iPhone XS vs X - Is The Camera ANY Better???

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Matti Haapoja
Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians! Also what do you think of the iPhone XS camera?
Arlen Griswold
I still have a 6 and just use my actual camera
Tristan Ervin
“Smartphone photography kinda sucks...” 🤔
Hugh Sweeney
Tell the truth Matti, you kept the XS and gave the X to your wife!
Chris Wilkinson
S versions are minimal updates. C’mon. Who upgrades to S versions and expects mind blowing upgrades.
The Enthusiasm Project
Personally I’m happy that there aren’t monumental improvements every year. I’m not a fan of the yearly upgrade culture, which I’ve always found wasteful and excessive. Now that the tech is maturing, maybe we can hope for a bit more longevity from it.
I think the dynamic range of the XS is something I'm looking for in an iphone camera. I normally use my iPhone for quick and dirty shots like when I'm doing a bit of vlogging or I'm somewhere where I can't bring a bigger camera, and sometimes the lack of dynamic range can be a jarring change in video quality from the other parts of the video. Also, a camera that can make me less ugly?! There is a God *crying out of happiness*
Joel Onotu
The iPhone XS has high dynamic range... I love it for that
Gabrielle Fox
Its crazy what phones cost these days! Just mental
Anton Pickard
XS doesn't look naturally. X is better
Dude the dynamic range is crazy on the XS. If you only had a bright sunny day you'd notice a HUGE difference. I was just shooting with it at the beach, while in the shade and everything from the sky, to the sun, to the people in the shade were totally well exposed. Smart HDR is crazy good.
Sy mates
Awesome as always ! Personally I do prefer iPhone XS for its stability 🖤
Wisdom Calls
The dynamic range was the biggest shock for us. My husband and I both upgraded just because it made sense for us too. He’s a realtor and took photos of a house and I was blown away at the detail out the windows when he was shooting interior room shots. I also did a photo shoot at sunset with my son and the sun behind him any it was great Dynamic Range!
Joey Vall
I’m skipping out this gen once again. Holding onto my 7+ until I see what Apple has in store next year. Hoping for no notch....lol
Giacomo Giorgi
I've been steering away from Apple, it's just not worth the money in my opinion.
Benja Lockridge
Still on the iPhone 7 plus, so maybe... But hey, I may just grab the 10 since that price has dropped. Hard to decide.
Stephanie Stoven
Great comparison video between the two iPhones!! Very informative, I’ve been trying to decide which one to upgrade too.. that front facing camera is definitely a negative. Now have some thinking to do!!!
Michael Ma
More dynamic range is great, but when the overall image looks worse, then it's not a good feature.
Debojyoti Basu
For once you should try the LG v40 thinQ / g7. Focus peeking and shooting log video files are damn good.
Jamie Maldonado
My impression was that if you had an X, then the XS was skippable. I had a 7 Plus, so it's a solid upgrade for me. I think the "beauty" factor is more that the front facing camera is softer somewhat, or maybe it's their dynamic range combinations/calculations are creating the sense of softness. I think I see the softness in more places than the face. Regardless, I dig the XS quite a bit, but agree with those who say anyone with an X can generally wait.
Yeah X looks much better only cos I can’t afford to buy another phone....and that crop...nah
Lucas. F
I just orderd my iPhone Xs Max and im sooo hyped😁
Isaac Roufs
Great video Matti!
When you told Matt “I hired you for a reason” - I was waiting for you to finish your sentence with “because you have a Red”
inner aesthetics
The crop on the front facing camera is a major bummer. My guess is that in order to improve the stabilization, they made the crop. But as Matti mentioned, I’m sure a lot of people prefer a wider angle. I know I prefer a wider front facing camera. (How about 24mm on a full frame crop? :P )
Graphical gaming sub
OnePlus 6 has DR equal to or more than the iPhone XS come check the video comparison between these two phone and OnePlus is a third of a price of the XS here in India
Agent E
I still got my iPhone SE from a couple years ago. It has good quality but am not a big fan of iPhone photography/filmmaking. Rather use real cameras 🎥 🤘🏽
Pol Badia jubany
Iphone xs i croped because they puted stabilitzacion in front camera
Mac Guy3135
Short answer: no. Long answer: noooooooooooooo. Apple in 2018 is a bloody joke.
Sergeant Arschkeks
It's just too expensive for a phone I can get a used fullframe 5dmiv or Sony a7rii or nikon d810 for the same money
Javi Mbulito
12:00 Damn you right!! just for the money I don't know whats going on
Sindhu Jayan
Would like to hear an inspiration for starting out filmmakers
Happy Otto
Wait until iPnone 11 comes, next year. Usually it takes two years to improve camera the way it will be visible.
Modern Slice
Apple knows more about Apple than Matti does.
Next iphones Xa , Xb , Xc, Xd, Xe( this already feels like chemistry) , Xf, Xg, Xh, Xi, Xj, Xk, Xl, Xm, Xn, Xo, Xp, Xq, -Xr-, -Xs-, Xt, Xu, Xv, Xw, Xx, Xy, Xz.
Thijs De Clerck
I think you should try the pixel 2 or maybe the pixel 3 that comes out in a few days
Guy Rabinovich
Hi there. There is no beautifying .... it is due to the smart hdr which constantly takes 4 pics instead of one also for video. So this makes the shutter time a quarter andcrsults I higher Kai and that results in noise reduction. That’s all see max yuryev video for the entire explanation. Stereo Mics make for better recording. 30 percent bigger photo sites give better dynamic range and low light
Jay Malone
Dynamic range is better, color is better, stabilization is better, it's sharper and shows more detail....what else are you looking for? lol
The Charles Tribune - Charles Nickens
Without Steve Jobs, Apple will never be what it was and what it’s supposed to be.
Chris K
That pretty much tracks with how they do their releases. Full version changes (say iPhone 5->6) have the new features, whereas the S versions just take the current version and improve it in various (usually minor) ways.
Nicola Caldognetto
The XS Max definitely (I mean the HDR but, the prize is crazy. Not worth it)
Another great video! Great to get a review from a videography/photography perspective since most are from the tech community. Your Hero 7 review was pretty awesome too and inspired me to do my own one on my tiny tiny channel! Thanks 😉
Star Lord
Matti Haapoja it's amazing how smooth vlog footage looks. Man, did you shot it in 4k and converted to 1080? Also color grade is a top-notch! Is it one of your luts?
Teo G Poker
Better stability on the XS
AT Customs
Why not compare with the samsung note 9?
And btw its not a beauty filter. It has to do with the dynamic range and how the phone takes 8 photos instantly and merges them together
Jose Philip
Hey mattih loved seeing your comparison. And also to hear opinion from a professional rather than technology experts.😊😂
Dope Video Matt!!
Nehemiah Jantomaso
Your lighting is ON POINT
Andrei Restrepo
Great review! I really like the side by side view at the same time. Also, the audio sounds great on the XS!!
Steve Kong Liew
Olivia Garretson
Happy thanksgiving Matti! Thanks for all the work you put into these! And haha yessss the excess 😂
Dhiraj Darlami
Great comparison Matti and Happy Thanks giving and thank you Matti.
Vivek Tigga
HAPPY Thanksgiving Matti
Giacomo Giorgi
Happy Thanksgiving!
Petru B.
are you using this phone for professional work? when do you choose it over your dslr/ mirrorless that's what I thought
travis branum
Just got my Xs a couple days ago, up from the 7+ and haven't got to get out and take some real pics yet. I'm sure there is quite a difference for me. In your comparison the Xs was way better in my opinion in color, crispness and less shaky. Will agree that the front crop wouldn't be a little downside compared to the X. Cool vid and comparison though.
Fourteen Forty
Great review Matti, just got the XS and pretty happy with it. Come visit Detroit soon my man!
Best iphone camera comparison! 👍
Ida Rysgaard
Great comparison Matti!
Seems like the XS has more stability. Is that a select-able feature?
Jean Simard
Bonne action de grace Matti!, from Montreal, keep up the good work!!
Keith Gard
Good morning Matti. #3!
keshav bhandari
Its your regular viewer from nepal 🇳🇵...
Troy Donaldson
The XS was made for people who are upgrading from iPhone 8 and previous, not iPhone X users. It's an S model, they've never been a big upgrade.
Hi matti great video👍. As a person watching all your videos and have an interest in how you make them I have a request. Could you please write down in the description what you are shooting the video with? For the last month I’ve been curious about whether you use canon 1dx or a7iii in which videos.
saugat tandukar
love from Nepal
Sean Stevenson
At this point, is there a need to release a new iPhone(s) each year!?
Amusing intro
James Aylward
You need to try Huawei p20 pro it's supposed to be the next best thing camera wise. Happy Thanksgivingx
Susanne I
The price improved ☺
Todor Todorov
I think that the camera's on smartphones are all tremendously good. It doesn't matter if it's an Iphone or other phone. Also thank you for every you've done in this channel. It helps me a lot!
Linus Ljunggren
Try the Iphone XS MAX 👍
Josiah Minks
Hi Matti
Ben Hall
Great video Matti! You explain things so good for the average non tech smart people. I watch tons of tech reviews and lot of stuff just goes over my head when they explain things lol
Sander Brebels
Hiii Matti !!
Noe Guevara
I'm an iPhone user but the Huawei p20 pro is so tempting! Hands down the best phone Camera at the moment.
Aivars Meijers
You are not allowed to talk about mobile photography anymore :)
Anoj Bantawa Rai
I've never seen a worse camera comparison in my life. The dynamic range is what improved and you barely shot any scenes to show it off. Barely any pictures either and that's what they really focused on. Disappointing to say the least.
There is a lot of people in the phone and computer industry that say Apple has fallen behind compared to other big brands. I guess that's what happens when you set the mark to beat
Andrew Parsons
1:00 - one caveat, Apple was forced to release the X to coincide with their annivsary; and the XS, XR, Max follows traditions of their previous releases-- a small bump or revision after the early adopters went through the first batch.
Tyrone Thomas
The fact that the year old Google Pixel 2 still rivals the XS says to me that Google still has the edge when it comes to mobile photography. Nonetheless the improvements to the XS camera is great for the industry showing that any high end smartphone can produce decent images. Which means lots of great choices for us! The XS front camera doesn't have a beauty filter. That you see is the result of camera prioritizing dynamic range over sharpness. So it's not just doing it to the face. It's doing it to trh entire image. Hopefully it can be fixed with a software update.
Josiah Minks
First comment
Woo Reviews
should you be looking at android??? lol Pixel & the Galaxies always had better cameras....
for a price of iPhone you can get a legit mirrorless or DSLR kit and a fast enough phone to make calls, surf web and play games. and a bottle of beer.
Epic Photography
SO, thanx, i needed to replace my iphone 7. Surely i am getting the Iphone X, not the XS. I rather use my X-T2 and off course X-T3..
*I like that you don't really know the specs of the camera.* 😂 It seems to me that some reviewers make a big deal about subtle improvements just because they can justify them. When you don't know what was changed in software/hardware, you rate the camera by what it actually is, not biased by the hype.
I upgraded to Xr Black from my 6s plus. Love it! Black look just so sexy! ooooooh!
Vaping Biker
I love Apple for computers - even if they are over-priced, but I've not touched an iPhone since the 4! Android wins for me with mobiles and tablets
Chris Patmore
What happened to Apple is Steve Jobs died.
Didnt Matti bash phone photography just a few weeks ago?!
Ed Jonson
have you tried like a google pixel camera?
Ed Jonson
Innovating? apple never innovated, apple just copies from everyone else.
ricky Brown
i like 10s better camera
Jacob Roberts
When Steve Wozniak left Apple and Steve Jobs died, Apple's innovation went down hill.
ulrey productions
you just nee Peters giant selfy stick
Oh Matti... So, the Xs has: Better dynamic range Better clarity Better stability Better audio Better photos Better digital enhancements ... but you can’t really see the difference all that much... and Apple is apparently going down hill in your opinion? All the while you’re doing your vlogs on a Canon 6DmkII that truly is waaay behind the times, over priced and from a camera company that is also way behind in the market. That 6D likely doesn’t have the dynamic range or video capabilities (features) that the Xs has. And you know that’s true. The iPhone X has been great and the iPhone X’s is even greater. And both those iPhones are capable of doing incredible videos, photos, slow motion, Time lapse, stitched pan shots, live streaming, video conferencing, works as a computer, can edit video or audio on them, create documents, marketing material, emails, apps that do a million tasks and the list goes on... oh, and it’s a cell phone as well. The XS just does it all even better than any iPhone before it. But they are too much money? You’re better off investing in a cheap camera? I don’t think you can get better value for your money than an updated and feature rich smartphone. They are incredible tools for managing your everyday life, to recording and sharing that life. Here’s an idea based on your recommendations.. Sell your X and recoup a large position of your Xs cost, and then buy the wife a cheap flip phone, and see how happy she is :-) lol Just pushing your buttons Matti, we love you! Perhaps before you do a Tech review, if that’s the sort of thing you want to do, you should really do a lot of research first rather than admitting you know nothing and haven’t actually looked too deep into this new product but you have an opinion about how crappy it is. It was the same with the a7III. As for the Sony, my suggestion is you purchase Caleb Pikes a7III video camera training series and learn how the a7III works for shooting video. His $80 program covers everything about the a7III and how to get the best out of that camera in regards to its video capabilities. Well worth the money since you own that camera but can’t seem to get it performing well. I’ve just started Brandon Li’s Unscripted Video School to get a good look into Brandon’s filming style and techniques. His program is just getting off the ground and will be fully online soon. He’s a Sony user and seems to rock that camera with incredible results. And you can’t deny that. Anywho, have a fantastic thanksgiving and if you ask me, A farm fresh turkey kinda sucks hahaha.... but I haven’t done much research and I don’t really know for sure, and I haven’t tried any others, other than a frozen butterball turkey... but why not just get a precooked chicken at Costco and it will be just as good. I’m pretty sure, kinda, sorta, maybe.. :-D Matti, i enjoy your channel, you’re an amazing dude, I’m just pushing your buttons and trying to lean you towards doing the research and having a better outlook on the tools available to the world. Yes, the XS is a pricey phone but it does incredible things. A remarkable device to say the least. If someone was to buy just one device to do everything from computing to photos and videos. That phone would be the best purchase possible to cover everything, and it fits in your pocket. “That’s” incredible! ... in my opinion... while so use an iPhone 6S plus and think even that model is amazing! Lol!!
Just Here For The Comments
Cropped in=stabilized (night and day difference if you are walking and talking using the front facing camera)
Alen Palander
2 Matti’s!!! 🙌🏽