KRAMPUS - Tears of Stone

PRE-ORDER THEIR DEBUT ALBUM @ /> /> Genre: Folk/Melodic/Death metal Album: Shadows of our Time [EP], [2011] Country: Italy ***OFFICIAL SITE: *** /> *** FACEBOOK: *** /> *** MYSPACE ***

Thomas of Tibur
Guts TheAbyssWalker
Finally something new in metal ....bag pipes ..... Yay :3
Yesterday I saw them in Hamburg too. Nice performing!
Kristian Kinder
Yeah I'll definitely consider :) Wintersun is my favorite, and was the main reason behind going to Heidenfest together with Korpiklaani. I can see there is much more to look forward to :D I'll give them some horns for you ;)
Awesome! I heard the trailer with the new Wintersun material. OMGgasmic! When you are there, put some horns up to the sky for me \m/ There is a rerecorded version of this song on Krampus' album by the way. Well worth considering to buy it :D
Kristian Kinder
Not bad :) I'm going to Heidenfest in Hamburg.. :D It'll be awesome to see them!
Tessa Sävelmaa
Ahahahah, I know their Guitarist, Alessandro. So proud.
Molto banali e ripetitivi
Stefan Diaconescu
@Tim66613 This is better than Eluveitie ^^