Our Hood | Freeski Full Movie | A Dead Line Production

A group of athletes take skiing to another level into the streets of Russia with a weather below freezing point! Click Here For More Great Ski Videos: /> Its never too cold to ski for these crazy athletes! In the midst of beautiful Russia, watch as these skilled riders prove that they have expertise and competition skills above the normal level! Production: Dead Line Directed by: Arkadii Kazakov and Mikhail Shishebarov In production with: Ivan Shemereko, Funky Monkey & Nikolay Baranov Featuring: Nikita Shirin Arkadii Kazakov Roman Cherpiskiy Vadim Rudakov Egor Shimchonak Artem Galeta Alexey Mamugin Pavel Balashov Maksim Smirnov Andrey Shilovskyi Photography by: Alexey Baranov, Anton Klimovskiy, Pavel Sumrak AND OTHER Supported by: Anteater, Nordica, Триал спорт Info support: creammag.ru, Twintip.ru, SNOWBOARDS public (vk.com/club206). facebook.com/DEADLINEGANG Click Here For More Great Ski Videos: />The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world! Subscribe To Freeski X-Treme Here: />Website: />Twitter: />Facebook:

Jan Dvořák
nice vid felaz!