Do I Wanna Know? | Brian & Justin

Queer as Folk Episodes 2x19 - 3x08 Music: Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? Creator: xoxoemynn (

Justin and Brian aren't the hottest gay couple on tv. They're the hottest couple on tv, period.
Silent Whisper
what am i doing with my life i have an exam tomorrow
roz what
What have you done? Now I want to watch the show...again!
cafer celik
I can't believe that there is still someone who watches QAF and make videos about it. This show is my life! I can't count how many times I watched the show! I hope the producers realize that how much this show is loved and play another 6th season! Thank you so much for the video!
Janet Branford
Loved this video, although the last couple seasons were an emotional roller coaster for me. I loved that they got back together and that there wasn't any spiteful bouts in between. And gosh did I hate Ethan. He was such a pretentious little snot.
Jolene Gan
sometimes gale harold reminds me of ian somerhalder weirdly
this is love.
Gracie East
Great video! I have to say it - who would ever leave Brian Kinney??!!! Or, Gale for that matter! But I loved it when they got back together - every time.
Aww :)) Still someone out there who made 2016 wonderful B&J videos after 11 years of QAF * - * Thank you so much :) There you can see that the QAF fan base is still very large! Thank good :) Maybe someone finally notices and we get our long awaited 6th Season (since the cast would love to make another season:D)
You did good. You did real good! This was sucha a heartwrenching phase during the show. But the way they got back after "the fiddler fell off the roof," nothing quite like it.
Sharon Edri
still love it in 2016!❤❤❤
joven H
Amazing couple. I love soooooo much this episodes.. brian's jealousy moments!!! I love it!
OishiG x BTS
I lv Justin's hair
Nite Storm
OMG I miss QAF so much Thank You So Much For Sharing I Truly Appreciate You Keeping The Queer As Folk Pride Alive
Justin has the most beautiful hair when he was that little fcuking Ethan .............T.T
I was so sad when this ended
[wipes gross snot away from face] this was great, in that utterly heartbreaking kinda way. thanks for sharing :)
is this hapoiness? Brian and Justin with a song of arctic monkeys. You should create a video with the song "505" or "love is a laserquest" ♥
ann m.
There is a song that also would fit them perfectly.. collar full form panic! at the disco. If I only could edit..
Wrathe Lemon
Years later this scene is still so intense at the beginning. 😭 Brian and Justin were a rollercoaster of my heart. Like ATWT with Luke and Noah
One of my favorite songs and my favorite show, thank you. Great video.
Isabela Oliveira
i love qaf and ive watched at least 28 times. this is my favorite video of them, portrays so amazingly the end of season 2 and beginning od season 3, thanks gor that. loved how you fitted the lyric "sad to see you go, was sorta hoping that youd stay" in the scene that brian watches justin leaving with that dickhead. briand and justin are the best couple on tv. they are soulmates.
Yanilsa Marrero
I watched this serie for your video and It was amazing♥
وعوودي 54
Ivis Dayana De Leon Mendoza
vale la pena desvelarse <3
Ciana Martin
Omg I love this song
Little Quail
So Wonderful 😍 I just watched QAF and your vid make me interested 😍
hazal karaman
crazy :D
Socially Splintered
I'm spoiling the show but I must see more ahhhhhhhhhh
shivangi kandpal
where can I watch this show?
#Bus is Real
Socially Splintered
My new otp
Jane Christen
Hey, I'm relatively new to the show, so I'd like to know: how do you guys pronunciate 'Britin' ? 'Br-ai-tin' or 'br-ee-tin' ? Thanks!
Mary P
whats the episode in 2:08 please ?
Miriam Signorelli
please everyone Can Say what is The real final ?
sammmyy b
which one Brian n Which one Justin?
vuelva a poner la serie todos los capitulos plissss......
Perfect scenes for a perfect song!!!
Love the ending when they reconcile
Raimundo Santos
lovely. movie Justin 🌈🌈🏃👬👭💚❤🍀
elbert pieters heeft.
Gupiee Me
god i love you
Jylynn Watson
love it!!
YouLittleShit Britin
This is so great. Love it 😢😍😊
Renato Botelho
Diego Castro Martínez
help!!! what serie is this?
Iake O Tool
Kristina Litvinova
what did he say at 0:46?
Susie Bernie
What a great video!!!
Ivis Dayana De Leon Mendoza
4:27 toda esa escena.....preciosa😘😘😍😍😍😍💕💕
Ivis Dayana De Leon Mendoza
4:27 toda esa escena.....preciosa😘😘😍😍😍😍💕💕
reema rema
I really want to watch the full the episodes do you know were i can find them ?!??
i really lov this
Valentina Guerra
wow, just WOW
Ryan Mustafa
Dean Winchester
U can tell that Justin is love Brian and he will always love him, also Brian is missing Justin even though he says he doesn't love him he does so much
just because
goddamit brian
Emma Still
1:05 what episode?
Amelia Grace
is this the british one or the american one
Finariki Tampan
Ivis Dayana De Leon Mendoza
2:08 esa escena me hiso sentir bien feo el pechito, brian si extrañaba a justinnnnnnn😭😭😭😭😭😫
Catalina Stefania
3:28 please?
I need a company name for my screenplay where it's like mufon and must have words ufos or aliens in it if if anyone can ocme up with it put it here if I like it I like it I'll put it in my screenplay.  Come up with a few by 1 person then ican choose if u can.    It's in my sceme on page 15.
For movie name
Dung Nguyen
chord overst???
Ana Ximena Cardenas Cordero
Alguien Abla español
Isabela Oliveira
I dont know why, but every time i watch this video i just start to cry so hardly. This show and this couple are just my life, and every time this music plays I cant listen, i just listen is this video. I think i start to cry because I see Brian so vulnerable and afraid of loving Justin or doing anything to show him how much he love him and reminds me of the end of the show. After all they have been trough. THE END FUCKED MY LIFE, IT IS SO PAINFUL. ONLY THINKING OF IT MAKES ME WANNA BE DEPRESSED FOR DAYS :(