Heavy Metal Golden Years | Classic Metal Playlist | '80s, '90s

Heavy Metal Golden Years...a Classic Metal Playlist featuring the greatest metal songs from the 1980s and '90s including Metallica, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Anvil and tons more!

The Classic Heavy Metal Vault
0:00 Judas Priest - Thunder Road 5:11 Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire 9:57 Iron Maiden - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 16:28 Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King 22:04 Pantera - The Will To Survive 26:16 Accept - Aiming High 30:42 Crimson Glory - Dragon Lady 35:11 Icon - (Rock On) Through The Night 38:45 Apollo Ra - To Be A Hero 42:38 Anthem - Wild Anthem 47:04 Saxon - We Came Here To Rock 51:27 Metal Church - Badlands 58:50 Sinner - Lupo Manaro 1:02:42 Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again 1:06:32 Fates Warning - Anarchy Divine 1:10:19 Anvil - Jackhammer 1:13:52 Running Wild - Black Demon 1:18:16 Elektradrive - Time Machine 1:23:27 Slayer - Read Between The Lies 1:26:50 Hocculta - Warning Games 1:30:58 Tyrant - We Stay Free 1:34:14 Enchanter - Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier 1:40:59 Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells 1:45:52 TNT - Tor With The Hammer 1:48:12 Warrant - The Enforcer 1:53:08 Jag Panzer - Burning Heart 1:56:52 Razor - Evil Invaders 2:00:43 Malice - Air Attack 2:03:44 Grim Reaper - See You In Hell 2:08:04 Destruction - When Your Mind Was Free 2:12:44 W.A.S.P. - Mean Man 2:17:32 Defender - Die For You 2:21:49 Voivod - Ravenous Medicine 2:26:12 Queensryche - Nightrider 2:30:01 M.A.R.S - I Can See It In Your Eyes 2:34:33 Liege Lord - Legionnaire 2:38:26 Toranaga - The Shrine 2:45:19 Loudness - Crazy Nights 2:49:24 Exodus - Til' Death Do Us Part 2:54:17 Hanover Fist - Metal Of The Night
Special thanks for Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King. Masterpieces work !!!
Liara I'Sorry
I remember when hard-rock/heavy metal was the soundtrack for every genre movie.  That aint fucking happening now.  Golden Child has a classic fight scene to Body Talk by Ratt.  It's the only suitable type of music, much more than say hiphop/electronic music.  Hope it comes back some day. I have a dream too!
Rogerio Fernandes
Heavy Metal LIVES FOREVER!!!
Perfect taste! \m/ \m/
saw judas priest in portland.. 🤘🤘 with saxon
Anna Mozatee
When I listen to this playlist, so do all of my co-workers!
Take me back to 80’S 90’S time I hate modern music
Albert Valero Duch
Impressive selection, amazing combination of power, high energy and sensibility Many many thanks to the owner of this channel because of the time you spent building this jewel! :-)
Cristiano Bruno
Old brazillian metal. Nice playlist. Here, take my like
Lynette Berg
Great song to start off the playlist.
Jimmy Lewis
That Loudness tune is awesome. WASP Mean Man rocks too. And of course Savatage with the classic Hall Of The Mountain King.
Jumax stands
Hey, this list is really good. Even heart songs I never heart before.
Eugene Blyther
Fcking Legendary 🔥 Malice - Air Attack 2:00:43
damian 988
Larga vida al "Heavy Metal" por siempre...
Erika Guimarães
Isso que é música de verdade !!!
james carter
A lot of Metal i never heard before. Thanks man.👍
Mingo Teixeira
I listened this playlist for 3 times in a row...One of the best of the Youtube...Congrats to the Vault!!!...All the way from São Paulo City, Brasil...\m/...
Who made it through three hour měþæł thats metal 🤘😠🤘
So many classics, love this playlist! \m/
PonyTail Gitty Up
When I listen to Priest&Pantera so do all my neighbors with in 3 block raduis 13 800watt ole home speakers& few small one's 120,80watt .Gitty Up};>}~~
John Schenker Vlogs
Excellent to listen the Heavy Metal 80's & 90's
Roman P
Spasibo, tovarisch! ✊👏👏👏
Lori Harrris
Hell, yes!! My teenage years In the early and mid 80's!!! Awesome!!
Namoral não sei se tem br aqui mas a do metallica foi muito louca.
Daniel Vasconcelos
Wow! finally some love to Pantera pre-Cowboys
Jumax stands
I used to listen to Crimson Glory so much in the 80s. Also Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. To which songs we have to listen to today? So much crap nowadays.
The Accusation Network
Can never get enough of this stuff! It really is my love of this music that made me produce a vintage metal album review show here on YouTube. Especially nice to see Crimson Glory and Savatage on here. And that Metallica song was the first thing I heard from them when my buddy excitedly brought Ride The Lightning over to the house in 1984. "You HAVE to hear this!," he said. And, yep, he was right. Great stuff. Stay metal!
Becca McCookie
The fact that this playlist has "Hall of the Mountain King" on it is reason enough for me to love it ♥
emiliano medina
@ Judas Priest - Thunder Road @ Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire @ Iron Maiden - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner @ Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King @ Pantera - The Will To Survive @ Accept - Aiming High @ Crimson Glory - Dragon Lady @ Icon - (Rock On) Through The Night @ Apollo Ra - To Be A Hero @ Anthem - Wild Anthem @ Saxon - We Came Here To Rock @ Metal Church - Badlands @ Sinner - Lupo Manaro @ Dokken - Lightning Strikes Again @ Fates Warning - Anarchy Divine @ Anvil - Jackhammer @ Running Wild - Black Demon @ Elektradrive - Time Machine @ Slayer - Read Between The Lies @ Hocculta - Warning Games @ Tyrant - We Stay Free @ Enchanter - Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier @ Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells @ TNT - Tor With The Hammer @ Warrant - The Enforcer @ Jag Panzer - Burning Heart @ Razor - Evil Invaders @ Malice - Air Attack @ Grim Reaper - See You In Hell @ Destruction - When Your Mind Was Free @ W.A.S.P. - Mean Man @ Defender - Die For You @ Voivod - Ravenous Medicine @ Queensryche - Nightrider @ M.A.R.S - I Can See It In Your Eyes @ Liege Lord - Legionnaire @ Toranaga - The Shrine @ Loudness - Crazy Nights @ Exodus - Til' Death Do Us Part @ Hanover Fist - Metal Of The Night
Rodrigo Dettmer
Evil Invaders is on my top 5 speed/thrash songs of all times. Love Razor, pretty good list!
Tim Robinson
Nice to see Toranaga on the list ... great list BTW 🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍
Yuri B.
Congrats!! Great Playlist...Back to the 80`s....
Russ Bere
Awesome. Metal for Muthas \m/ \m/
Chad McDaniel
Thanks for the upload.
Ernest DeLong
Give me metal .... or give me death. Nothing beats the intensity of raw power chords and crisp lead guitar playing with thunderous drums in the background rocking a heavy bass line.
Londale Carter
Really Good Compilation!!!! \m/
thanks for introducing me to savatage
Ra Ban
Iron Maiden,Icon,Apollo Ra,Metal Church,TNT,W.A.S.P,Defender,M.A.R.S,Hanover Fist.
Pedro RG
Great ranking; you have chosen some fabulous pieces! Thank you for publishing them
Paul Bivens
Hell yeah long live rock and roll Ryan's be the good old days when I went to school all we heard does big hair metal bands of the 80's going to parties in drunk getting stung spandex girls skirts so short girls wearing tight jeans long hair excetera excetera while you get the picture that's when men were men and women were women some of the girls to were hot back then if I could turn back time again I'll go back to the 80s or I can live it up hardcore listen to those band over and over I can never get tired of hearing them there's an old saying to old school that is goes like this party hardy smoke a bowl drink a fifth we are stoners flick awesome s*** we will kick your ass
No Megadave? That's a critical offence!
walid walidos
i think am gonna re-watch "ROCK STAR" the movie!
d s
and the priest said...…..let heavy metal rain down on the world...…...and it did...……...it ruled! and it lives on forever.
T’s Life
Subbed ,mad playlists mate !
Denny Medeiros
Awesome collection... Now you making me buy a lot of these songs I never heard
Mark Morss
17 people did not come here to rock
Bad ass to have Badlands by metal Church on here as well. Just found a copy of that album on vinyl the other day and it was an original German press, Very hard to find these days
Marcy Roth
jake jackson
Imagine if everyone loved metal how awesome life would be
O wow, the good old days.
thanks, I discovered many cool bands from this
Luis Bravo
begining with Judas! Great!
rafael garcia casado
Larga vida al Rock/Metal 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Stefan Wilhelm
Judas Priest Heavy Metal Band Nummer 1 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
tracks from great bands which never get hits, i liked tho
chris ziogas
Respectfully, i do not see Anthrax, Motorhead, Helloween, Def Leppard, Scorpions,Megadeath, which are only few of the very big names you have missed,but in general a very good collection!
Dark Night
This is the real metal !!
Scott Evans
How the Christ does someone give a thumbs down to a music compilation?
You do not have a playlist on spotify?
Hocculta sound like a speed metal Scorpions.
Thomas Kelly
Very good work putting this together with some lesser known tracks.
Sid Al
"Thor" with the hammer i love that track it's catchy and great
Nur Sodiq
merasa seperti di atas angin
Franco DiGiovanni
Great list man - thanks!
Рикардо Карденас
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Stefaan Verhelst
super dat er nog goede muzieklijsten bestaan!!!!!!
Alessandro Guimarães
I Love 🤘 Metal 💀
Carlo Leodoro
Feel good music
Riccardo Bianchini
heavy metal never dies
rachmanto zein
my memories classic rock .......
Monica Sandrs Dio
Gracias x gustarle mis comentarios. Lo q m pasa c DIO es real. Lo demás tambien
Leonardo Reuters
great playlist......no other word!
Snoop Menuce Music
Str8 up son
josecostamoura moura
josecostamoura erokeiro emetaleiro redbengers
Roman P
176 fagots disliked.
Soldier Breakneck
Epic win
Furious Wookiee
Great playlist. I understand why music like this no longer has a place in modern times but damn, today's "new" music is so awful, mass produced without inspiration and just plain vomit inducing I find myself constantly going back to when times were better.
Myles Jarvis
Great job!! Awesome list!
josecostamoura moura
reavymetal erock nasveias
Marco Aurélio
Lista sensacional. Muito bem mesclado, pegando praticamente todos os estilos. Hard Rock; Heavy Metal; Trash Metal; Death....
Shawn A86
Thanks for posting this. I literally just put this on while I'm working out in my garage gym.
One of my dad's paintings was on Heavy Metal magazine cover.
Marco Antonio Alves Ferreira
Muito foda
Very good selection
peter smedberg
Good stuff........
Hystery animations
Only clasics
josecostamoura moura
vaitudopor inferno emuitorock
We so need another Heavy Metal movie.
josecostamoura moura
fock ofdeordes fodaseomundoemuitoerock
Robert Robski
Why is no names of bands
josecostamoura moura
eugostodefestasderock eshow derock
Манучарян Павле
Super.... ☺️☺️☺️Otlcno.
Sergio Muñoz
Gracias.grandes clasicos del metal
Ronaldo Sérgio
/,,/ salve HEAVY METAL.../,, /...
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