IV of Spades perform "Mundo" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

IV of Spades perform their newest song, "Mundo" live on the Wish 107.5 Bus! Though the Wish award-winning troupe shied away from their usual uptempo, funky sound in this track, their romantic offering still successfully captures the essence of their musical prowess. IV of Spades are Unique Salonga (guitars/vocals), Zildjian Benitez (bass/vocals), Blaster Silonga (guitars) and Badjao de Castro (drums). Stream this song on Spotify: /> Get updates from Warner Music Philippines and follow their social media accounts: Facebook: />Twitter: @WarnerMusicPh Instagram @warnermusicph YouTube: /> *** Wish 107.5 is an all-hits FM radio station based in Quezon City, Philippines. It has truly gone out, beyond the conventional, to provide multiple platforms where great Filipino talents can perform and showcase their music. With the Wish 107.5 Bus, people now need not to buy concert tickets just to see their favorite artists perform on stage. However, innovation doesn’t stop in just delivering the coolest musical experience — Wish 107.5 has set the bar higher as it tapped the power of technology to let the Filipino artistry shine in the global stage. With its intensified investment in its digital platforms, it has transformed itself from being a local FM station to becoming a sought-after WISHclusive gateway to the world. For more information, visit www.wish1075.com. For all-day and all-night wishful music, tune in via your radio or download the Wish 107.5 app (available for both iOS and Android users). Get more WISHclusive updates: Like Wish 107.5: />Follow Wish 107.5: />Subscribe: />Wish 107.5 Instagram- @Wish1075. Feel free to SHARE this video but DO NOT REUPLOAD. Thank you!

Happy 1st anniversary mundo💓💓💓💕💕💓💕
Van Raijin Guapo
Mundo vs Buwan💪💪💪💪💪 Mundo like Buwan comment
Nathaniel Maguad
april 23, 2019 anyone here?
Rere Subla
2019 anyone? Missing the old IV of Spades? 😭
Mich Quijano
can't help listening to mundo. i just love this! :)
VMiguel Gonzales
Di ko parin maintindihan kung bakit may haters tong banda na to. Hello fellow Filipinos, eto na po yung talent na hinahanap ng society natin. Bonus lang yung porma at itsura.
Isabella Galang
Before Buwan by JK we had Mundo by IV of Spades. ♡
John Paul Huelva
Just watch them live today.. Coke summer concert.. And it was awesome \m/
Rowena Grace Estrabela Toriaga
April 2019 besh! Tumutulo yung luha while watching. I miss the OLD IV OF SPADES in Old suit. I'm crying
Paul Barredo
2019 na sino pa nanonood dito Like mo kung hanggan ngayon pinapanood mopa
Vaibhav Sangle
San Miguel, Bar night, Karaoke and Mundo One of the Best memories of PH. Love from India :)
Frutzie _Yt
Doctor: You have have 5 minutes to live. Me: Doctor: But that's 6 min and 50 sec God: I'll let it
piti goyo
Lead Vocalist - Bruce Lee Bass Guitar - Niño Muhlach Lead Guitar - Allein Maliksi Drum - Lito Camo
민Ri Seul
Happy 1st Anniversary Mundo Today: March 4, 2019
Yoo Mi
Binuhay nila ang alternative bands... batang 90s will appreciate them for sure... like me! 💕
Unique - Carrot Man Zild - Baron Geisler Blaster - Kathryn Bernardo Badjao - Manny Pacquiao
jian zander
111 million views and we still counting Missing the old IVOS
Jess Custodio
Astig talaga to! April 03 2019 like nyo to sa mga nakikinig nito .
Adrian Gabriel Labadan
kung nalimotan nyo yung title, type lang "tininiw tininiw" eto lalabas sa feed Like if totoo :)
Unique balik ka na oh sige na please😭😭😭😭😭
Michealangelo A. Calades Jr
Haha sinerch ko tininiw tininiw eto lumabas
Leo Corpuz
Whos with me March 2019??
Kenneth Obillos
Eleonor Rabanillo
What's good about this band ay talagang nagresearch sila kung ano ang magiging identity nila and genre of music na tatahahakin. That's why they chose to dress in 70s and 80s to emphasize their style and identity. I like the band as a whole. I like how they go against the normal band (I'm not saying hindi maganda ang ibang banda). What I'm pointing out is that, it's good to see youngsters exploring music they are not used to. And also, ang ganda din na may variety ang OPM. Keep on doing more music. More power IV of Spades! 👏
Itachi Uchiha
me singing mundo's chorus i falsetto: sa paaaaaAaaaaaagbali-- *naubusan ng hangin *namatay
Hi, hindi ko alam kung makikita mo to na comment ko pero 2018 hanggang ngayon 2019 mundo kita💙 Mahal na mahal kita aking sinta💙
Really?! 113 million views?! Wow...
oh yeah yeah
Out of 36k comments you found me😀😀
Andrea Ong
IV of Spades Autotelic Ben & Ben December Avenue Sleep Alley atbp. OPM artists na sumikat/sisikat dahil may talent talaga
Dexter Calisin
tanginang kanta to di nakakasawa <3
Amer Sumail
Who wants to see these guys reunite and do a remake of Mundo? For me that would be really cool af
The most awaited collaboration from IVOS and UNIQUE 😍😍
Summer Boys
April 16, 2019!!! Who’s with me? I miss them so much! 😭
Sinong andito dahil sa mga memes? HAHAHAH
Mr Yozo Gaming
Ganito sana yun mga sisikat Na band...di tulad ng mga ExB mga tukmol...
Corgi Is Life
Elijah Cabella
Who else watched this again after the interview of the IV of spades at TWBA
Cris Cabatz
who's here after watching the performance of the three singing this song at the arena?
Came from his Grandma Tour Mundo version now Im here to be happy.. i guess.. 😢
If Mundo wins for the song of the year at the MYX Music Awards, and they are gonna play it, I wouldn't mind a one time only reunion with Unique.
Andrew Morgan
Yo I’m not even from the Phillipines. I just found this on Spotify and I really like it!
Tinininiw Tininiw
Kirk Grospe
This is better than the Spotify version. Ang sarap ng gaspang ng tunog ng gitara ni Blaster. Ang swabe ng falsetto ni Unique. Funnky talaga, Badj and Zild! <3
Favorite song ko pa rin 'to kahit hindi na sila kumpleto.
Krizel Orden
70's, 80's ba ngayon? Para akong nag time travel... Parang nakikita ko ligawan ng tatay at nanay ko..
Etanaru e
San darating ang mga salita Na nanggagaling sa aming dalawa Kung lumisan ka, wag naman sana Ika'y kumapit na, nang di makawala Aking sinta, ikaw na ang tahanan at mundo Sa pagbalik, mananatili na sa piling mo Mundo’y magiging ikaw Wag mag-alala kung nahihirapan ka Halika na, sumama ka Pagmasdan ang mga tala Aking sinta, ikaw na ang tahanan at mundo Sa pagbalik, mananatili na sa piling mo Mundo'y magiging ikaw Limutin na ang mundo Nang magkasama tayo Sunod sa bawat galaw Hindi na maliligaw Hindi na maliligaw [9x] Aking sinta, ikaw na ang tahanan at mundo (Mundo'y magiging ikaw) Sa pagbalik, mananatili na sa piling mo (Mundo'y magiging ikaw) Aking sinta (limutin na ang mundo) Ikaw na ang tahanan at mundo (nang magkasama tayo) (Mundo'y magiging ikaw) Sa pagbalik (sunod sa bawat galaw) Mananatili na sa piling mo (hindi na maliligaw) (Mundo'y magiging ikaw) Limutin na ang mundo Nang magkasama tayo Sunod sa bawat galaw Hindi na maliligaw Mundo'y magiging ikaw
Johnny Bytheway
Long live OPM!! OPM ang dapit pasikatin na saraling atin kasi ang sarap pakinggan sa tainga.
Abi Fadhillah Surya
Never thought this philippine band would be this good. I really love the music even though i don't know the meaning of the lyrics because i'm from Indonesia haha. Keep the good work IV of Spades!
Vita Manila
nov 2017 - when i first heard this song and from then di ko na tinigilan.
Klemrenz Lorenz Javier
John Victor
*R E A L T A L K lang ah si KIAN CIPRIANO tlga ung dahilan ng pag alis ni unique sa grupo, dhil kung hndi nya pinangakuan si unique hndi nmn sya aalis sa grupo then sadyang gahaman lang din itong si unique purkit lead vocalist sya iiwanan nya nlng ung mga ka grupo nya.*
Kevinsky Antonio
I actually like the version of Agsunta more than the original song.. Just sayin...
Gaebrielle Baysa
Who's here after watching the new live performance of Mundo?
ompoc jl
Mundo: Tenenenew Tenenenew tenenenew tenenenew
Leizlvasque Vasquez
Thanks for your help in making our website at or near future of
Mila Gomez
Kay unique talaga yung chorus : ((( miss ko na yung dating iv of spades.
Carl Mendoza
Sa wakas, a local band that truly deserves all the fame and success that they are receiving. Usually mga overrated and talentless hacks na artists and bands ang mga sumisikat sa pinas pero sa IV of spades iba. I really admire and respect their musicianship and sa creative process ng pagawa nila ng kanta. A perfect mix of good melody, technicality, catchiness and lyrical content are what makes a quality song para sakin. And lastly yung variety and uniqueness of each of their songs sobrang solid. Basta tangina ibang level galing nila
Rang M.
Zild sang most of the stanzas. Siya pala yun. All the time I thought si Unique lang. Makes sense why Unique still sings 2nd voice on the first part when he sings solo. Even the chorus part, kaya solid falsetto coz sabay sila ni Zild while Blaster sings 2nd voice. 🙌
Papa Smürf
came here just to see them complete.
Airyne Ortuoste
ung solo ni unique sa last part, walang katulad talaga!! 🙌🙌🙌
Anwar Mond
Sino lagi bumabalik dito para tignan ang progress ng views going to 100M? Hit LIKE 🖒
Hanah Diaz
April 20 2019 eargasm
dubidubi dapdap
Andito ako kasi triny ko kung totoo yung TINININIW TININIW
still the most viewed🧡 still here april 2019
Patricia Julian Paglinawan
April 26 anyone here?✨♠️
One day, I hope they reunite. These men are still young; a lot can happen in the years to come.
Roaming Tourist
Parang Pinoy version ng Beatles. They are so good! Wow 😲
Ricarte Bejosano
2020 anyone?
Mark Lañohan
Nag babasa ako ng comment.. Munggong hilaw ang pinaka gusto ko sa lahat😂😂
Always support to spadessss💖💖
Not Yunik Salonga
Mga panahong apat pa sila.
Warrock PH Kingdom11
April 26.. 😢
Sister And Brother Show
It's April of 2019 but still i can't get over this perfect performance 👍 clap clap clap 👏
Paulo Paulo
Sinearch ko tinininiw tininiw eto lumabas
Abbygail Darren
happy 1st anniversary sa legendary performance na to
Jasmine Reyes
Tagos talaga sa puso yung "Tenenenen tenenen tenenen wish one o seven five" eh
Brent Lester Alvarez
Most Viewed of Wish 107.5 ?
syempre nakakamiss ‘tong kantang ‘to kaya bumalik ulit ako dito
4lpha Red
Tinype ko sa search box *Tinininiw tininiw* Ito ang unang lumabas😂😂
Joshua Rosales
Who's happy because it's 100M views? 🙋
Sub On Me Fam Pls
1 year ago pero wala paring Music Video, sana mag collab naman para sa isang music video.
Andrei Sison
Salamat umalis si unique kase kung inde wala yung mga favorite kong captivated,come inside of my heart, bawat kaluluwa at dulo ng hangganan.
Glizel grace Tomas
Charles Pacis
sino pa rin nanonood neto hiiiiiiiiii
David DiMuzio
I love this band!! Cool to hear a Tagalog song from them as well. Reminds me of Rico Blanco's writing.
Robert Jimenez
a nice piece of art, but UNIQUE left the band.
Jethro Dacanay
sino nandito dahil sinearch yun "TINININIW TININIW"😂😂😂
April 15, 2019. I am not the biggest fan of IVOS. I wouldnt say I am a die hard fan and that I know all their songs but I miss them when they were still complete. When Unique havent left the group :(
aliyah gonzales
Martin Sam Dollete
*Officially the FIRST OPM Video to reach a hundred million*
Jlymor Pestaño
Modern day Local Beatles.
Kuhang-kuha ni Zild boses ni Unique kapag kinakanta niya 'to. Pero wala pa ring tatalo sa boses ni Unique. Hayst :(((
Josh Palao
Marunong pala kumanta si Bruce Lee
oriel e
Can’t beleive its already been a year since this has been released time flies so fast
Lazy Boy
Galing pumalo nung drummer shet. Naalala ko tuloy kung pano ko paluin ng mama ko.
will never be the same again :(
UNIQUE = John Lennon (left the Beatles for Yoko) ZILD = McCartney BLASTER = George Harrison BADJAO = Ringo