Sad Piano Music - Isolation | 10 Hour Version

▶Heres the license to use this /> To celebrate my first video that has reached 1,000,000 views here is a 10 hour version of Isolation. 00:07:00 New piano part 00:12:58 Orchestral Its funny Isolation wasn't even my main upload of that day, it ends up getting over 1 million views though, the video I did upload that day didn't get anywhere near that. It was just a quick improvisation I really didn't expect those kind of views on it but it's so cool that so many people have listened and used the music. I've heard it around loads it's a good feeling when you watch something and all of a sudden you hear your music in the background. I’ve started a blog where I will give tips on composition, piano playing, improvisation, playing by ear and setting up YouTube channels. Go check it out /> I've also created a wattpad where I upload stories, if you’re a writer yourself it’ll be great to hear what you think! /> It's looped buuut, I extended the original to 13 minutes and also put in an orchestral part. I got the request to make a 10 hour version ha, but I didn't want to just loop the original for 10 hours so there's some more in this. So this has new bits mixed in with the original loop. Art by apofiss!!! I used one of apofiss's other panda artworks for the original video. Thought I would use another one of his lovely panda ones for this. /> Go sign up to Flowkey It's a really awesome way of learning piano for those of you that can't, I'm using it right now to try and learn how to read music =D And in the future I will be doing some tutorials on there too! Any donations would be really appreciated, any money donated will be used to get new instruments and other equipment to improve this channel =) Heres my PayPal [email protected] Thank you so much for your support. (I also have a donate link up in my channel art and in my about section) Ask me a question on /> Like me on Facebook /> Follow me on twitter @LucasKingPiano Follow me On Soundcloud

Treasure Sun
One day, my dog started to felt weird and I helped but only pain was heard of me. I took her to a vet and they said some trembling words. I either stay strong and let her go up to a better place or I let them have surgery. But either way my dog will fall so I made a decision and my dog fell in a thump. Tears ran down me and by today I still miss my dog. In honor of her, R.I.P 2005 - 2017 Alexa U weren't only my pet but a best friend. Give a like if u have a heart.
Mason Falkie
Some see it as the bubble going away from the panda, but I see it as the bubble coming to him as a sign of hope❤️
Ayacu Aishi
when somebody reminds a teacher about homework
João Paulo Pereira
Alive you feel Alive you dont I wish my comment reached the top But it wont If you see this Dont forget to click For those who are also down Below. Edit : thank you guys for so many likes and reads on 1st july 2019.
famille leng
When you get no likes on your comment
When your comment got a like but its blue for some reason
My Channel
My mum died and I wish I payed a little more attention to her and I was nicer to her😭😭😭😭😭 now listening to this beautiful music has made me realise what a fool I was for being an idiot to my mum at times it’s to late to go back and I can’t even speak to her I’m really struggling every day with out her and I miss her so much and I can’t take it anymore 😭😭😭😭😭 so plz if u wanna help me get better the least u could do is give me a like just one little like and it wont hurt u so plz do it for me my mum my sister and everyone who has lost someone important in there lives plz thank you enjoy life and respect and appreciate your parents love and support before it’s to late plz Thank you 😭
Beautiful Sunset
Rose's are dead violets are dying The sad story of my life I read Guess what I'm crying ..
Ayden Rogers
When you say it’s an easy test and you fail
Cupcake Person
“Sometimes the one who seems to be protecting you from the bullet is actually, the one behind the trigger..”
Ayden Rogers
When you drop your food
Sarina The spicy Salamy
When you spent twenty minutes on a comment on this video and it says error and it didn’t work.....
Invisible Pugs
When your brother ate the last cookie
Dabi Todoroki
When your Burger Fell to the Water
Wrench OC
And nobody likes to be my friend.... People judge me by my looks and theories........ I have barely any friends......
YonaBrite Games
My Mom and Dad Died in a plane crash and I'm 8 years old I cant take it one like will help me please in enjoy life and take care before its to late because it is for me....Thank You :(((
Xxdeath SkysxX
I played this to my baby brother and he was crying, I feel guilty now 😭😭😭😭
Spider Gaming
Falling in the dark But every day it is for ones live To save them Risking my own life I feel depressed inside but Don’t want to tell I lost my parents And my best friend I am alone in the dark Feeling horrible that I wasn’t Able to tell them goodbye And I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done I just feel like giving up But I won’t I’ll live alone and depressed But I’ll be happy I had someone To help me To save me To feed me To love me ~hope you liked it but I’m still a bit sad though~
A & D Gacha
When you get told off in class and you try not to cry... 1 hour later still thinking about you being told off... I don't know is it just me?! please comment back 😭😭😭
Dawn Dayz
I’m so lucky my pets are still alive Except for one that I never met. Lucky: c. 2005 - Present Angel: c. 2009 - Present Rosie: 2013 - Present Minino : c. 1979 - c. 2000 I can’t forget my grandmas dogs :( Greta: c.1971 - 1981 Herman: 1973 - 1982 Max: 1983 - c. 1992 Gus: c. 1993 - 2004
lil ugly
My cat just died... his name was Rockstar and he was absolutely gorgeous. I was just sitting in my room doing my own thing when my dad came in and told me he died,, my whole world just stopped spinning and my vision went blurry as tears built up in my eyes.. then they streamed down my face as I ran up to my dad and hugged him as tight as I could. I've been crying for about an hour now and I feel like killing myself....... I miss Rockstar so much :'(
Mílina Marchenko
When you realize no one wants to watch avengers endgame with you :(
Vianney Gonzalez
Oh my god the poor panda just wanted to touch that bubble 😫 but that freaking bubble went away from that little poor panda that bubble is so unfriendly 😫😖
CoolKidS Mobile
My dog just died few minutes ago and I found this in my trend He loved these kind of noises
DylanWeatherAndVlogs 24
"Metro 1 is 10-8 available for calls" I said to Dispatch as I hugged my daughter and wife. 3 hours later: "Metro 1 and Hotel 29 respond code 3 to domestic violence on **** avenue" Said Dispatch. " Show Metro 1 in route code 3 lights and siren" I said 26 minutes later: "Dispatch, I'm on scene" Said me and Officer Harris (Hotel 29). "Ahhhhhhh" We heard some girl scream from inside the house. "Move in!" I said to Officer Harris "Dispatch, we're gonna need code 3 assistance" Said officer Harris as I busted the door in. "You go Left, I'll go right" I said A few seconds into searching the property I heard a shotgun sound and on the radio I heard "DISPATCH, H29 SHOTS FIRED I'M HIT, OFFICER DOWN" " oh god" I said to myself as I draw my Glock. "Officer Harris?" I said. Just then BANG... I could hear myself scream as I hear a Police car pull up to the house. I turn around to see a dad pulling his son's hair and holding a Remington Shotgun. "HANDS UP" Said the other police officer on scene (not officer Harris) The son starts crying as I fall to the ground. Then all I hear is the police sirens blaring. "OFFICER SHOT" Said the other officer as other police officers storm in. The dad throws his son on top of me and runs behind a wall. That's when officers shot him killing him instantly. This is when my heart breaks... "Powice man? Are you ok?" Said the boy. "G..go to other police man o..ok?" I said. It turned out that this crime scene happened right next to my house. As they put me on the stretcher I heard my daughter say "daddy?" And I heard my wife burst out crying in the background... Time of Officer Dylan's (Metro 1) Death 6:29pm EST I heard as I saw the stairway to heaven... Sorry if I wasted your time. It took me quite some time (about an hour) to make because halfway through I actually started crying :'( God bless all first responders and military personnel
Ashley Halverson
Luna St. Claire
I want you back You were never mine I miss seeing you We never met I love you It is one sided love...
When you are about to leave work and the boss says “before you go....”
Zebby Vloggies and more
im listening at this at he midnight when all my friends want to left me when the Christmas and New Year and those Special days for me but at all the -------------- Important thing is " You were Here In earth for a reason!! " I hope it would make You strong on our problems well coments at me if some of your friends just --- be strong
gaming is life
Me alone *MOM!* *DAD* no sounds heared Someone just burbed, came from school and found a fool Got carried by a man, He's name was Dan I kicked him and ran cried my sis screamed she just died I know I lied hearing scary sounds all at night hearing cats Fight no one in my sight I was so tight, went to the kitchen got a knife. I needed to end he's life. A guy tryna screaming for help couldn't get a answer, no one near hearing a sound of a bear there was my dog, thank god. Don't fell bad this is not real I deserve a like
Kirsty Wells
Bubble:I'm going away Panda:do you love me
My life I went to school one day and at break my friend told me that while I was on holiday my boy had been saying mean things about me soI went to him and.....I said were breaking up but he said so what and that really broke my heart....This is my story of me and my boyfriend I have never liked him ever since!
CARLOS Pro Gamer Diversión Y Pasa Esto
Thank you <3 You motivate me to leave this world.
My mother went to prison once and we had to let a jerk we know take care of our dog... And when my mother came out again the dog was gone, the jerk hadn't given him so much food and never taking him out.. I held my feelings in and it was like a closed bottle of boiling water just waiting to explode... Then once when my girlfriend broke up, It became too much and I almost killed someone and myself... Now I have promised my self to isolate myself from society, so me and my family never will hurt anyone again.. It's only me and my dog now, lonely in an house in the middle of nowhere.. The only one I care about right now is my dog...
Niki Schultz
R.I.P my amazing dog he was a rescue dog but amazing when I broke my arm he yelped for help
Warriorwolf XD
I respect this video for helping me through my depression... so thank you for making this Lucas King you have the respect of my life and soul...
Mílina Marchenko
When toothless leaves hiccup my favorite movie ended how To train your Dragon
Buff Pumpkim2010
my great grandma passed away a year ago.. *:(*
Inski Worm
When your cat dies 2010-2018 RIP Tiels
Marisa Kimberly
When your crush doesn’t love you you back
I lost my cat 1 year ago I loved him and I will never forget him
Korean Unnie
I'm crying....with this music i remember only sad moments of my life....and not happy moments...but, life is only sad..😔
Mark Dockendorf
when you make alot of progress in a game but forget to save and it didnt auto manicallcy save
RLx Yasuo
when the people you trust turn their backs on you
Briana wants to break free
*When you step on your little brothers lego.*
Biolocic Fortnite
My dog Passed away in december 3 it was 7 days before his birthday but he got old enough i cried so much i was thinking what would i do without him. He even find my brother when he was lost in the woods my brother cried and cried then he came running to my brother. Now he's in a better place. R.I.P Whiper 2005-2018.
When my dad died, i listened to this song almost everyday. Every evening i listened to this and fell asleep crying. I cried and cried. I almost wanted to leave too, but i didn't. I'm better now, but the pain inside me has still not left. Everytime i hear this it just breaks me. I know i'm not alone. You are not alone. I know that there is many people who go through this everyday and i totally understand. And to them i wanna say, that they are not alone either. You are never alone there is always somebody for you. Even in the darkest times 💗
29/10/18 my dog died miss him so much Fly high my Angel 🙏❤️
Thrift Store Gucci
Y'alls every just study for a test and end up failing anyways
Tax Fraud
Now let me tell you something. (Note: this isn’t like my other comments) Why are we dividing ourselves from each other just because we are different? Because he loves a man or she loving a woman or just assuming by looks? I imagine a world without every part of a country attacking each other just cause they’re different, without war. It makes me so sad that we have to live in a world like this with horrible things. Just why?
When you play Draven and engage and egirl support flashes backwards.
Johanna I
It's 2am and I finally found your account again. Your music has always been there for me during difficult times. Thank you for this
Lillian Vosburg
This helps with my depression...lies* It made it worse but i keep on listening cause i like the pain...
Cocoa puff AJ
I am worth nothing I am a mistake People need to let me go I am stuck in chains Help me, before I let it all go But I am a mistake! Why would you help me?
Roses are red Violets are blue Im crying at this song And so are you! Ahaha I dont know how I thought of that but :D well done me and have a great day or have a great night god blesses you even if your a bad person :3 I hope I made your day.
Chica love
Try harder And get smarter Its what they say Everyday I do try and and listen I promise As my world glistens And i be the calmest Im not welcome here Nor am i quite I can feel the fear Though i can try it As my world fills with tears I notice im torn inside I hear a whisper in my ear And hear my lovers decline Can someone help Can someone hear Can someone yelp From somewhere near I cannot breathe Try to hold my breath As i fill with greed As i meet my death Thanks for reading and leave a like
Fortnite fighter
I remember when I had my goats... 😭 some dogs came into my yard and ate them all... WHEN IT WAS 6:00AM and I found three goats dead and four goats still alive... but the doggies were takin away thankfully 😅
yelena xianthe tulio
and lion helped me but he left ;(
Abraham Aylon
The song that CJ SO COOL always puts😂
Lone {Chill vibes}
Just know that if u did think of commiting suicide, remember why u held on for this long.
When u like ur own comment because u know that no one else will…
XXZ0kB8i F L O O F
1 of my birds died in 2018 now I’m sad crying here 1 like= a prayer
Asim Durrani
When you have lost everything and wish why you weren't flipping born in the first place!?!?!?!?!?!
Marek Larus
i cant believe this i just dont i will get him back i will get my dog back i can feel it.❤❤❤ (like if you hope i do so)
Youssif Badr
Everybody is here bcuz they are sad or something but I’m making a Gacha movie and i need sad music🤷🏻‍♀️😅😅🤦🏻‍♀️😂
felipe Zuera
Some robebrs stole my house a while ago and they shot my dog and my cat saved him by stopping most of the bleeding but today my cat died of an disease that effects his lungs and that made him die today, R.I.P 1999 - 2019 Hiuki Hiuki was born at the same time as me and belive he was a good boy he would give us love hapyness and much more and now i feel shame all the times i talked bad things about him. My dog has depression now, and it is my fault.
This is what this makes me think of: my dog 🐶 ☠️😭
Barhouma Ghozayel
That like me in the school with just 1 friend and i lost him so i think im alone
I got banned from Overwatch because of abusive chat... :(
Kaitlyn Jones
So I turn on this, and my fish is looking at me and begging for food. Why? 😂😂😂
DylanIs Chillin
Rip kokum 19 something-20170
I'm killing bugs and I was like u guys need some death music **Plays this** PERFECT
Elissa Oclock
Dear my dog, penny I remember the day before you passed you layed on my laps falling fast asleep, you would always cuddle up in my blankets I remembered when you would run around the yard chasing me if I was a butterfly, I remember the way you would look at me when I gave you food 😢 On August 16, 2017 Letting you go outside to go to the bathroom thinking you would come back...but you took longer then usual... a few moments later all I heard was nocking on the door instead and your paws scratching the door when I woke up my mom to open the door she ran and opened the door... all we saw was a man holding you, you were covered with weel markings from a car... at that very moment I realized you were dead My heart sunk into a million little pieces all the man said was "I'm so sorry" RIP PENNY 2010-2017 I will always love you
Kristaps Bruvers
Today my favorite ROBLOX game does not work i dont know why i have a good PC i ask myself the same thing every day... why ROBLOX why
Ashley Halverson
Do u know bendy and the ink machine well here’s a rp about it Sammy: *holds freedom* Ink bendy: *takes it away and trows it away* Joey: *plays this song* U are loved Sammy Lol jk
School is out for me and that might be exciting, but there’s 2 things I had to leave behind. The school which gave me all my childhood memories, and my friends who are going to other schools and who I might never see again... From Kindergarten to 5th grade.
When the best part of a video happens and you're phone dies RIP SAMSUNG GALAXY S6
Caroline S
Standing in the rain, all alone. My heart was turned into pure stone. I stand and cry, because I didn't want to say goodbye. All these memories we've shared, all I ever did was care. And now you left me, left me standing in the rain under a tree. I learned to love, I learned to cry, but I will never learn how to say goodbye. The thunder in my heart will forever stay, remembering you from day to day.
Naya Ortiz
When I hear this it makes me feel like my mom and dad are dead it makes me cry 😭
Inspired by Zzaazz lol 26 Subs
R.I.P Everyone who became sad because of something. It happened to me. It doesn't only happen to you.
Dimlight Shadow 505
When King Ghidorah defeated Godzilla 2019
Marionette_ playz
Me: mom how do i look Mom: u look great honey Me: *smiles* :D *goes to school* Me: i wonder why everyone is looking at me Bully: go kill your self and stop trying to look cute Me: *starts to cry and runs to restroom* Me:*looks in mirror* Me: *cuts self and smiles* *at home* Mom: so how was school Me:*runs in room and crys* Me:*grabs knife and cuts self more* *HAPPY ENDING :D*
Leah oof
I'm playing this because I spilled my for on the floor☹️
Can i get 100k subs without vids?
E ‘n C Gacha
Me: You have 10 hours to live Doctor: WTF?
lazena ugeana
this song makes me cry knowing that my mother will pass away soon
Galaxy cupcake
Everyone has a story behind this music , while I stand here as an idiot listening to this only because it allows me to fall asleep
Sarah Guhl
I breathe easier listening to you Lucas. In some ways I consider you a best friend, even if we have never met or spoken. I find that the best friends are the ones comfort, create and exept.
Patch 3.1.0 nerfing your smash main
velibor trajkovic
pls help me pls donate some chicks im so sad pls :( adres serbia trajckovic 18 pls help
R.I.P Chandler Lost The Challenge
Annalinn Voccia
I'm never noticed by my friends, I'm never loved. What I feel is depression, is consuming me whole. I've never felt so disrespected, when I became a lone wolf. ~I feel this every day, like this comment if you have the same thing happen to you
_Negative Boi_
Needs to be a 10 hour music box version 👌👌 Now that, that will make me listen to it everyday
When you wash the fishes and someone adds more dishes in
Alisia Bogdan
The 1 music When we lose our cookies I like = another cookie for us
When your having a good time but you remember you have a finale exam tomorrow:(
Once upon a time there was a boy he was calm he was quiet. But that wasn't enough for the world. He was always left out and bullied. He had no friends who care for him. No luck every day was hell. Every day pain. Every day sorrow. Every day the same feelings again. On one day he was going to commit suicide. But he was not afraid of death, only the pain that would come. So he figures not to do it and he thought every day of he will do it or not. The end. This i just a story i was depressed when i was young i thought many times of doing it but i was afraid of the pain so i didnt do it if you are depressed talk to someone dont commit suicide please dont
**listening to sad music crying in bed** *MENARDS AD STARTS PLAYING* Me, still crying: *s-save big money at Menards..*
Anne Simmons
Dead inside Can't stop the feeling of my heart 😭😭😭😭😭😰😪😥😢😂😫😑