Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde (feat. Rihanna)

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Buy at iTunes: New album on sale now! /> Originally aired October 30, 2010 Footage courtesy of NBC for promotional use only.

Nathan Speiser
6ix9ine saw Shy Ronnie yelling on the mic and made a career out of it smh
Beary Boy
I wonder how many people watched this just for the haHAA
Shy Ronnie was just ahead of his time. Mumble rap got popular in 2016
It hurts that Rihanna is so pretty...
How do you even start the email to rihanna to describe this video
Florian Wolf
I wish there where more than two shy Ronnie Songs...........
Gordon Ingram
I can't believe I'm the only one commenting on how hot Rihanna looks in that Clyde outfit. Should I be worried? I mean, she always looks hot, but this video just takes her to another level for me...
luiza bakumenko
"Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde" (feat. Rihanna) [Rihanna:] You know the system, we have the fire power, and we have each other. You ready? [Ronnie groans] [Rihanna:] Yeah, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay We at it again, everybody now Hands in the air, it's a stick up, stick up no funny business or you get lit up, lit up You test I (I), you gon' die (die) And at your funeral ya mama gon' cry So customers kiss the floor, floor And clerks open cash drawers slow, slow If you don't wanna end up dead You'll do everything Shy Ronnie says Tell 'em, Ronnie! [Ronnie murmurs] hey its shy Ronnie now you down on the floor I'm getting changed in my bag in the back of the store but I'm gonna go and be the best i knew it and suck my dick in the butt in the forest but it doesn't matter because we coming for your money ha-haa! [Rihanna:] No one in the bank can hear you Shy Ronnie, use your outside voice We don't have time for this Let's go So stay on the ground it's a stick up, stick up Your wallets and jewels we'll pick up, pick up Unload the cash (cash), move your ass (ass) We gettin' money, tell 'em Shy Ronnie [Ronnie murmurs] now I'm on the scene, shy Ronnie with the heat but uh oh I'm gonna get touched but now I'm gonna tell you why it don't stop and its gonna be a long night sucking on your gets boner ha-HAAA [Rihanna:] Please, please use your words Just imagine that everyone's naked Uh, oh! Boner alert. He really pictured them naked. [Ronnie:] HA-HAA! [Rihanna:] Why did I think you could do this? Ronnie hostage on the move [gunshot] He shot himself. Why is your gun so small? The police are on their way [Police:] (Come out with your hands up) [Rihanna:] Good luck, Shy Ronnie Bye, bye! [Ronnie:] HA-HAA! Ronnie motherfucker and I'm back from the dead, Brain bored with the murder, so I shot my own leg Don't get the name twisted, cause I'm crazy as shit I hung a giant ass noose off my giant ass dick [Rihanna:] Aye! I forgot this money And also this guy Come on, we're gonna have sex Too-da-loo! [Ronnie:] And you can hang from it Cause you don't wanna see my real gun Shots to the sky but your face sound real fun! Ronnie!
I just realized Rihanna walked out with Donald Draper in the end XD
Kope of Onrac
Rihanna is from a magical land where makeup does not smudge, and everyone has huge, beautiful green eyes. And even though you're wearing the clothes of the opposite gender, you just look so damn good, you carry it off and make it look awesome.
My Knicker
So this is where the legend *haHAA* came from...
Mbali Mthembu
Lol it was Rihanna that made him shy this whole time.
McKenzie Martinez-McMahon
Rihanna's voice is so pretty and she is so pretty
a normal human
I've never related to a character as much as I do with shy Ronnie
Anmol Biswas
Just imagine that everyone's naked ..... And I ... JIZZED IN MY PANTS
i just fell in love with rihanna all over again.
Marie Stylinson
There should be a Shy Ronnie 3 where Rihanna (Clyde) busts Ronnie out of Jail 😂 & like, Ronnie was super tough & crazy in prison until she shows up lol
When she says yo momma gon cry I jizzed in my pants
Isabela Villela
Rihanna coming back to get Jon Hamm, savage
Beat is one of the tightest they ever produced!
Lawrence Dockery
Jon Hamm at 2:38. LOL
Cam Miles
You can laugh at shy ronnie but I doubt more than 5% of us would be able to get anything coherent out while robbing a bank and singing backup for rihanna.
Manic Deprecedent
make shy ronnie 3 happen
I can't believe this. I'm watching the video for the first time in 2018, although I've heard the song when It first came out. I didn't understand the concept tho shit. The mumble was kinda scary/makes me feel uncomfortable (the laugh too) back then, because I didn't understand anything plus I was young asf. Long story short, the unusual mumble and the random laugh was disturbing to me back then. Damn I feel like I've literally verbally expressed what I felt back then and got it off my chest fr. Ah!
Anyone watching this on 2018 June :)
Beth Shifflett
Rihanna me during a group speaking project
Zombiekiller 9
Rihanna looking sexy asf like always
Spam Sandwich
*Shy Ronnie III* Ronnie is a shot caller in the joint, all sleeved out & teardrop tatts on his face .. until Clyde shows up to break him out and he becomes a passive aggressive puzzy the moment he sees her.
- Vee -
Didn't realise how sexy Rihanna looked here back then.. Dayum
Mara Colette
Jon Hamm's face when she says "We're gonna have sex" LMFAO
ResidentEvil302 rican215
I love her damn she is beautiful
eca kitty
I just realized that's John Hamm 2:32
búp bê cầu nắng
Wtf man
Is this based of a real song? If so whats the name? Because the melody and beats and everything is way to good for just a joke song
Kristen Pearce
"Please...please use your words." 😂
Elizabeth Elsbree
Lonely island was lit 😂😂 taking awesome popular celebrities and making hilarious master pieces
Graham Burgdorf
My brother looks like shi Ronnie
Michael Jackson
Hahahaha I almost fell out of my bed this is so funny BONER ALERT
Corek BleedingHollow
"And why is your gun so small?" LOL
Anton Art Kisselov Gudnæs
2:31 Is this how Buddy from Baby Driver ended up with Darling?
Take a Majestic Bow
Shy Ronnie has the same outfit as yoonbum from killing and stalking manga.
Paulo Alexandre
I once saw Rihanna IRL, she was fully clothed and I still got a boner so I totally understand Ronnie :p
Kati R
I love this skit Rhianna is the hottest Bonnie 😍😊😊😍😍
margot a
Rihanna was holding the team up
Rihanna is just 🔥
Sounds like Micky Mouse when he laughs..
I like how 'Feat, Rihanna' means 'she's gonna sing the whole song'.
Nicole Dawson
For anyone researching haHAA it's @ 1:07
Stop reading my comment
Like it or not this the origins of mumble rap.
Sonu Shagan
Nice parformanc Rihanna
Sachindra Bhattacharya
21 savage whisper rap was inspired by this song. Don't @ me.
Ronnie should do his own music videos without any hot chick who makes him nervous
Angel Babyface
Boner alert😣😂😂
Jorge Perez
Clayton Hurdle
Five years and I'm still trying to figure out what he's mumbling.
Forgetron 3000
Ronnie’s laugh reminds me of my best friend
Johannah Stahl
Love her hair do
John be hamming it!
Shy Ronnie -21 Savage 😂😂😂
Even though these are all comedy videos the music is so on point, like super catchy and well produced, I could jam to this and not even know the lyrics.
Jaspar Beaumont
Hey Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer I love your music. And I am also a huge fan of Brooklyn nine nine. There is a small group of kids in my school that love Brooklyn nine nine, it started off as just three of us, then we got one of my best friends girlfriend hooked, then another two of our friends hooked. I have seen every episode from seasons 1 to 4 ten times. Anyway you guys are my idles and I would love it if yous went on tour in Australia.
Jade Nguyen
I JUST NOTICED! That was John Hamm!
Ða Young Bhotu
Need Shy Ronnie 3
When Rihanna was fap worthy
Aidan Steinbauer
I love his awkward laugh lol
Waiting for shy Ronnie 3
Swifty Unknown
L Lol
Wow is this a real song?
Jade Nguyen
Shame on you Jake! What would Amy say if she saw you robbing this bank!?
Eric Kung
ronnie's real gun is in his pants though...
Shy Ronnie is king of mumble rap
Drone everyone
0:14 run faster, jump higher
Jasmine Averette
Lol Drakes NonStop reminds me of Shy Ronnie
Jasmine Coleman
I would've came back for John Hamm too lol.
Jeffrey Dahmer
She didn't even check the bags
shy ronnie 3 still waiting :) :(
Edy Lorraine
Lil pumps dreads have been snatched
Keep coming back to this song.
Krimson Crusader
Love how he looks behind him to make sure she's gone before he raps
look g
6ix9ines ancestor😂😂
Yvonne Lisa Eigabayo
2018, anyone 🤓
ok alright
Boorla Hitha
0:09 me to 2019
Origin of mumble rappers
Manon Ingham
Rihanna looks so comfortable with the gun
lollydogs 4 lyfe
I really like her voice!
the origin of mumble rap :O
CraZy Christy
Still lovin this video!
Letti Lou
Basically it's the story of a teacher who isn't paid enough so she has to robb a bank...
Bryce C
I saw that Rihanna was going to be in the new Ocean's movie... and this leapt to my mind.
Phantom Prospect
haHAA im 12 btw
that woman has really great wondering face
Tim Timmons
dont know why but when im down theloneyisland videos seem to put me in a better mood lol
sound killer
A third with em pls !