Sad Piano Music - Isolation (Original Composition)

▶Sheet music: /> Original sad piano piece called Isolation. Here it is on iTunes />Spotify /> Amazon /> Here's a tutorial for this />Seems like a lot of sad things have been happening lately. I changed the EQ on the piano, it created a static sound when playing. I left it in, thought it added a bit more to the sadness. I got the name from the new Alien game that's coming out soon, looks really good. Here Pic link /> />Art by the brilliant apofiss, beautiful artwork =D Hope you enjoy =) Ask me a question at Like me on Facebook /> Follow me on twitter @LucasKingPiano Follow me On Soundcloud

Lucas King
Here are the sheets!
SgE Chop
I stepped on lego... Then my friend turned this song on while i was dying...
Sad Panda
I will forever be sad :(
Starsong Gamez
When you start to think about your social life but realise.... *You don't have one*
Charlie Brady
When you get comfortable in bed and then you realized... You left the light on 😢
Valentin arcos
When your comment has no likes... (Its always me.. 😞)
Mr. Lamp Dude
1: wake up 2: go to school 3: see my crush 4: ask her out 5 she says yes 6: we kiss How my life goes 2-3-4-5-6-1
Ayiden Gibson
When you wanna commit suicide but think of what your family would feel if you were gone.
Jake 80007
When 99.9% of comments start with "when"
TheOfficialNerdyEnderman/ /Chips_05
When the teacher asks for homework when you haven't done it F to pay respecc or 1 like = 1 less detention
It reminds me of when my oreo fell into my milk 1 like = 1 oreo being saved
Ryan mackay
*R.I.P* Steven Hillenburg He created the most popular cartoon in history *so long captain* ;-;
•some deal with pain by isolating themselves •some deal with pain through drink or drugs •some deal with pain by hurting others •some deal with pain by killing themselves No matter how we deal with it, we live in a world where pain exists. And maybe more people need to know that. Edit: it’s sad that 35 likes is the most likes I’ve ever had, at least I didn’t make it sadder by liking my own comment.
That Mario Plush Guy
I asked a girl out she said no Me:
Mahmoud playez inzane gamerz gamez
When You Lose Your Loved BestFriend And Family Member, Incase All Of You Might Still Be Sad About Your Missed Ones, Always Remember, They Are Watching You From Above, In A Better Place.
When you go to school on Monday
Tear Grande
When you are actually listening to this because you are depressed
Rosalina Darling
My rabbit died I think she’s not moving I guess I’ll see later A few days later and she’s gone I loved her R.I.P. Alexa 2018-2019
Vivi Tiger
When you think you finally find diamonds in minecraft but, it's just more iron...
Malex F
👇one like =1 prayer for panda
Demir Zengin
I told them I was happy, I told them I was strong, I told them I was good without my friends coming along, Deep inside i'm scared, Deep inside i'm sad, Deep inside I wish that the fight wouldn't of cut us in half. I hide my smile, In with my fears, At night I cry, Because my friends dont seem to care. I remember you, I wish you were beside me, But you are gone now, Your friendship still scars my soul. I have this one question I want to ask, Where did my friend go?
When T-Series hits 100M
this song be like: 1. ask out crush 2. she say no 3. kisses another guy 4. kisses other guy again 5. cry at home
A.M. Seymour
So...we finally meet...the composer of my depression... Our battle will be legendary!!
Zorro IF
1.Heart Broke dad Is Angry 3 mom and dad fight family Killing me 😢
Soøner Or Later.
My friend was cutting up Onions while I was watching.. Onions was a good dog.
Paul Bowen
When ur roblox gf cheats on you
When my dad forced me to sell my dog 😭 1 like = 1 dog saved
karen maldonado
when your best friend blocks you for no reason
When you breaks up with your roblox girlfriends, but then the uncle living nexts to your room started crying.
The baby alive channel
When ur teacher blames you for a bad thing that someone else did and gets you in trouble 😡😢 Edit: thank you for liking my comment
Psalm Tabat
Memes aside, this was actually pretty good.
SCKgamer Romero
I put this as my alarm music when it’s Monday
cutie patoodie
I literally call this the sad panda song and it always comes up when I look it up 😹
iii trinityxxx
When ur all alone at home watching yt and your friends are going somewhere fun without u.....😭
_When your Minecraft girlfriend dumps you_
Amanda Lauler
When you go to get the last slice of pizza and theirs nothing left
Chanel - Gaming
When you see you have a like on your comment :D but you remember... it was you :(
Thing Dude
lol i saw the video on exactly 500K subs, (DIS IS SO SAD D:)
memo chan\ميمو تشان
R.I.P Kodo's brother I'll remember you :(
Angel Santiago
Pain runs Deeper than blood The Only True Pain Of The body That Hurts Is the Pain Of the Inside
anna k
When your friend leave you alone😔😖
Br Dolly
I think about michael jackson wen he died.. 😭😭😭 u will always be in my heart! #michael is the best singer!!
Kamiya Williams
when your bff finds a new bff and said you two are no longer friends 💔💔💔💔💔
Soy Milky
i came here from MrBeast. Did anyone else?
I keep changing my username
When you realise this is now a meme song
When your about to beat a game and internet gone out 1 like = one internet being saved
Mindy Sandel
A story of when I dropped Rotom Pokédex into the water Me: Where is Rotom? Rotom: I’m right here! Zzzrt! Splash! Me: NOOOOO!!!!! Sweetie Cakes!!! Noooooooo!!!!!!! I will always remember that dream
apiz Jon
Jonathan Brandis 1976 - 2003
Rhino Gamer
When you switch schools and don't have the same friends
it reminds me of the time I dropped my cookie in the milk 1 like = one cookie being saved
Hope Isabella
When you drop your favorite sandwich on the floor 😢 *One like saves one sandwich* ⬇️
Lizzymcfizzy The good dude bro
This is sad like when you lose someone you love and the memory's come back.
If Ed Sheeran commented, He would’ve said: *Intro Music* When your legs don’t work like they used to before
Bladinek TM
When you got a lot of homework... THIS IS SO SAD!
when your gf on club penguin breaks up with you
Jaymes Gray
When you go back to work on Monday
Payton Hopkins
when u feel emotional and can't help it and then cry but ur friend says u will be ok but u realize they play this song and u cry more:(
R.I.P Stephen Karl R.I.P Stan Lee R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg R.I.P Stephen Hawking R.I.P Etika These 5 Legends Were The Best 😔
Random Dorito
When Club Penguin gets shut down...
R.I.P 6,000,000 Subscriber Failed To Succeed All 40 Games Edit: Also Chandler Lose The Challenges
Christiam Chris
Why why why why I love pandas it was gods plan they will always be in my heart if they go extinct
Christiam Chris
Pandas are endangered that means they might go extinct :(
Basically my life soundtrack
When you wake up and you realize it is Monday
SuperWolf Gamer789
When you wake up on the ground with your family and you realize your house burns down
Bumble Bee
When there are no cookies left in the jar... ur crying on the floor and your greedy twin is eating it😂😭
1 - you wake up 2 - you go to school 3 - you see a girl 4 - you ask her out 5 - she says yes 6 - you kiss my life - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1 :(
Quitting AJ
Any familiar scene from Mary and Izzy with this Music.?
killer 10255
When u realized you didin't have enough money to buy pizza. One like one free pizza.
kelly carrera
When you go to school on a Monday and you think it was a Friday
Anthony Dahnke
When you break the first rule of videos Never read the comments And find people being rude to you. 😢
Angel Valenton
😶 😦 😟 😓 . . . . 😭 This music made me cryyy😭
Would I be able to use this for a video, as long as I give credit?
UnicornBella 7
When you realize tomorrow is school and holiday is over
Rayquaza is here
It maybe the end,but we tried. Good bye old friend ~Brendon
When you had an 100k bounty in Roblox Jailbreak and someone stream snipes you.
Krystal_ Lillypøp
A video said ‘Unavailable in your country’... Why article 13... NOE
Gachashadowalpha Gachatuber
I wanna cry because it reminds me of Xxxtentacion
I will forever be sad 🙁
William Tuner
When you fail your exams even after studying hard;(
willie ivy
😢😢😢😢😇😭 it like gabe the dog r.i.p 1= prayer for gabe
Lil Jewel
Can you imagine????? being single ever since you was born and you see all your friends sitting with their boyfriends and girlfriend's and you sitting all yourself all alone at lunch and they go post on social media all together with they lovers and you are not in the picture with your friend's and they ask you to like their recent post Yeah I had to deal with it 24/7
Coz i have no friends i'm gonna like my own comment. :'(
Arthurentino SHOW
When a lot of avengers died 😑 And one of avengers is SPIDERboy ;-; *-* [ 👌] (;n;) I
Gamer_ 4life473
When you forgot your 1st period homework in your dad's car and he already left
Rip Etika, I hope one day the humans will be less toxic. Miss you man.
01Sweet Delight
this is my favorite Lucas, I want this played at my funeral
Yung Gekyume
when you accidentally spell something wrong in the comment section and some one replys with the right word
Itz Colver
😢😭 so sad like if u agree
Dia rheana
Rip this comment. I'm going to be lost in the sea of other comments :(
Dads replacing iPhone for Nokia
Robloxian Life Roblox
When you realized your phone had 1% 1 like=1% ;(
XxAriana_49xX :3
They ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand.
i was looking for a sad song, this is a sad song, but its a meme.
Harmohit Singh
It reminds us something that just can not be justified 😔😔😔🙄. 👇Like 😔😔
[IEX]! xenomorph
when u brother of 10 years old dances fortnite steps
When the only person next to you leaves because of a gadget.
got emmm
When you realize winter break is coming to an end. :(