What Happens When You Die?

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Its Niiko
He sounds extremely happy talking about this🤔😂
this was the most awkward transition into his sponsor XD
Charlie Lee
Fun fact - Some of the people who watched this video are already dead. RIP
Ruijie Xiao
Imagine dying, a black void, staring into darkness and never coming back. Just so you know, don’t be afraid of death. The reason why we were born was to die. We all have to die someday. So just forget about it and carry on life like you casually do until your last breath, the moment you don’t even feel like it happened. Death is like sleeping, for an eternity. Hopefully this made you overcome your fears of death. Have a great day/night.
Menime Em
*hope Michael Jackson and 2pac are in heaven* 💕 one like for "HEAVEN"
Rizzy Igama
I want to go to the heaven
Napkin Beano
Me: maybe I’ll become less anxious about death after watching this Also me: *has a panic attack*
Krish Fish
Is it just me or am i scared of death ‘DYING’
Like for heaven
i have died, then i heard a "OOF" and i fell into pieces....then i respawned and it was like nothing ever happened
What I'm scared about is if you die, it could be like sleeping for ever with no dreams, no emotions, no nothing, just black forever. It will be like everything just disappearing and there was literally nothing. But what if you felt it, just blackness
To all atheists, If you truly believe nothing happens after death, that you have no faith in an afterlife, and our lives are meaningless... What is the "nothingness" after death? What does it feel like? What do you see? Can you even think? Is it like this forever after death? Is there hope of coming back into existence? Think about this, think about it a lot. How could this be possible? How would be able to experience this nothingness? After death, how would we be "transported" there? I have faith that heaven is real. I have faith that God is real. I have faith that there is life after death. I believe that we are here for a reason. We are here to enjoy the beautiful world God has created for us, help those that are not able to, and live happily ever after in heaven.
Jessica Rener
Before any of us came into this earth we were nothing. NOTHING. Then mommy and daddy decided to have intercourse then BOOM you went from nothing to something. You were a microscopic cluster of cells which then, over a span of 9 months, formed you...as a baby. Fast forward into your life as an adult and you've already accomplished so much since childhood. Youve experienced so many emotions and sensations as an existing human being. How could all of it just...end? See, your brain cannot comprehend nothingness, it cannot comprehend not existing, so as a result we fear death. But heres the thing- once we die we will not be conscious of the fact that we are dead. Before you were born, you were not conscious of anything, and when you die you will not be conscious of anything. It's not scary. Why would death be scary? You're not conscious of you're death therefor it's not happy or sad or scary. It's nothing. Oh, that scary word our brains cannot comprehend: "nothing". This, my friends, is the natural cycle. Live your life for as long as you have then the natural order will take over. It's beautiful, not scary.
Emma Lott
Like for reincarnation
now i suddenly need a website before i die
All of this just because of one... apple... eaten.
I’m in every Comment
I died once...but... *I WAS IN HARDCORE MODE*
Jessie Magliocco
We live in a simulation
Luminous Bunny
I had 4 bunnies 3 died I saw 3 bunny clouds Next day last Bunny died No bunny clouds
Surajkumar Soram
Men dead: Erection Nurses: "He was gifted"
Don’t be afraid of dying have faith in god Not in Jesus Christ Jesus was a human just like all of us, ate like all of us, slept like all of us and surely died just like we all will. However god does not sleep nor rest, does not eat nor get hungry and surely does not die. He is ever living ever lasting, no one before him and no one after him. He is the almighty, the greater, he is one and only and has no partners in association he is Allah
scaarlet eyes
looks like alot of people dont read the bible
I’ve been having sucidal thoughts that’s the only reason I’m watching this😭
Alex M
That’s why I want to be cremated ASAP. Also I feel like we’re in some sort of simulation. Maybe when we die our consciousness ends up in an alternate universe or we are reborn and get to relive our lives but make better choices. Part of me takes comfort in believing that this is a fake world.
I'm a cat? Stop lying.
Remember before you were born? Exactly, you were already dead once.
Honestly I believe in reincarnation, sometimes we think/see things that aren’t there. I believe that’s part of a previous life
binika sunuwar
My family ISNT Christian nor catholic but me and my parents are still nice and good we don't say "WE DONT BELIEVE JESUS HES STUPID" IM NORMAL like I am
I will like my own comment cuz no will like mine
lamar abd
I miss mom :' (
AsidionGaming Yomana
Like For Heaven
Kuwait Ball
To heaven Inshallah
Like who do not want to die (-_-)
The real question is. 1:52 Why is the female surgeon wearing a dress and high heels??
Joe Holguin
Hanging hurts your neck
Kavya Patel
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The Nikster
All dead people fail no nut November then
Joel was right about that terrible ad transition
What will it be like for you after you die? Well, what was it like for you before you were born?
I’ll go pastafarian heaven
I miss my father
2:57 He grew a boner!!!!
gacha life gaming
i want to walk earth looking at my loved ones
Zek Sanchez
So if death is like an eternal sleep you have to wake up at a point so what is it like? Do you wake up as a baby? A new person?
Moon Taone
Or, our brains will eventually get data chips for the rich. Sending our knowlage, family and love to a robot. Being able to control a computer, robotic noises talking instead of us. Still our souls, though, just in a different "system"
Blue Frost
98% of comments: rip XXtentacion 1% of comments: nice video 1% is this
Osvaldo_Tuga _
How can nothing exist, it's like you die and boom there's nothing to see or to do
No heaven no hell, we will be the food of other beings and life goes on
Datmeme 123
Step 1 *die*
Death is scary.
albert the duck
I died once.... I had two choices.... Respawn or exit the game.
You believe in rotting or in stories. Your choice.
Charlotte T.
3:30 Lord Farquaad?!
Arihant Jain
You respawn at your nearest hospital and the doctors will take some of your cash for patching you up. You will find more way of protecting your health the more your play.
In jesus name we shall all go to heaven
Headbanger's Kitchen
People are scared to believe that life ends and there is nothing after.
L Bo
I can answer this fairly easy and quickly.... The short answer is, we basically just go to sleep.. Forever, but without dreams. That's it. You just go to sleep and rot away unfortunately. As much as I want there to be this wonderful afterlife, I just don't think there genuinely is.
ethan clark
Menime Em
*may all the people and innocent kids who are being killed in wars rest in peace and may almighty grant them heaven* "AMEEN💕
3 Things might happen! 1) When you die...your energy signature can be transformed via your brain and the release of DMT. Into a biological frequency that will allow your subconscious mind to leave your physical body, and transcend into a different reality! If your consciousness is fully self aware, projection to astral plane is something you've managed before, and your pineal gland is well developed...You will transcend into a higher dimension, where your consciousness or soul will fuse with a hive mind of all being...or called Heaven. 2) If You die an unpleasant death, followed by pain torture, regret and or agony...in that case you either go fully blank, or the energy of your soul will transcend, but not into a hivemind....since your last conscious thoughts before death would have great impact, Because your thoughts alone, can shape reality in 5th+ dimensions! Instead your conscious energy will fuse into eternal frequency in between dimensions! Where your physical body is absent, yet you still manuever, think and see around you. But not able to affect both 3rd and 4th dimensions...Always being stuck in a limbo! This is what you call a "ghost". It's not as paranormal as you think....Ghosts are real people. who have lived before and had souls, or so called energy! Trapped into oblivion, either because of the way they died or the ill thoughts they had before accepting death! 3) The third way would be a blank slate! You consciousness can reset, some minds could be reborn with complete memory wipe. Sometimes certain person would still remember his/hers past lifes!. Since Humanity as a whole, has a collective mindset...Telepathy would be an inevitable outcome of our evolution! Our bodies are nothing more but a vessel, while understanding physical reality with our brains, building memory and knowlegle from what we see, hear,. taste.....The subconscious mind is always. there, no matter who You are, where you born, how you see the world....Every human has one! Every human had a "spirit"....But the crazy part is that its not only Humans! Multiple Alien species share this biological wavelength of life! Some have evolved beyond this point! Some are living in our own 3D universe, trying to evolve their consciousness. Some can shape reality, unlocking all the secrets of the Universe, and even merge in and out of realities on a physical plane! Some like US, have the potential to achieve greatness, and ability to leap our minds into a right direction! A direction of all knowledge, being eternal, and becoming a part of the Universe itself! Not physically, because we already are,,,on the elemental scale we are made from dust!.....But consciously, We have to consciously become One with the Universe! That is the main goal.
I would like to go to heaven, especially to see my family.
Im too scared of death. It makes me sad to the point I cry knowing Ill just disappear one day. I dont think there is such a thing as an afterlife, reincarnation, blackness, etc. I feel like theres nothing as if you exist for no reason. I know i sound crazy by saying this but I plan on saving up money and cryogenically(not sure if its spelled right) frozen. But i plan to do it before I die. As in feeling the freezing coldness.
Why does hells fire looks like I'm about to watch HentaiHaven😂😂
Super Asian;Sayian
By now I would I expect religion to be a thing of the past.. and no one has ever died and came back to tell about the afterlife... just be a good person and have no worries my friend ❤️
I don't wanna die. But We humans live a long life. That is a good thing right? 1 like = 1 cry for every person's death
آشوري مسيحي
The worst video I've seen in terms of the person who is talking !!! Please speak slowly because this speed was disturbed by the video because of your speed of speech and the speed of translation .
5:25 i wish this is true
The Saturn karahanlı
Who likes heaven 1+ like
Chris Wellz
I'm an optimistic nihilist. You know my answer already.
Kailyn Renee
One like for this comment if you believe in heaven( or hell just stay true to what you believe in)
I feel like the concept of heaven and hell was made up by paranoid beings who were too afraid of death. Either that or they had miserable lives and thought “this can’t be all there is that life has to offer, maybe if I believe hard enough, I can live in paradise”. It’s cynical I know. Im from the hood and it never made sense to me why you would believe in god when you don’t have shit, if god existed you wouldn’t be living in poverty while someone a few blocks down is living lavish. As much as I would like to think there’s another life after this one it just doesn’t make sense to me. There’s no magic in this world so why would there be in the next? The closest thing there is to magic is ironically drugs😂
Personally, I consider myself an agnostic, someone who believes in the creator but unsure about following any partiicular established religion. I believe I'm an open minded spiritual person but not very religious. As far as death is concerned, I've seen so many educational and speculative videos discussing afterlife etc and most scientific and logical opinions sadly suggest that there is no afterlife and after death a person's concious will be just like how it was before birth... Do you remember anything at all from the time before you were born? So, as far as science goes, you live and you die, thats the end of things. Although, in my personal opinion there has to be more meaning of life and especially the free will and conciousness nature has gifted us humans with. Maybe, Hindu / Buddhist philosophy of reincarnation based on your Karma (deeds) might be the deciding factor in a person's afterlife or a new birth in another form and the luck factor of that new life also predetermind according to the previous birth's Karma.
The Zodiac
Do you think the devil is nice because he punishes sinner riiiight.
M Leafs
لا اله الا الله ☝ محمد رسول الله
Kevin Hamilton
People can ejaculate when they die? WTF? Are they coming or going???
Nothing happens. It's like how it was before you were born. Non-existent.
Alex 2017
Why am I here. I have no religon
I was in another tab searching something, and I hear Berkeley. So I got really confused.
Arvind Mahto
If you can think after leaving your body, you will realize you were living in Heaven.
Devashish Thugaonkar
How can you tell about this?
Toni Flamboni
So how about that ad transition?
Nothing will happen you will just not exist
Grammar Police
Rip Gus and jah.
A PlayZ
I always die... In fortnite, one like = 1 solo win
Politically Correct SS
Am good am 8
Afterlife is real *Nuff said*
I have two theories on what happens when we die. I am not saying these are true since I have no way of testing them, but this what I think. (This one applies to people who died a natural death. Example: old age, illnesses, heart attack.) When you are really old and near the point of death your brain starts producing and releasing a whole bunch of chemicals right before you die. These chemicals in your brain will cause you achieve a 'high', that no drugs can ever produce, and will start hallucinate. While you are hallucinating you enter a dream world that will last an eternity from your point of view, but to the outside world this only last once the oxygen supply in brain is used up. In this dream world this dream world there is two out comes; One being a dream world where everything you desired in life will come true (heaven). The other out come is that all these chemicals in your brain are causing you to have a really bad hallucination for an eternity, this one is like having a really bad drug trip that will never end,(hell). (This one applies to people who had a non-natural death. Example: suicide, homicide, drug or alcohol overdose, accidents [car crash, shot, explosions, being crushed, etc.], and other external forces.) At the moment of death, your brain, assuming it's still intact, had little to no time to get ready for death. Instead you go to a void where no light, darkness, thoughts, emotions, time, or consciousness exists; similar to before you were born. You will also forget that you even were alive to being with.
just imagine. you die and just pure darkness for ever. how life which is what your use too now gone. just think right now in you mind that everything is gone just darkness. FOREVER . its impossible to imagine that.
I’ve suffered cardiac death as a result of a medical condition and I can tell you that it feels like you are waking up from a deep sleep. Even the act of “dying” feels as though you are incredibly tired and falling asleep. No I didn’t see a light and no I didn’t have an outer body experience, I just felt as though I was having the most satisfying nap so much so that I tried to go back to sleep once I regained consciousness (understandably the medical staff wouldn’t let me and even when they did finally let me, no sleep I’ve ever had compares to the “sleep” of dying)
Some people just don't get it you die. You don't live on in another body or have your soul sent to heaven/hell. You don't see nothing . You won't see how life will be in the future. It's like before you are born you don't exist.
Joel brought me here :)
Exiled Universe
2:00 that nurse look hot af
Caitlin Crxft
Imagine just getting to the gates of heaven and getting straight up denied
Lucy Hearthfillia
Wait 70%+54%=100%?!
Rosa Galdamez
What if you go beyond the things that are existing? Beyond the whole universe or galaxies. What else comes next after the whole entire universe, what is beyond that? I'm curious.
mcr stanny
imagine dying in november and nutting
Shivver Sloth
3:38 is the Lord Farquaad?
From dust you were created, to dust you shall return
Tristan L
Its my opinion that the afterlife was created to provide an explanation or an answer to a question we truly will never know- what happens after death? I don't believe there is an afterlife, I think our time spent on earth is all the time we are given. Once our lives are gone we will simply cease to be, life will continue to go on without us however we will live on through how we impacted the lives of those around us and through the relationships we made here on earth.
Sabina Mutsai
Why am I watching this? I am nekrophobiac
Jacky Manky
4:53 yeah I think he’s dead now