Immersive Engineering: Excavator! - Minecraft 1.10.2/1.11.2

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Welcome to another modded Minecraft series showing you all about the mod Immersive Engineering (for Minecraft 1.10 but may also apply to other versions)! Today I cover the Excavator! Immersive Engineering: />Get the mod here: /> You may also like some other Minecraft series: Witchery: />Roots: />Intangible: />Thaumcraft 4: />Thaumcraft 5: />Random Things: />Tinkers' Construct: />OpenBlocks: />Botania: />Sky Factory 2.5: />Random Things: /> Minecraft (1.10.2) mod Immersive Engineering (version 0.10-47) owned by BluSunrise and art by Damien Hazard. Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this video, COMMENT if you have a suggestion or just want to say something to us, SHARE with others you think may enjoy this, or SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more of the Mischief of Mice content! It all helps the channel and it's greatly appreciated! More Mischief of Mice: Patreon: />Discord chat invite: />YouTube: />Reddit forums: />Google+: />Twitter: /> Outro Song: "Alternate" from the YouTube Music Library

End-game machines are cool! When you have enough iron to decorate whole your base with iron blocks, you can spend some to make machine which can mine some more iron. With that new iron you can decorate... Oh, nevermind. (:
Alp Doğaner
I just use gelid cryotheum and blutonium in thermoelectric generators to get 4096 rf/t per generator
In all my time in Minecraft, few things were as much fun and satisfying as building an Excavator (and I love the name of the achievement!). The Projector is super handy for making these multi-block structures, which I think are a major part of the appeal of this mod.
Of course you'd never find 38,400 ores in a chunk otherwise! That would basically be a 16x16 chunk that was 150 blocks high... all made of ore. This is why this thing is better than any other kind of quarry, in my opinion - and it makes it worth all the materials and effort and logistics it entails. I'm looking forward to trying one out soon - I just finished pumping 2800 buckets of crude out of my front yard and now that I've cracked it, I've got plenty of diesel to power one of these beasts.
I played around with this mod in the early stages it was fun for a while but the mod by itself brings a new definition to the word chore. Just getting iron to even get started with the mod is extremely grindy and you need so much of it. Anyways, great concept mod feels a bit too lite in the beginning of the game. If you pair it up with some other mods that flesh out that area it becomes quite nice, but then again this mod doesn't really do anything new that other mods doesn't already do it just has a fancy theme.
I just realized for the diesel generator, you can use cloches to automate ethanol/plant oil production and automatically start pumping each liquid into a refinery and into a diesel generator. Idk if you can automate industrial hemp but if you can the plant oil production would be awesome
Diego Mera
I LOVE this mod since the 0.6 update of 1.7.10. I want to make you a question. Do you know any form to pick the lapis mineral with fortune without pickaxe , to do It automatic. Like a block breaker.
Justin Nicolay
awesome! Can't wait to build it.
Kai Beasley
do a video on the lightning rod! do one on the railgun to. also, are you going to cover the stuff in the latest update?
think i will be using those quantum tanks for the biodiesel, just made farms so i can make biodiesel auto=) im glad i watches this first...i thought that it didnt matter where you placed the drill, that it would mine where the core sample was taken even if it was far away o.O but this make more sence tho=)