Steve Jobs iPhone 2007 Presentation (HD)

On January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone. The iPhone was a revolutionary product from Apple and it changed the way smart phones look in work. This video is from MacWorld 2007 were Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone (1st Gen. / 2G).

Watching this in 2021 on my toothbrush
Roberto Sanz
The way Steve jobs presents the iPhone makes me want to buy the first iPhone right now.
Level 11 Edgelord
13:16 “we’ve got the headset jack” man, those days really WERE different.
2aim Loyal
Can we bring back cover flow on music in iOS 13 please
HTG // HaydenTheGamer
Steve: Hi I a... Audience: Woo *claps* Steve: ...m Ste... Audience: WOOO
michael romano
the way he explains it i feel like that is better than my iphone 6
Caleb Vaughan
imagine being the starbucks employee that got prank called by steve jobs
2007: phone with a really big 3.5 inch screen. 2019: 3.5 inch screen on your wrist.
Imagine how great the iPhone would be if he was still alive...
Adyson Drebes
you can just tell how proud he was of the iPhone
*This is THE presentation of all presentations.*
Steve Jobs: *Slides his finger on an iPhone* Crowd: 😳🤯😱👏👏
LI Cheung
This is disaster for Nokia.January 9,2007 the day which sent Nokia to hell.
47:12 this guy was a clown, I love it, prank calling the Starbucks kid from the first iPhone on the day of the reveal... classic. I wonder if that girl ever saw this video and knew that she was talking to Steve Jobs.
Steve actually cared about the company and making the world better, the new guy just over prices stuff
Thang Nguyen
Back in high school a rich kid in my class had this phone and we were all playing with it during class. I got caught by the teacher, he thought it was a toy and wanted to kick me out of the class. I quickly opened the calculator app and told him "it's just a calculator sir", I showed him the phone and he was like "wow calculators are so high tech now" and didn't punish me haha. Good old days.
David Hendrickson
"You can touch your music." --Steve Jobs, 2007
This is a moment in history
Thomas Rosebrough
It's incredible how many simple features started on this device and became absolute standards. Things we now think of as mundane like pinch to zoom on images, and that little bounce when you reach the edge of a scroll list, those were both genius elements of software design that must've taken many man-hours and heated arguments. 100% worth it too. Jobs wasn't kidding when he said the software was easily 5 years ahead of its time.
Mr. AlmostCertain
It's honestly fascinating to look back at this, and this was only 10 years ago! Wow...
Walker #18456
7:28 *He thanos snaps that stylus out of existence*
Dan Winnick
I miss when album art was that big
Taran Bhatia
Today's kids will never understand how cool this was back in the day!
The leap the iPhone made from the previous phones in 2007 is beyond unbelievable. To say that the iPhone was a revolutionary product is a massive understatement. The iPhone changed EVERYTHING.
It's funny. Things that seem so mundane were being applauded. It's easy to forget that these things were, at one time, not mundane at all-- they were revolutionary.
Michael Benjamin
Steve Jobs and the power of persuasion: I'm convinced I need to buy an iPhone 2007 right now in 2019.
Roblox kid 20006 Roblx
That iPhone he used was sold on eBay for 13000 it was a rare test iPhone that was built in December 2006
Jesse Brennan
Dude's got balls. Did you know that any single IPhone he has up there is not fully functioning. That's why he has a book with procedures and multiple phones. If he did anything out of order or mixed up which IPhone was set up to do any of these demos, fail. SCARY, but they demoed this like a flight pre check in a military plane, VERY CAREFULLY. He was just dancing through a minefield with great big swinging balls.
I feel like im watching the beggining of the world as we know it
Fallen One
Feels so wierd to be watching this on my iPhone 6s...
Travis Warren
Lol he used one index finger to type on the keyboard... what a noob
Leonard S. Erdody
Watching on my Samsung smart fridge
Jose Matute
I have a 2018 phone, but DAMN I want to buy this phone again because of how Steve Jobs put it
Hunter Bradley
I like how he wears casual clothes to his huge business presentations
Tyler Lilly
Wow, great product Steve. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Im writing this on Internet Explorer so I hope it doesn't take to long to get to you.
ie p
Steve Jobs scrolls on the iPhone for the first time Everybody at Wall Street: A P P L E
When you realise Steve said he would show the calendar, but he didn't
John Doe
I wish shaving while watching this video and all the sudden it got easier cause I got the chills and my hairs stood up this was incredibly revolutionary. I'm not a huge apple fanboy, I run PC and use android. Watching Jobs reveal these devices was like watching history in the making. Can't believe this was a little over 10 years ago, makes me wonder what's next!
fraglekobe canete
Damn 3.5 inch screen Steve jobs: it's really big 😂
Nathan Sawatzky
"It's got a 3 and a half inch screen, it's really big" 9 years later.......
Jacques Nomdefamille
We can all hate on iPhones now, how they're lagging behind and stuff, but without the iPhone, I wouldn't have this sweet Galaxy S10 in my pocket right now.
Bikas Karki
In 2007 Steve jobs introduced a revolutionary product and here 2019 where TIM COOK introduced just a bigger screen with same products for a decade, its very sad that we lost Steve jobs
Flybee Co. • Jace
Steve Jobs: We have a 2 megapixel camera right in... Audience: CLAPS
So is no one going to talk about how Steve Jobs, introducing the iPhone, PLAYED THE OFFICE FOR A VIDEO DEMONSTRATION?!?!?!?!
Eris Azani
can't wait til this comes out!!
Th3 Professionel
watching this after years of using smartphones it is just weird
It's so amazing to hear that classic ringtone, and to realize that that day was the first time anyone had ever heard it. One of the most amazing days in history.
I remember I used to say I will never buy a phone with a touch screen
Mr R to the B
Watching this historic event on my Samsung Galaxy S9
And now... ten years later... animated emojis
Beattles, Eminem, Green Day, *My Chemical Romance* . Such a genius.
hiPe Japple
Donghoon 2
Didn't Steve Jobs HATED stylus Pens? Why is there something called *_APPLE PENCIL_* ???
I just loved that he play The Office as an example of video capability and I was was ready to watch a entire episode of The Office right here and now
Al Koten
Why is this not in our history class?
If only Steve Jobs could see how far we've come because of him...
Audience: Steve: Audience:.... Steve: on the Back, we have a 2 megapixels camera. Audience: *GASP*
Carlos Bartolome
That girl from Starbucks can say to her grandchildren that one time Steve Jobs called her asking for 4k cups of coffe. What an amazing presentation, and what and amazing master class of design, tech, and of course, marketing.
“Today, Apple will reinvent the phone.(shows the click wheel)” -Steve Jobs
Jonathan Alcala
Watching this in 2017, Steve jobs is making me excited about features that I've had since 2007.
Wii shop Channel01
The first ever prank call on the iPhone. 😂😂😂 47:30
imagine working as a barista for starbucks in highschool, and one day steve jobs calls you, asks for 4000 lattes and hangs up.
TheBlueBlob yay
Watching this on my pocket sized 2km wide hologram projector in 2076
Steve did create the 21st century
I just realized I'm watching on an Android device pls forgive me
29:20 missed call from Tim Cook LOL...
Nahshon Devose
It’s so cool to see how amazed people were at scrolling through a phone screen when now we do it without even thinking.
Will Hart
"I just press the screen right here and BOOM" 😂
2007 "Who wants a stylus, you'll lose it." 2016 Wireless Airpods....
Gs Chadalavada
Pearl the rebel
*Steve takes sip of water* *APPLAUSE*
dearzz 92
Le début de la connerie technologique qui fait des toxicomanes des écrans
Jay Rojas
*Me trying to show how to use a phone to my grandparents*
Bright mind
If he was alive. Definitely dissatisfied with the production of today's products. Low quality and high luxury. Do not understand the needs of people
Juan Davila
I feel like this happened 40 years ago omg
"It's got a 3.5inch screen on it" "It's really big" In 2018: .....
Tjoa Kian Kok
Damn I miss you Steve. I can still remember the good times I have had when I first used my iPhone 3GS. I know what you're doing was business, but I am appreciative for what you and your team have done.
Aria Dhika Rayendra
Good thing about Steve Jobs's presentation : JOKES
Jaimee Palache
Damn that internet speed! I don’t know how I lived back then haha
2007: Who wants a stylus? 2015: This is Apple Pencil!
Zapper Zapped
I almost cried watching this superhero from another dimension take humanity to a distant future.
ZeroTiming by_Enfortel
I'm watching in 2019 and this is one of the best presentations I ever seen in my life..
suvaash pandey
after this video I was convinced that this iphone 2g is far better then my oneplus 6t 😂😂😂wtf
carlos julio Guillen
Eso era brujería en ese tiempo, creo que más de 5 años adelantados a su tiempo.
Abhiroop das
My father asked me what I was doing?? "A genius at work," I said...
basim alanazi
3.5 inch screen , what a dream it was back in the days !!!
Watching this on my ANDROID phone! Because im poor
Moe Lester
nobody: Steve Jobs: "how awesome is that" "aint it cool?" "Pretty cool" "Boom,unbelievable"
Romāns Garais
Nowadays Apple presentations miss sense of humor which Steve Jobs had. Perfect example at 3:45. And joke with stylus as well.
Jaimee Palache
He presented this phone like an older person uses a phone today😂
Yahoo is the biggest email provider? Oh how the times have changed.
I still use recents as my address book
Mark Roberts
I love watching this video. Steve was such an amazing man
Raheel Shaik
Can you imagine being that Starbucks employee?
uber eat my ass
"And boy have we patented it." LMAOOOOO
I remember it being so weird imagining myself texting with no buttons 😅
Kailash Kumawat
Before people didn't touch the screen They pressed screen like buttons.....
Steve jobs the only old man who knows about technology
Cristina Trujillo
I came across this video,.. I admire how Steve Jobs could create such a revolutionary device, I am very lucky I could by this original iphone 1st Gen for $20 bucks in offerup now in 2019
Gimmickz 420
Wayment mans said pirates of the Caribbean ive been saying pirates of the Caribbean..😂