Balance and Composure - Light We Made (Full Album Stream)

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Vinyl: Digital: />Subscribe for more: />Tracklist: 00:00 01. Midnight Zone 04:10 02. Spinning 08:10 03. Afterparty 11:53 04. For A Walk 14:48 05. Mediocre Love 19:17 06. Postcard 23:48 07. Call It Losing Touch 27:40 08. Fame 32:14 09. Is It So Much To Adore 36:26 10. Loam Pennsylvania's Balance and Composure return with their third long-awaited third album. Moving slightly away from their aggressive sound of old, Light We Made is their most melodic and expansive record to date. Available on limited edition vinyl and CD in the UK and Europe at

I love it and have been listening to B&C since the beginning. Every release has been an improvement melodically and this album does not disappoint. You can tell they really had fun with this one - the little modern polishes like the electronic drums, the auto tune on Loam, the background drones just make this album so fun and curious; some may criticize this as it does make the music a bit less medicinal, but it's still introspective, wavy, and meditative. Jon is a lyrical genius, he knows not to overdo it, and how to turn seemingly simple lines into heart piercing contemplative thoughts that parade your head all day. " i am born. you are too. we are one. thought you knew" Or Mediocre Loves "they can’t call it amazing always" Anyone familiar with I Just Want To Be Pure will acknowledge that Balance isn't as heavy as a band as some fans make them out to be. Thank you.
Katy Sinclair
I love the entire vibe of this album. It's perfect for late night drives ✨
people really hate when a band matures
the release of this album made my day a LOT better than it was before <3
Angie Nunez
reason why I loved them was the agression I'm kinda disappointed :(:(
its sounds a little like newer turnover, but i like it! nothing they do will be as good as separation though.
Jack Jameson
i respect that they don't make music just for me and a ton of people love this but their new sound isn't my thang
I used to hate when a band would release a mature record with cleaner production value. But now that I'm older I need bands to change their sound or I get bored. Personally, I love this album. And I love that a band can grow along with my music tastes.
Carlos Medrano
These guys have a plain, ethereal sound that I love; perfect for ruminating or bike-riding in the woods on a Sunday morning. Not as heavy as their previous album but to me this is distinctly B&C. I think the songs will compliment the rest of their catalog well for those catching their live set.
taylor b
Y'all acting like b&c are betraying u with no heavy songs but like they weren't even a very heavy band to being with lmao. I personally love this album, really love the vibe. I think the vibe has been pretty consecutive throughout album but that is my opinion.
Kevin Ebert
there's no reason to hate someone if they don't like the sound. some people will love it, some will hate it. I prefer the old sound but am trying to get into this
Joaquin Lopez Otero
Man, loving this album so much! I think it's a great progression and prefer this over Separation, was a huge fan of TTWTWM as that's what got me into B&C, but this hits the nail on the head for me
i dont get it, this is a solid album
Chris Landis
Keep the positive comments coming. This album is really enjoyable to a lot including me, and if not to you, it's okay!
atticusthecat v
I don't see what's not to like. everything they make is awesome and make me feel things 💛
Reynold Beaton
It grew on me. Love it after listening to it a couple of times..great job Balance and Composure, you never disappoint.
Pippin Covington
i appreciate the open-mindedness of this comment section, even though about half of you dont seem to like the new sound
Indica Rose
you can really hear how much they've grown as a band. it's completely refreshing.
Justice Claggett
Let the skepticism and eventual listening ritual begin!
Carlos Carrasquilla
Music changes and bands evolve not for us but for themselves. I love the fact that they're back and this new sound is really nice/different
Steven R
Was unsure how I felt about this because I was expecting an aggressive sound. These are good songs, but not what I was hoping for originally. Vocals seemed too tame and saturated and pulled back underneath everything like another instrument... Second listen through and I love it. Pulls that 80s The Cure sound and that 90s early 2000s NIN/Linkin Park vibe. I dig it- and they have a more dynamic setlist to perform with different artists now. Will Yip and the band made something really cool here.
Alex McFarland
I'll be real, I am not stoked on this
Yung Dark
Absolute perfection
Alyssa Y
Not too sure how I feel about this album yet....
album of the year
matt jones
so much title fight in this. good tho
there is just way too much blandness and repetition on this album. it's not about the sound itself, it's more that the actual songwriting seems to have taken a hit :/ whereas for instance when turnover similarly changed they backed it up with stronger songwriting than on their previous work. nothing whatsoever against the band or anyone who digs this though :)
shoegaze is making a comeback
Kaylea Peavoy
Having been listening to these guys for so long and being so used to their old sounds it's definitely different. But I honestly like that they're playing around with a new sound, because it's bot bad. But it will take a while to get used to said new sound, kind of already growing on me after listening to it everyday
Hcaz Htims
Y'all been hanging with circa survive too much
I dunno. If you can't see how this is leaps and bounds above their earlier stuff then maybe you need a change of perspective. Other bands that did what they did a few years ago were a dime a dozen, and genuinely did it better for the most part. This is a good maturation, and the sound is for the better. This reminds me of when Pianos Become the Teeth decided to write good stuff. People can't really see that sometimes that post-hardcore sound is sometimes just better left in the dust.
The Tale we Told as Kids
I had to walk away from this album for a while and listen to it out of context from the rest of their work to truly appreciate it. it really puts ttwtwm into perspective as a transitionary album. I only see now how they snuck some of the prominent elements of this album on that one. each release really is truly differently great in its own right. I wouldn't be mad if they continued on this progressively more melodic yet more experimental route. However the few awkward moments on this album almost certainly won't ever let it stick in my brain like separation did with almost every song. that's not to say this sound isn't better or worse, it's definitely apples and oranges. vocally and instrumentally and mixing wise they've clearly all gotten noticeably better at their craft. TL;DR album gets better over time, but ultimately just makes me want to hear this sound with more of cohesive concept for an album structure. looking forward to the future.
Amelie T
so disappointed by the response to this album. musically, LWM is absolutely mind blowing. people are quick to dismiss it because they're caught up on wanting it to sound like b&c's previous material, which is a shame because this album is beautiful.
Scott Lewis
The first 10 seconds of the record sort of remind me of incubus....which is awesome
Hannah Mcmurray
Absolutely perfect
Mantis Taboggan
one of the most disappointing albums of the year along with Deftones, Letlive, Thrice
emma gray
I actually like the new album it isn't perfect but its amazing they have changed its nice to see them doing different stuff.
Matt Murphy
It doesn't sound like I'm scraping my cheek across the sidewalk anymore.
Guys please upload the album to spotify
Joshua Foster
If you like old the more aggressive side of B&C, I suggest the debut LP by Boston Manor. Favorite album since Separation
the new sound isn't that bad, its growing on me
Pedro Takahashi
Que álbum incrível, os caras não ficaram na zona de conforto e estão criando um som cada vez mais único! PS: Melhores canções - Midnight Zone, Call It Losing Touch e Fame.
Adrià Vargas Romero
I hope after this album B&C do more agressive music, just as Separation or The things we thing we're missing. This is too shoegaze.
And Bake
His voice is so good but it's destroyed with the use of tech plus it's so soft now, they used to be mellow and hardcore
Brian Ricci
Absolutely Perfect
Brandon Reda
Kind of reminds me of Nine Inch nails
in love with this album. anybody have any albums that have this vibe to it?? I love RARE-Hundredth, Peripheral vision -Turnover and Hyperview -Title Fight
Erin Mathews
This has grown on me a ton the more I've listened to it- infact now I'd say I really fucking like most of these. They still write the same catchy melodies and progressions regardless how much aggression is behind it. It still absolutely sounds like them. I don't think the stylistic difference is that big of a deal. Course they could've thrown us a bone with one or two heavier ones, but I think as an album this is definitely as solid as anything else they've done.
Thiago Souza
For Walk, diferentona e foda pra caraio, q album bom meu!
Ryan McDaniel
people are hating on this cd but i dig it , more mature, and he sings better
It's a different sound, but I like it a lot. Of course, it helps that it reminds me a lot of the early '90s shoegaze era.
Chanel P
I saw them this past weekend in Toronto. It was beautiful, this new album. It's softer but soooo romantic and soothes the soul.
Cris Montes
The fact that this band no longer plays anymore makes me Sad
Dominic Deayton
I don't think this is a terrible album, and I get that they are developing their sound. I just think on the whole this is a bit mediocre, especially now I've heard the Slowheart EP.
Ern Esto
Que bien suenan estos pibes, me encantan!
I fucking love this. What a beautiful progression (EXPRESSION) beyond their previous work. Thank you Balance & Composure. <3
Call is losing touch is bomb. Melody and Guitar lick wise. Drums are just on point. Love it.
Tanveer Bal
It's so beautiful. Gosh.
J Sears
I've loved you guys for years and this has been one of my go- to listens since release. Great job and super excited for you guys.
*sigh* well this was kinda inevitable, they couldn't stay as an angsty, emo band forever
Benjamin Meyer
This album is incredible. Can't wait to see them in 2 weeks w/ From Indian Lakes.
Julia Jensen
First time I listened to this album it blew me away how outstanding it was. EVERY track is so good. They have never disappointed me. So sad , I'm going to miss B&C :(
Aaron Evo8
This is distasteful
J Sears
also i'm glad you guys write music for yourselves and not for other people. Keep pursuing your craft.
Törzsök Szilveszter
Midnight Zone is sick, the rest is mehh...
mauveblanc celestrium
not bad but not my cup of tea
listerne bb
this album reminds me of the pop album bu u2
Aron McNeal
Theyre on BSM now?? Thats sooo tight
bert riches
Great band just not a big fan of this new stuff.
by far there best work
Someone needs to upload Revelations From the B-Side
So good
Joseph Kilgore
Solid af
Benjamin Yearley
Not bad
Rob Stephens
The old sound is what we advertise grown to love but honestly this new sound is much more interesting and mature.
Jessy Scaife
i love the shoegaze vibes from this album
Pat Wozniak
always will be my favorite band
Lor Rowe
drumming always on point doe ~
does anyone have a copy of this on vinyl that doesn't sound good? I'm asking because I pre-ordered the teal variant when it came out and I only played it once but I played it today again and it just sounds off. Like it's a bit sped up and the tone and pitch are off and the music sounds like it's a half step higher. just curious to know if anyone has the same problem. this is the only record I own that sounds like this. all my other records sound absolutely fine.
Dustin Albers
I agree with it being different than old sound. but bands mature. I love both Sounds. its like comparing Letlives Fake History - If I'm The Devil. FH is a great Album. & so is IITD, I personally like IITD More so. This is a Great Album, Give it time to Grow on You.
Mark Nero
So far I really like it.. This is my first listen through and it has a sort of feel like Built to Spill's There is No Enemy.. These guys are so good on recording or live, I saw them in Austin, TX at SXSW and they were much better live than they are on recording.. which in my opinion means a lot.
Adriel, C
Didn't Title Fight do the whole jump to Shoegaze thing first?
Alex B
The album isn't BAD, but parts of it are. For a Walk's lyrics aren't up to the standards of the band. Sounds like the perspective of a dog.
Definitely reminds me of mewithoutyou. i'll always love their first two, but this is great too; just different.
Benjamin Meyer
Loam is one of the best songs you guys have ever wrote. This record is a masterpiece
Tae Desiree
Honestly I vibe with this. Gives me chills, all of their music has.
Anjo Mikayo
Vou esquecer de você que me deixou sozinho, mais uma vez.
First time hearing this band, reminds me so much of day one symphony! Looking forward to hearing their earlier works
Mitchell Cullen
Some call it evolution, some call it maturation, I call it perfection! B&C keep getting better and better.
What happened to this band?
Ch Mila
enaaak album paling enak dari b&c ... this album so rad
Jake Dupree
I'm sorry, but no. Just no.
very boring