The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore Live Rock Am Ring 1998

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Best Performance of this song!!!

Sadland Machines
D'arcy was so drugged up during this performance...
congo tronics
d'arcy in ava adore style is a goddess
amataratzu d
d'arcy is in the high heavens
T. H
Live version of this song is so much better than the studio version.
I can't stop laughing at how lost D'arcy is lmao
Pope Pope
My god what a live! I even like this version more than the original! Love Smashing Pumpkins
Venus Axe
Definitely the best live version of this song, because I still prefer the studio version!!
Gustavo Weber
yeah, I agree with you on "best performance of this song". Love it.
Ozzkarello Rocks
I Love D'arcy!
jimi van orion
ooh billy, why didnt you use a drum like this for the studio?? Its so amazing, but the studio electro drums are terrible :/  But still loving this song
Sergio Serrano
i love d'arcy
Marcelo Petters
Best version! 
Cesar U
IMO Smashing Pumpkins is Billy and Jimmy.
Fakri Muniri
masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!!!
The studio version never satisfied me....When Adore came out i felt betrayed by this band... But this song played onstasge is fucking great. And oh, D'arcy... Jeez, D'arcy is a devil sent from heaven! i truly believe da Billy after her marriage was devasted , so he fired her...
Colby Ashton Stout
This is by far my favorite performance of this song.
This more rock version is badass!
Rui Costa
1:29, she's cute and cool
Mike Northrup
I could listen to the live versions of this song constantly! The studio version, not so much unfortunately.
juergen joseph
Mit zu meinen besten.. _
Machina Adore
Silvia Skull
amazing, I can't stop watching this video!
Jeb De Guzman
Right on. Studio version sounded like an electronica. This sounded crispier (for lack of a better word)
James McDermott
there is only one other girl that comes close . and that is ADEY
Phunerhal Trhevhas
Sin unites all religions
connor llewellyn
can't recall any other live show from this time where billy dressed normal😂
Nicolai Vedel
How high can a D'arcy be?
James McDermott
Darcy does wonders to my 65 libido, no other girl on the planet does it to me,
Yeah have been there as well...18 years and gone there with a bunch of friends and LOTS of beer.. ;) Remember the HEAVY rain setting in during Rammsteins performance with like 10.000 ppl left with Ozzy performing the last act Sunday night? ;) Damn we were SOAKING wet...
Scorching version....and how cool did D'Arcy look then.
ohh the 90s.. where peolpe knew how to jump and not film :D
Kenny Aronoff
Who's the drummer here?
ϛϯriϞց ϛɭaϞց
i never saw james smile in a live video... coincidence?
wall of sound, impressive live gig !!
Markus Schroll
One of the best Band ever in on of the best Concerts ever... Line up this Day: Monster Magnet; Smashing, Prodigy.... dead... :-))
The dreamteam without jimmy, even was better than everybody else - wish they didn´t ever quit doin this...