomu
Isee ur video when ur 10yrs your eyebrows didn't change cute eyes so cute
Samuel Stiven Sirait
Nothings, God like you Jesus...!
neleb elbor
Wow cute baby......Yes thank you Jesus. Amen
Debbie Ingles
precious sent from heaven
Christinajebakani E
god bless u dear,may lord filled you by all her riches
Sylvia marie
What a blessing to hear a little one sing like this. Kaitlyn is amazing and I love her so much
Abunaw Desire Ebot
she is so cute and i love her voice from a girl
CandyPop Gamer
My BFF and I tried to sing this song 😊😊😉
jovelyn molina
Wanda Daugherty
I listen to this several times a day. And the one where says she is from amewica
dorice 123jalango
Amen.what do we say.God bless you little girl.
Blesson Cyrus
amen god bless this child
Parul Wankhede
Omg... She's sooo cute... Lots of luv to her <3
Christie Phillips
I like it this sing. She is is pretty.