Joe Bonamassa - Mountain Time - Royal Albert Hall Live 2009

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Tim Herman
I have been a lead guitar player since the mid 60's and have always played with emotion and melody and not if I could play as fast or as loud as the next guy. I only learned about Joe in the past 6 months and this man inspires me greatly. This intro and solo brings me to tears. The feeling he shows and I hear is simply beautiful. I haven't loved a blues guitarist/singer like this since Johnny Winter. Watching his videos on here has taught me some amazing style and technique. I thank the friend who told me about Joe and I thank God for giving us Mr. Joe Bonamassa.
M. Lou
The world seriously needs more music like this.................... It's the best !!!!!
John DeJarnatt
This is the one that did if for me. I heard it on the radio and had to have it all. I've watched the DVD countless times and it never ceases to amaze me. You are a true gift to the world Mr. Bonamassa!
Patti Martin
I just love, that in my lifetime, I have witnessed the very best. Hendrix, Clapton, Vai, SRV..Albert Lee..Stills. BB. Healy....Duane. And this man, makes my heart so so happy...and want to turn it up. As he channels the spirit that IS thanks are big enough to say what we feel. This song. Beautiful. Grateful to the universe for his dedication to talent, and his ability to make guitars sound like angels. What a fine gift.
Beautiful song, you can see the emotion and concentration in his face, he and the music are one! This is the kind of music you can never wear out, it just keeps getting better, quality stuff!
Rehe Ruesch
I've been listening to Joe's stuff for about 6 years (I'm 68 y.o.). I listen to good guitar performers either online or in real life nearly every day. Given range and scope of talent ... few if any can equal. None can top.
deserves a million views (from me alone)
phil white
Lets not forget the wonderful bass playing by Carmine Rojas, stunning!!
Doug Altrogge
This is one of the best displays of guitar craftsmanship there is, from start to finish.
Lynda Smith
I just love the expressions on Joe’s face during his performances :) clearly shows sheer enjoyment, enthusiasm, commitment and passion for creating such wonderful music time and time again. An incredibly talented man indeed ❤️🎸🎤🎸🎤🎸❤️
Godfrey W
Still makes me cry - every time. Fabulous rendition.
Joseph Travers
One of the best live performances by anyone ever
That intro was amazing.
This is my absolute favourite performance of Joe's, such raw emotion, can't get enough of it ❤️
Mike Regan
Thank you Jimi Jimmy Eric Jeff and the Countless Blues Players that gave us Joe Bonamassa..
John Baldino
at about the 7:30 mark the guitar solo is just so smooth,not sure I have heard many better and I am a big Cream (Clapton) fan,JB does style himself after many of the greats but manages to separate himself on songs like this and other he has written or had written for him.Simply excellent(I play this over and over again(also own the DVD set)it got me through recovery from a tough surgery !!!
TSamuon LKarmacharya
He's just SO AMAZING!! Blowing my mind
Len Simpson
One of the most beautiful songs l have heard in my 76 years.If the 2nd solo does not move you,then you are dead! Joe you are entrancing!
Ohh my GOD, i just love this intro and song. Close my eyes and goes to the universe with northern lights and stars all over.
The first time I saw Joe was when he was maybe 8 years old. It was around the mid 1980s when he got up on stage and played with B.B. King at a music festival in Rochester, NY; he's from around these parts. My friends and I were mesmerized, eye's wide and slack-jawed, listening to the young virtuoso. The blues is where my heart is, and it's as much emotion as it is technical ability. That's what was so amazing; it didn't seem possible that such a young boy could have lived enough life to make sounds with such feeling. We knew he would be playing bars long before he could drink in them. I followed his career, and I catch him most times he comes through town. I agree with many on here that he is among the very elite guitarists, and I can't think of any better at the blues, now or in the past. He has an unparalleled feel for phrasing blues riffs, and I hope he comes around when it warms up again. I'll be watching for ya, Joe.
Mike Borghese
I’m a HUGE Bonamassa Fan from way back... seeing him at a local place called the Downtown in Farmingdale Long Island. He was literally a kid..... He blew us all away been a fan ever since. That being said this version of the song is one of his best if not the best I’ve ever heard him play. One of the Best around. He should be a Super Star with his talent
Lorraine Hartwig
Such a beautiful song and his guitar blows me away--my favorite musician of ALL time !!! Can't get enough of his guitar playing.
Linda Stayer
Bonagasm.......I can't stop watching this video.
Love this performance of this song. He is such an awesome player, he feels every note!
Markus Tietgen
Ohne of the best Guitar Players ever seen.
Chris Hill
Technically this is India into Mountain Time (Later versions also include Django)
Scott Aubuchon
amazing vocals & guitar, not many artists have the opportunity to play at Royal Albert Hall let alone jam with Clapton. Check out Further on up the road and you will see what I mean. Passing the touch
John Doe
Epic intro Joe...Well done.
Tim Holt
Pure musical perfection.!!
Not many comments about what a great voice he has and what a great singer he is.
Martijn Bloemhard
stunning performance!!!
Outstanding! Your talent exceeds all the well know names !
John Henrichsen
joe you are incredible...thanks for all your talent and hard never ending practice work to get this good. speechless...thank you!
Alexander Perlin
He is really great musician!
Freakin amazing guitar solo!! Cheers to the best guitarrist on this planet!! ;)
Sonya Nikolskaya
Джо — Супер Гитара 🎸 Джо и гитара — одно целое! 😘💐 и вообще ты тут красавчик..😍
Mark Wagoner
I grew up within 20 miles from his house and never had the chance to hear him play. Shit.
Brian Hall
Like others have noted this is the song that did it for me. Instant Joe die hard fan. My wife and I went to Reno in late November and he was PHENOMENAL!!! He played Mountain Time as the encore and I thought I was going to tear up I was so happy. Beautiful song and music. So happy I discovered Joe Bonamassa. A true musical talent and seems like a great person in his appreciation of his band and fans. If you have the opportunity to see him live this is exactly what he sounds like!!!!!!!
Kristee Canipe
THIS never gets old!! And never fails to amaze me.❤️❤️❤️
dan peabody
Great tone,great vocals,great playing !! Pretty hard to beat.
Åke Nissinen
Insane! the feeling in every tone is amazing Joe!!! Greetings from Sweden and NEVER stop!
WOW! OMG I'm addicted, bet I have listened to this 100 times
Victoria Hieronymus
OMG. Joe is the best guitarist that has ever been. I doubt if he will ever be beat. He is amazing.
Agree. He is amazing. I must have been under a flipping rock to have missed this guy until now. Thank goodness it showed up on Autoplay...
Bill Day
OMG that was awesome!!!!
Johnny Blaze
Der beste Song der Welt. Würde alles dafür geben es einmal live zu erleben
OMG. This is my all time favorite.
Jack Paul
What a display of me goose bumps and tears of simple joy to absorb it all.
Jerry Streitz
Absolutely amazing.I listen to this song again and again.❤❤
The emotions are strong with this one. Oh nevermind, that's always the case with his music.
Spectacular playing and tone. I only wish he didn't end it so soon.
Man awsome solo!!
Diadem Blackswan
Mindblowingly awesome and I found myself almost not worthy of such f'n sweet shit. Joe, you are among the greatest 🤘🇺🇸
muhammad khan
best voice i have heard for long time, great guitar player, what a fantastic mix..keep rocking Joe
Paula Gilbreath
Beautifully flawless. Oh and sexy
Howard Batchelor
Best guitar face award. All guitar-nerd jokes/puns aside, one helluva performance! Master Joe it is ;)
Stephanie Bradshaw
I feel the full 432 Sound of Sonic Geometry in you Thanx Mr.Joe...My fav gift from my Man was introducing me to you....
...brings me solemn,a tear to my eye...
annamarrie g
my dad put me onto him ! he went to his concert about a month ago ! a true music legend !!!!
Mark Eselby Sr
Amazing Picker !!
Luis Rodrigues
11 magical minutes that I repeat several times a day.
Roy Poteete
Why has not more been played on radio of his music........IT GREAT JAMS?
M. Lou
The artist whose work speaks to my soul, that's what Joe is. All the guitar practice he must have done through the years just to make this music and other performances possible is amazing! I've been listening to him over and over for a long time.....can't seem to get enough. Plus, I believe he wrote this song. Enjoy his voice, too. Joe is a great artist! Cannot even begin to thank him...............
Non Ya
Ok, who were the other 240,568 views?
Laurie Suzanne
A very most favorite performance of this song . . . Man, what must it have been to be there. Just perfect!
Number #6
This is one of the most glorious pieces of music I have ever heard. Joe B has me hooked.
Charlie Homrighouse
I've seen him twice live. Great performer & guitarist. Surrounded by other great musicians. Thanks for being there JB. Keeping the blues alive and well.
Every once in a great while someone happens along with devastating talent like Joe Bonamassa.
Mike Albanese
Joe's a hell of a performer. All those folks staring at him and he plays and sings flawlessly. I'm not a blues guy but mucho respect to JB.
Redback CC
Blessed with amazing talent for playing the guitar and he sings pretty damn good too
Derek Hazelwood
dear joe some day would you shake this weeping 54 yearold mans hand that has no hope of ever being able to participate in one of the most important aspects of his life and that is listening to you demonstrate perfection in all aspects of your musicive listened to this classic for 2days staight
This tune...this master guitarist...this musical genius was sent to us from the "music Gods!" Thank you … music Gods!
Mi B
Am Ende (skip at min 07:00) eines der schönsten Solo´s, das ich je gehört habe! Many thx for upper this! Sounds great. Awesome! Be a new FAN! cu in Hamburg 2019!
Mountain Time is for me, a must track of this album !
Kathy Cain
Ur face looks so beautiful when u play I can see ur feeling
I've lost count of the number of times I've watched this. What a great song, guitar playing and vocals are full of emotion. Pure brilliance.
LaRita Larita
Amazing man 😍💋 Wish I was his guitar 😁
Jim Loch
Love this so much,my hearing is going and I'm crying cause I probably won't be able to hear it for much longer.Why me?
Brad Burns
I've been so lucky to see him twice and I'm going to be able to see Him for the third time here in December here in St Louis can't wait.
Ozzy Osbourn
Joe is single handedly changing the the music world, Its so nice to see someone, a performer, about bringing great music to people without all the idol worship and fame, he's just an amazing player with good songs and puts on a great show and people get to enjoy great music without the weird sickofant cult like idol worship of 20th century rock bands.
Derek Read
Can't get enough of this. Musical perfection.👍👍👍
Dans le genre un best Merci Thanks for posting
Kevin Herd
Goddammit that is amazing, crowd was in a trance until 7:20 something. Should be Sir Joe after that performance, wake the Queen at once
Rolf Bakken
This goes in Norwegian, fyy fan for en Mann
Rick Maverick
Mountain Time is one of the greatest songs ever. Phenomenal built up, mind blowing guitarwork, outstanding musicians. And let's not forget: the visualization and superb camera angles tops this performance off. As: can't stop watching.
My new year's resolution is to pray daily that Joe Bonamassa will mega produce more of his blues rock.
Helen Karlsson
Obsessed by this gorgeous, well playing and singing man. Simply the best!
Wendell Cotham
MOUNTAIN ALL IN ALL MY FATHER'S MOUNTAIN 🦁 ME ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Gerald Pribula
The only thing wrong with this song is that "India", and the solo at the end of "Mountain Time" don't last long enough! Joe makes that guitar sing so sweetly that you never want it to end!!!
Roy Poteete
Stevie ray Vaughn was an guitar GOD, Joe is right there with him to carry on. Truly a bad ass guitarist. I do not think anyone can come close to him.
This performance seemed to me that Joe was challenging his band. They were great but he won.
What a beautiful song! Thank you Joe!
Tony Musolino
OMG... he can literally keep you entertained with just three notes. That my friends is talent.
Dave Verster
The baseguitarist is sublime! He compliments Joe,here,incredibly. Best of Joe's slow ballads! Love this blues at its the absolute best! Joe doubt about it! This is the blues!
Pali \m/
It's been a long time since someone's music charmed me so much ... Beautiful songs, each without exception
Ron Currier
For all those fools who gave a thumbs down ya'll are absolutely insane, Joe Bonamassa is one of if not THE ALL TIME GREAT!!!!! Thanks for all the great music Joe... Please don't ever stop... ✌✌✌✌✌🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
Alina S
nice song!!!You're the Best!!!❤💋
The only thing on my bucket list Is to this guy live !!
Justin Carter
This is my go to song, words cannot describe how powerful this music is to me. From the tone to the delivery is just amazing. Joe you are a blessed man and I thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
Shirley Reagan
Unstoppable Joe Bonamassa i love the intro to mountain time and the lead into it im a girl from there that loves ur music.ur an inspiration to a GCD( with a few minors) mountain girl.hey but i wail a hi lonesome from the "hills of Caroline "and i blues it too.ur established im published and working on doing my little spill but its all good in Gods Country esp with Haynes and u close around.ur blues blend in the Blue Ridge Mtn Range and make me dizzy .man its a symphony! i csnt guit listening!pretty soon ill figure out my PART. Later LOCOMOTIVE JOE!!!