Glenn Saw Something Creepy During Trump's Address | The News & Why It Matters Ep. 219

On this episode of The News & Why It Matters Sara Gonzales, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Steve Deace discuss Glenn's bizarre SOTU story, a cow's right to life," and pay tribute to Doc Thompson.

Karen Langley
I could never accept the murder of an innocent baby.
Michelle Harrison
As someone in the health field, I can say that there is NO LOGICAL, MEDICAL, or ETHICAL REASON to murder a baby, especially in the 3rd trimester!! If a woman is in distress, an emergency c-section is done, and the baby is delivered within 10 minutes, and both mother AND baby are treated and cared for. And killing a baby that survives an abortion is murder, infanticide. Any dr who does this and any mother who allows this is pure evil. Period.
Jenna Caruthers
Wearing white doesn't clean the blood of babies off their hands.
She is a witch she was cursing him. Luckily Prayers are more powerful than any curse and we were praying for President Trump!
MLP 89
Yes, I noticed when Trump talked about how he opposed what happened in NY and how he would defend the unborn, ever single one of those ladies in white ALL sat still in defiance. It was appalling, absolutely appalling!!!
Doxxy Lover
How can liberals be for abortion, but against the death penalty and euthanasia of a dog? Answer that for me?
Pelosi was very rude flipping through papers. She is abusing her power. She is an embarrassment to our country.
Guido Feliz
May God protect President Trump from evil. In my opinion, Trump is THE GREATEST President in the history of the United States. I saw the EVIL that surrounded that group of witches dressed in white. May God help us all should Cortez and others like her rise beyond their current positions.
Bluntly Blondie
“Glenn saw something creepy during Trump’s address” yeah Glenn, we all saw that it was Nancy Pelosi.
Joseph Van Zandt
Supporting murder of late-term fetuses and newly born babies is far worse than creepy. It is evil, plain and simple.
Joanie Higgs
I agree with Glenn. Those women oozed poison. Gave me the absolute creeps, all of them in their white and pearls. Cousin theme to the Handmaid's Tale somehow, ironically. And aoc the socialist in her haute couture whites. Evil. Ominous.
Jini Steffani
Growing in Grace
Yep! It's Paganism! "The new Progressivism is really the old Paganism." Couldn't agree more.
Tifftiff 3434
Yes agreed a crowd of evil dressed in white . Parading as people who live in the light but are engulfed in darkness. It was palpable
Roger Ram-Jet
Make no mistake, Socialism is Communism!
I RATHER DIED given birth and let my child LIVE, THAN to MURDER my child so I could live. Yes, I think aborting a baby NO MATTER WHAT, IS MURDER!!
Richard Cline
All the women in white needed were their hoods
Polesi's murderous dead soul sure despised trump as she clapped like a troll, as demons screamed wildly chewing on her wormy tortured soul
Very profound statement, "There's the left America, and then there's what's left of America." Heartbreakingly true!
Sigrunn Chidester
aborting a baby, is not a means of Birth control. There is adoption.
Shelley Mcpheron
Those women are so disgusting they make me sick.
Cheryl C
sounds like MKultra or hive mind. Nothing more than a witches coven.
Crypto Jihadi
The left is demonic. Has been for decades. That's why your fght against Trump in 2016 told us all we needed to know. Hmmm satanic witches eating children OR a man who uses bad words and is mean! Ooooohh. Tough choice.
Edward Leonard
The truth that revealed it's self at the State of The Union, Was watching the left's true distain for America. If the President said anything good for America, the left just wanted to strangle him. Howsoever they have no problem giving my money to law breakers and other governments!
Made me feel physically sick!!! It was a disgraceful display of women that I have ever seen. Yes, Glenn, it was weird. There was something very wrong here as P Trump spoke so well and was not at all critical or unkind. Then there was Nancy looking like she was about to throw up. From a spiritual perspective, this episode was demonic. Evil and ugly.
Colette Chartier
It was more like a cult or coven.
deborah netto
They are lucifer's minions. He is of the false white light and fallen angel. They invert it all.
not only did they clap but they celebrated like it's a graduation of high school when trump mentioned record number of woman in congress and government ...shows you what is important to those messed up people...what an embarrassment...
Christopher Taylor
Omar’s “clapping” looks like she’s thinking, “I’m gonna get you and plot against you.” I’ve only seen villains do that, except she also seems spiteful at the same time. What a lunatic!
Cynthia B.
Human RIGHTS Animal rights Prayers for babies
Glen beck saw something creepy at SOTU DEMOCRATS
Rob Aussie
I am pretty sure they were a witch coven killing time until their cauldron boiled.
Kevin Schrum
I say, Let those who want to let any child for no really good reason to be murdered at birth, suffer the same.
Michelle Walbey
The Lord is exposeing them all
Carol Eldridge
I think the white outfits were substitutes for straight jackets!
Michelle Walbey
That's just the way the DEMOCRATIC DEMON RATS operates
Thomas S
I will no longer not speak up!
Dante Ochotorena
The left doesn't have a problem with "get cho hand out of my pocket", because they will assassinate our President if they can..!
flightless butterfly
Any time a pregnant woman's health is at risk from her pregnancy, a doctor will offer a pre-term delivery. This happens all the time to women who do want their child. There is no reason to kill the baby before or after this procedure. If the mother doesn't want to keep the child after her pre-term delivery, she has every opportunity to give the child up to someone who wants to adopt. So the argument for late term abortion is resolved with this one fact alone.
K Trimble
The creepy thing I saw was the spirit of Jezebel aka Narcissism.
Patrick Fennell
When I see a bunch or people in all white th thought of the Klan or virgins come to mind. And the women in congress are far from virgins.
Richard(Rick) Landers
Steve Deace's comment -SPOT ON- look @ 20:18 - 20:40 ....the Left of America and then there's what's left-of-America... / really a hostile nation..their not bias "THERE-HOSTILE"
Her Nibs
Creepy, was Pelosi clapping as though she was casting a spell. Talk about the evil eye.
Rita Patricia
DemoRats agenda murder American babies (Done) NEXT Euthanizing senior citizens & handicapped !! With universal healthcare.
Tina Goodman
I have a problem with the quotes, the threat behind them, the dames in white, with Haglosi clapping in MY Presidents face, the smirk on hers and Chuckie's faces and the total lack of respect from the whole socialist party in attendance (the Dems).
Peanut 24 Cute
The Democrats are not hiding who they really are now,
Kathryn Gilmour
jemele hill you should be careful you are coming against GODS anointed!!!!!!! look what happened to megan kelly etc they are falling like dominos!!!!!!
Proud Kaffir
The bizarreness comes from the fact that this is spiritual warfare, the evil one is busy, knowing his time is short.
Greg Lander
THE LEFT is part of Satan's new world order and we need to PRAY against Satan and the LEFT!
Duke Makedo
I found a CNN interview segment of that Omar. She didn't impress. Not that bright or perceptive.
Robert Eytchison
Going to miss Doc Thompson and his wacky humor. I was sad when he left the Blaze but happy that it was to start his own venture. Prayers for all his family and friends at the Blaze.
Julius Ferguson
Glenn Jemele Hill was using a phase from Spike Lee movie Malcolm X where the assassins in the movie used a verbal distraction before they shot malcolm on the podium it is sad that journalism has fallen from grace I do not appreciate that she used the term because she was implying the illustration of the act of pending assassination just like malcolm
and the "health of the mother" in the bill is worded so it's ANYTHING that affects health = that's the part everyday people don't know. familial? physical, EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL. you could just "SAY" you're stressed, and you can have an abortion. it's just silly when people say "there's valid times to kill a viable baby to save mom". an OB/GYN has had many interviews and does videos for a certain site & YT channel, and he said "never ever have i found it medically necessary to ABORT a baby to save mom. to help mom if she's THAT bad off, i have them give birth, i save mom AND baby"
Mary McReynolds
Ninny Pellucid and the white robed sister wives are beyond the pale, all of them barking mad.
Standup Standout
Plotting to take the President Trump down. White purity at its worst. Oh, Ladies, White is unacceptable after Labor Day and Before Easter! Just a piece of advice of southern woman, a lady, a political advocate, and most importantly a mother. While I realize those days are over, your preparation is incredibly tacky, arrogant and unprofessional. It was an unacceptable in the Political Arena to abuse women in such a way. I was offended.
Michelle Walbey
Trump is my man
Lina K
Glad to see Sarah is well again, didn't know she had been sick. I assumed she was taking time off...
Sans Decorum
The DNC is now a classic case of crazed inmates running an asylum devoid of medication. That being said, I submit that electro-convulsive therapy could bring about some measure of improvement; just so long as the leads are of sufficient guage and connected to the main power grid.
NPC 17.94.3A
Omar's MK-Ultra backfired
Jennifer Cuddy
It’s very telling how quickly these types will turn their backs on God. That’s why they like them. They are the end result of bad parenting.
Watch The Skies
The Democrats represent a hateful, anti-American spirit towards this country within which I no longer choose to live.
Blessed Hope
A bunch of snakes in that room, at presidents speech.
Gigi Devoe
the health of the mother should not take presidence over a almost term baby.
Ryan Lamp
It's all fun to joke around about this stuff, and point and laugh at the crazy liberals, isn't it? Unfortunately what people don't seem to realize is we've already lost our country, and most Americans don't even realize it. The moment we allowed liberal progressives (aka: "democratic socialists" aka: communists) to gain a foothold in our country, was the moment we set into motion the beginning of the end of our once great nation. We've been warned for more than a hundred years about slippery slopes, yet we allowed ourselves to dive headfirst down one, and we did it with our eyes wide open. I've been warning people for more than ten years what was going to happen if we allowed this to continue, and not only did we allow it to continue, we hastened the process by electing a president ten years ago who would ensure communists infuriated every corner of our most powerful political party, the Democratic Party. Was anyone actually stupid enough to believe the "Red Dawn" scenario of communists suddenly rushing our borders and parachuting in from the sky to take over the country by force? I assure you, that was NEVER their plan. While we were watching the sky for parachutes, they took their time and one by one patiently began infiltrating positions of power within our our country. They weren't stupid about it. They knew exactly what they were doing. They've been systematically putting their plan in motion for more than fifty years, and they did it right under our noses. Their plan was to first infiltrated our schools in order to groom and indoctrinate an entire generation. (CHECK: DONE) Then they'd infiltrated our airwaves in order to control the message and slowly but surely normalize and defend the very things our forefathers fought against. (CHECK: DONE) Then they'd infiltrated our government offices, while never being stupid enough to show their hand, but instead patiently waited, all the while growing in numbers within our elected offices and appointed offices. (CHECK: DONE) The goal was to one day be in such a position of numbers and influence that they could all at once stand up and declare what they truly were, and announce their plan to overthrow the United States (Although not in so many words, but darned near it). Well, fellow Americans, during the president's most recent SOTU speech, we all just witnessed their fists being thrust towards the sky in solidarity as they proclaim, "This is no longer your land. This is OUR land, and you are no longer welcome here." We've actually just been warned in exact terms that "we need to be very afraid of them." That "THEY are the future and our days are numbered." We've been told "Fall in line and join us as we reinvent America, or don't and be crushed under our boots." I mean, how loud do they need to scream it before we get the message? How much longer are we going to pretend what's happening and what has already happened is just a figment of our imaginations? For more than a decade we've been called "conspiracy nuts," and "crazy tin foil hat loons," all while the radical left mocked us to our faces, because they knew, no matter how much noise we made, or how many people we warned, the tale was just too extraordinary for anyone to actually take us seriously. Unfortunately I fear it's now too late. We're too far down that slippery slope to climb back up now. I do believe we've lost the country, and there's likely nothing we can do now to regain control. Within a single generation from now, the United States will be unrecognizable, and we'll have no one to blame but ourselves for being asleep at the wheel. We allowed the enemy to infiltrate, and their plan is working just as intended. Shame on us for letting it happen!
Wouldn’t they, in most cases, know about any problem for the mother in advance of the birth of the baby due to the sophistication of today’s knowledge and technology?
Arthur Shemet
I am still waiting on the numbers on procrastination
Rob Scott
Question? Why can't she make her mind up way earlier? Why wait to late term? Is a woman a good candidate for an abortion when she can't make up her mind?
Alex G./AacaL05
to Glenn beck if I ever see you in person ill do it then as well. but I apologize. I thought you were a far right racist nut who hated Obama. but I'm in this fight with you now
Louella Mitchell
Smile Giver
What happened to Doc? Big loss! R.I.P.
Donelda MacDonnell
Pelosi was thinking of all the fresh babies blood she could drink !!!
Jaime R.
White represented demonics on display
John Phillips
The women in white did not bring their hoods.
Lorraine Glessner
Omar is creepy enough in herself. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear she was contemplating murder.
xena tron
liberals would prefer to use children for animal testing of products instead of animals under the guise of preventing animal cruelty . I was involved in an argument in a university lecture defending the children. Disgusting. Why can't they test car wash on cars instead of children or rabbits eyes?
Clifford Hutchinson
May Doc R.I.P ! Amen !! He is with our Lord, making him laugh !
A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge
Once upon a time a woman in white was either a nurse or a cook...
B Sparks
Well this is what Communism bare and naked looks like. Authoritarian with the right to kill even the most innocent -- especially the most innocent.
Rest in peace Doc. You'll be missed.
All those women in white... those were Satans brides. Ya! Every one of those white coats (crazy coats) are Lucifers wife.
Mary Fortin
Doc sounds like Glenn.
George Godwin
Like the title! Guessing you were looking at Nancy Pelosi!
Mark Benassi
Since I have read the Bible, I know how Jezebel came to an end. Perhaps someone should inform these women but I admit that probably will not happen (informing them, I mean).
The elephant hogging the sofa that no one mentions is that these pagan witches and their warlock counterparts are put there by a majority of voters in the states they represent. The voting citizens that put these people in a position of power are cheering their actions and their push for drastic legislation. It's an historical fact that a schism in society NEVER heals itself, but only grows wider, and usually gets reset through physical confrontation by people on both sides of the gap.
Gina Maria
For the record, I don't care for Jake Tapper what so ever .
Teri Farley
Doc, thankyou for your leadership and heart! With God always, we love you Doc T!
Debbie Cook
If women continue to act like this I will never vote for them.
Teri Farley
Normalcy bias makes you use language like, "bizzare." That wahhabist from Minesotta is the enemy of everything that God stands for in creation. WTFU everyone and know that anti-socialism language alone won't destroy evil, but good citizens of the US, and good citizens from other nations HAVE TO FIGHT! Fighting by teaching but ultimately fighting physically to defend people's rights, and its going to be individual against individual! There isnt going to be a mass attack against individuals with a declaration of war anytime soon. Las Vegas shooter was probably one of the rare instances and that guy succeeded! The guy who attempted to shoot up the GOP house on the baseball field, got one congressman but failed to get more. The left probably looks fondly on that success in Las Vegas, but the game plan for socialism is people attacking individuals like Rand Paul getting attacked and everyday citizens being attacked by groups who find individual targets. Also cops now kicking down doors of people who haven't done anything wrong. A neighbor or co-worker called the cops on them as someone owning firearms, and the cops more often then not are anti-2nd amendment triggered and send cops down to arrest and confiscate firearms! The overall point is victory for the left is picking off citizens one person at a time! Patriotic Americans aren't ready for this fight and so socialism is winning! Trump spoke vehimently against socialism, but how did he nominate William Barr for Atourny General! Barr is linked to the now-overt socialist deepstate! Barr worked for GHW Bush, who you all have to be reminded was one of the most socialist-globalist minded presidents since Wilson! Barr hates the 2nd amendment and will bad everything semi-auto, hunting rifles or otherwise, he'll ban all including handguns and shotguns! And he'll backup confiscation of everything without warrant!
Laura Ira
The Ladies in white looked like the cast of the show..Left Behind! Creepy
Steven Wilhelm
Of course they dont have a problem, its who they are, rezist. I like resist with a z
Julius Ferguson
My apologies your research is good glen
Praying for the US, may God help us all, amein
Joe M
You give me a choice between my wife living or my child, I’ll miss my wife greatly, my wife totally agree with this
Theron Harris
They are, 2 face feminist Skanks!!!!💩🤣
Evie Walker
Its so heavy upon my heart, the way Lot may have felt... Seeing what I saw during these recent assemblies. Celebrating destruction I pray those with ears to hear, hear and come out from among them ... These are the signs of His coming. Keep standing strong in truth knowing our prayers are for you.
John Grist
I saw something creepy when Glenn mashed his face in Cheetos.
Pam Mckellar
The Democratic party is just evil ! And to it's voter base who happen to empower the Democratic party you are wicky and are a anti-christ army ! 666
Godavego gogo
Are you immune? Is this a cover up? Are antibiotics antimmune? Does your diet contain what a body needs? If it's not in the soil its not in the food.... oh shucks!
Just another way for them to steal children!
"You could FEEL the not-good things coming off of them, it was palpable" --Yes that's what he "saw" War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, Socialism is Fascism, BigBrother Cares About You